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  1. Yes and no. On the one hand, sure, demographic and technology trends allow more ready access to online and remote banking. On the other hand, there are still TONS of brick and mortar banks/branches, arguably than ever before. How could you NOT have a retail banking presence at your headquarters, downtown, where ±40,000 people work daily?
  2. Frontier Airlines resumed service yesterday at LIT, and promptly announced an increase in frequency from daily flights 3 times a week to 4 times a week beginning next month (admittedly, I didn't realize it wasn't daily in the first place!).
  3. Argenta

    I completely agree. There was "some" momentum on this in the late 1980's early 1990's as I recall, then stirred up again when both Central Arkansas Water formed (merger of local utilities), and when Warren Stephens was promoting it. The world is getting ever smaller and more competitive, so arguably, there's as much or more rationale for this than ever before. p.s. Other examples: Nashville and Lexington, KY
  4. Argenta

    Somehow, I sense enough momentum on this "Argenta" thing that I could see NLR officially changing their name at some point in the future. That being said, I think that would be a mistake. In fact, I'm a proponent of Little Rock and North Little Rock merging (or more accurately, "getting back together" after all these years).
  5. Maybe. But I’d still like to see an Aloft. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Very cool...I checked out their site. It looks very slick and promising, and would appear to be a fairly exclusive (upper market) "flag" from Marriott. The closest or most similar markets at a quick glance are OKC and Des Moines. It looks like the brand is international as well.
  7. I'll admit, it is surprising how well O/D traffic is doing in Memphis for its size...I believe the numbers are significantly higher than OKC (a market of equivalent size), though on the other hand, Nashville just DWARFS MEM, much more than its population would seem to indicate. I didn't know Air Canada served MEM. Interesting.
  8. Good points about local use impact of the hub...totally agree, and SWA would have (or could have) made an impact earlier. But my point was that A) SWA could have entered the market at anytime before now (in spite of the Wright Amendment...that only affected flights to DAL), and B) I can't imagine that having a significant bearing on the growth or population of Memphis metro. But who knows! I know that increased use of MEM by locals as a true O/D airport has impacted LIT to some extent. I believe a consultant was hired to evaluate this for LIT, and came up with an annual loss of over 100,000 enplanements.
  9. Wow...very interesting concept about meeting the technical requirements of the Wright Amendment while serving Memphis. But honestly, I can’t imagine it was ever a serious consideration given the SIGNIFICANT upgrades that would have had to be made at West Memphis to accommodate main line service, especially balanced against the fact that the Wright Amendment had a set sunset date, and the fact that Memphis isn’t a huge air traffic market (complicated at the time by its hub status). If that had happened, it might have had interesting impacts, but certainly wouldn’t be the driver for a scenario you paint of vastly increased population, etc. Remember, Southwest could have served MEM ANYWAY but chose not to go head-to-head with AirTran. It’s doubtful the Wright Amendment had much to do with the decision. Memphis’ struggles are more intrinsically tied to much larger socio-economic issues and market forces than any service by SWA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. True, though the lifting of the Wright Amendment didn’t just impact LIT, also TUL, OKC and others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Interesting (and good) news about SWA LIT-Phoenix. Let's hope it stays. I agree that it is odd that SWA isn't providing any eastern destinations from LIT, such as BNA (as you suggest), or even Chicago (MDW). The Tulsa/Frontier thing is odd...I mean, Tulsa is a little bit larger market/demand than LIT, but not in another class (20% more traffic), and it seems Frontier is almost making Tulsa a focus city. It's hard to imagine that TUL could support that much west coast traffic, especially to San Jose AND San Diego?
  12. Florida-based Via Airlines has announced non-stop service between Little Rock and Austin, TX on 50 seat Embraer ERJ-145s beginning on April 29. This will bring the number of "low-fare" airlines at LIT to four (Southwest, Frontier, Allegiant, and now Via). Apparently, Austin is a "focus" city for Via, as they also announced service to Austin from OKC and Tulsa today as well.
  13. The River Market

    What?!!!! I like Gusano's, and it always seems busy? This is disappointing.
  14. Too bad. I had heard so many good things about it, yet the one time I finally went, regrettably I thought it was awful. That was probably a year ago. I imagine between 3 Fold and the other new, hip asian eateries downtown, it just proved to be too much competition.
  15. LOL! Exactly! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk