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    North Carloina Is the Best And will always be the best.
  1. The Vue

    Is it The Vue or Epic Center beside bobcats
  2. Hanes Mall Boulevard & Stratford Road

    Little creek coming along.
  3. Thruway Shopping Center

    The Cloverdale store was a Kroger in the past, But it was their First I did not Noticed how close the two were that
  4. Thruway Shopping Center

    I see big things at the shopping center, were is Bonefish I throught gso was the only city that had one.
  5. Heart of the Triad

    Not really because Greensboro will get it's name Stamped on it .
  6. Heart of the Triad

    I personally think Greensboro gets what it wants and thats not really that fair I think. A lot of times Winston-Salem/Forsyth County is left out of a lot of things like the PTI International airport thats never says that much about W-S and the triad as a whole. I would have like to see PTI built on the line of Forsyth/Guilford County even through its pretty darn close already. I wish Smith Reynolds will grow as a large Airport to support the Northwest triad and piedmont.
  7. Heart of the Triad

    You are right twin city. How much does it cost to fly out of smith reynolds
  8. Hanes Mall Boulevard & Stratford Road

    I wonder why there
  9. Hanes Mall Boulevard & Stratford Road

    When do you think Winston will get a Forever 21 and a Hilton Hotel? Someone Told me to ask that.
  10. Hanes Mall Boulevard & Stratford Road

    Me to I would have through Charlotte our Greensboro.
  11. Eastland Mall Redevelopment

    Eastland mall looks bad , from the food court to no pennys's. the only good thing about eastland is the ice ring, Northlake kills that mall also does South park.
  12. Hanes Mall Boulevard & Stratford Road

    I would go to Maggie Moo's It's a little better than cold stone Does anyone know when the jonestown road sit is going to be built
  13. The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    what's going on with the ballpark?