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  1. VERY welcomed news...now if they'd only fix the lights on Two Rivers Park pedestrian bridge!
  2. Nice. Curious which was this is oriented on site....
  3. That's an impressive project and a nice development for downtown/East Village.
  4. skirby - this is going to sound super ridiculous as the site moderator, but I somehow overlooked the "Coffee Shop" page...or at least forget it's here! So...I missed this post. Very cool photo and use of the old tower. Glad I stumbled on this! p.s. In my defense, the way by browser formats the screen sort of hid this threat above a banner, so I hadn't noticed it!
  5. There's no funding or timeline. As I understand it, this was a competition to generate ideas about vision to help inform civic leaders of possible future development of the park. I think there were some nominal financial prizes for the award winners.
  6. Yeah, hmmm....seems like the I-430/I-30 location would be more visible and would play off of all the other destinations there: Outlets of LR/Dave & Busters, Movie Tavern, Bass Pro, etc. Then again, maybe Top Golf is more of a destination where people seek it out and they're less dependent on other venues, plus I guess it's technically closer to more of their target demographic. It's sort of ironic that the NWA location is in a more "urban" area than the Little Rock location.
  7. Yeah, it's super cool but let's just say that it all seems a bit...ambitious. That being said, if you look at their development link and read through their "partners" on each venture, they are some legitimate players. Clearly they've done a lot of planning. We'll see.
  8. Spirit is pretty sparse in this area of the country...and so is Jet Blue, who just bought them. If service is added, it will likely be a while.
  9. Maybe, but honestly, rent is not the largest cost of any tenant...it's compensation and other (food) costs, but I guess it can be a factor.
  10. Agreed...quite strange as I always found it to be pretty busy.
  11. Arkansas Money and Politics (AMP) is reporting that Bank of America is moving its Central Arkansas headquarters out of their downtown high-rise. What a depressing move...this bank's predecessor (Worthen) BUILT this building in the late 1960s/early 1970s. First, it seems like a counter-intuitive move in the 2020s for employee recruitment to locate your offices in a suburban office building, and second, it may be driven somewhat by a lack of confidence in the new building's owner, whose experience is primarily residential development. Still, wow...with all of the other positive news downtown, this is a step backwards. I'm very disappointed with the decision BoA is making with regard to this. https://www.armoneyandpolitics.com/bank-america-move-out-downtown-little-rock/?fbclid=IwAR0KaAyvD4LJXefuahs5q6cw4dvcF7z0bMzvvpb9wm_BM7BmLYnI2nYSMXY&fs=e&s=cl
  12. There's a lot of potential for that space...really interesting opportunity here. That one shot looking west from the top of the River Market parking deck is pretty phenomenal. It should make for a great urban space.
  13. I wish the new owner all success, but candidly, $2.0M in improvements would have to be spread pretty thin on a property that large. Hopefully it doesn't need a lot of work.
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