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  1. Apparently a new Pappadeaux's is opening in Oklahoma City. Albuquerque seems to be the market closest to ours in size with a Pappadeaux's. I'll tell you one thing, I'd be a measurably less wealthy person should one open in Little Rock!
  2. I wonder if the seafood house might be a Joe's Crabshack?
  3. The Promenade At Chenal

    Very's a high profile location and a new-ish building. I can't imagine what the problems would be, unless they're concerned about competition with all other theaters going reclining/assigned seats, not to mention the new Movie Tavern coming online. I wouldn't care other than this is the only IMAX location.
  4. The Promenade At Chenal

    Ah. Got it. I’m okay with an Aloft out west, as long as it doesn’t replace or displace an Aloft downtown (as previously proposed, twice). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. The Promenade At Chenal

    Don't know what to say about what? Apparently the site is next to (left), and west of the current Bank of the Ozarks HQ. I have zero concerns about heights of buildings, just about anywhere, but especially here, as the Bank of the Ozarks building is taller than that.
  6. The Promenade At Chenal

    They are closing more than 100 stores, all in Arkansas and several in Texas (including Dallas).
  7. Argenta

    Oh good grief, if I hear one more complaint from people about a building being too tall FOR DOWNTOWN, I'm going to quit my profession. Seriously...this insanity is what ran off the originally planned Aloft in the River Market.
  8. Argenta

    Great new urban infill and tenant!
  9. This "lot" (or portion of the block, at the NW corner of Main and Capitol) is slated for a future phase of the Tech Park, tentatively for a new, 8 story office/lab building.
  10. Awesome news! Nice to add a new direct, and the E-175 is the largest "regional" jet on the market per fact, the E-190 (same plane, slightly longer) is flagged as a "mainline" American Airlines jet.
  11. The Promenade At Chenal

    Wow! Interesting. I still hope they add a location in a more urban/mid-town/downtown area...Tulsa is a market example where there are two. Glad to hear this. p.s. When I first read your post, I just saw "Loft" (the women's store) and thought to myself, "What! They just shut down that store!" Ha!
  12. The Architectural RFQ for Phase II of the Tech Park has been released...
  13. True...I was referencing a historical number. The point stands either way; Des Moines' downtown is, surprisingly, quite a bit more robust and populated than Little Rock's, even though it is technically a smaller metro area. This is partly due to the demographic of the type of people who settled Iowa vs. Arkansas. The mindset is very different (one anecdotal example: Iowa is the most literate state in the country).
  14. I agree, but given the prerogative/preferences of the bank's management, this was never a realistic scenario - even though, as I understand it, some downtown proponents approached them about this possibility. It is very unfortunate, as a development of this scope would have the potential to radically impact and accelerate investment downtown. Whereas its planned location will have zero impact short of adding traffic to an already bad arterial road. p.s. Bank of the Ozarks total assets exceed that of Devon Energy, which built a 50 story HQ in downtown OKC. Of course, their market is growing and demand of office space is robust, given that there's a second, smaller (27 story) tower nearing construction next door to consolidate offices of Bank of Oklahoma (or is it OG&E...I can't remember).
  15. Interesting...I'm anxious to look into that. That being said, I have some background with Iowa, and Des Moines specifically. While it is similar in size (technically smaller), it is one of the most urban small cities in the country. For example, while downtown Little Rock has historically housed about 40,000 workers on a daily basis, Des Moines is 50% larger at over 60,000. Also, for whatever reason, Des Moines rate of growth has exploded this decade, while Little Rock's (following the national trend) is lower than the 2000's. Des Moines also benefits from a positive reputation in Iowa and the mid-west for its low crime and excellent educational system. It's definitely operating with a lot of momentum. p.s. I should add that Little Rock added several 20 story buildings (condos) in the past ten years, so we're not without some skyline change! And for the record, a 25 story high-rise concept was in the works about 5-6 years ago in downtown Little Rock that never materialized.