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  1. I think most of those unoccupied spaces were never filled in the first place, so that doesn’t represent closed stores. Honestly, I don’t get why people criticize the store mix/options at Outlet of Little Rock. It’s pretty impressive to me and seems to be on par with about every other outlet mall I’ve been to. That being said, I have no idea if the traffic/sales of the mall has performed to expectations or other peer developments. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Examples? I've not heard of any store closings.
  3. Architect


    I believe Taggart Architects are involved in this early planning. Nice work so far. I really like it, though I always wonder why larger (taller) mixed-use buildings aren’t considered more often. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This is disappointing. But when you consider all of the changing marketplace dynamics, it’s not surprising. The new Robinson/Broadway Series is just killing it. That being said, the product offered by the Rep is completely different, and you’d think there’d be a strong, local level of support for that, if they can rekindle it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Architect

    Little Rock Midtown Area

    No, there's not a requirement. It's just good practice, particularly in a more urban part of town where the predominant (new) development is following this pattern. Regardless, I've never heard anyone really advocate or promote "suburban" or low-density development as a desired trait. Sprawl isn't something our citizens asked for, rather, we've just been subjected to it.
  6. Architect

    South Main and the Quapaw Quarter

    What is there to fight? I don't think anything along Main is in a "local ordinance" historic district (i.e. there are no design guidelines). Either way, I strongly support this project. It looks nice, modern and clean. An urban space, even a historic area, need not be homogenous in style.
  7. Architect

    Little Rock Midtown Area

    I like the style very much, but I'm disappointed with this density. It's very open/suburban in feel, unlike everything else along University Avenue. This aspect is disappointing. I hope it's successful either way.
  8. Architect

    West Little Rock

    By chance, I drove by the site for the new Chili's tonight, and frankly, it's very fronts Markham. If they build it closer to the street than Luby's, it will have great visibility. Markham and Chenal is a pretty high-profile intersection in the metro, though I still would argue it's no better than their current location. Maybe there's value in a NEW facility (rather than leasing a storefront). Most Chili's are standalone.
  9. Architect

    West Little Rock

    I still fail to see where this is a better location than direct access to a freeway. Either way, Chili's has become so passe and uncompetitive from a quality standpoint, I'm not sure it's going to matter.
  10. I may have commented earlier, but I didn't realize what a significant win it is to get the AC Hotel (by Marriott)...having studied this a bit, that's a significant "flag" and will add a more upscale/modern option to downtown hotels. They're only located in top markets. I also like that it's in the hear of the Financial Quarter. I've noticed construction is well underway, and I'm excited to see this come online.
  11. Architect

    West Little Rock

    The old Johnny Carinos/Marketplace Grill has a new sign out front that says, "Juicy Seafood" coming soon. I guess we'll see!
  12. This is correct.
  13. Architect

    West Little Rock

    It's been under construction for a while...either way, traditional construction for something as mundane as a retail outlet, handled by contractors who specialize in that, go really quickly.
  14. Architect

    Little Rock Midtown Area

    The renovations at the former "Summit House" (now "Highland Midtown") appear to be coming along nicely. I was hopeful this would be tastefully done, sympathetic to the fantastic mid-century design of Noland Blass, and I think it is. I actually really like the orange (and even if someone were to dislike now or in the future, this is easy to change and isn't a "structural" or damaging modification to the building). I'm glad to see this be appropriately redeveloped, unlike the former "Riviera" tower in Riverdale, which in my opinion is a travesty of the highest order.
  15. [ALL -I'm starting this thread to cover subjects/topics in the "midtown" area of Little Rock - namely the Markham/University corridor - NOT to be confused with another thread called "Midtowne Little Rock" related to the shopping center of that name at the NE corner of Markham & University]