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  1. Architect

    West Little Rock

    We've been there quite a bit...always decently full, but sort of a terrible location (plus there are so many burger places). • I've never heard of a Krispy Kreme closing...I find that a bit surprising (even though I'm not a big fan...Shipleys...all. day. long.). And what "saturation" would there be that has anything to do with donuts? Shipley's is literally the only game in town. • I'd heard (maybe you're the one who advised us LRretail) about Panera closing, and I get the issue of no drive through, but MAN that's a pretty popular Panera. I'm surprised...surely they're looking to relocate (and not just close it).
  2. Architect

    The Promenade At Chenal

    Yes....totally agree about the Aloft being a driver for some traffic.
  3. For the month of October, traffic at LIT totaled 182,360, up 7.14% over October 2017 (the most since 2012). Year to date traffic totaled 1.78M, a 5.02% increase over YTD 2017. That's a very nice percentage increase.
  4. Architect

    East Village

    I'm anxious to try Count Porkula at The Rail Yard...I had it catered once - great stuff!
  5. Architect

    The Promenade At Chenal

    True, though admittedly there's been little turnover with existing tenants, and even some solid new ones in the past year. I think the lack of momentum on filling ALL the spots is driven by both its remoteness and lack of an anchor tenant (Dept. store).
  6. Architect

    West Little Rock

    I'll have to admit, as far as gas stations go, it looks fairly nice.
  7. Architect

    North Little Rock Development

    Ha ha! Good observation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Architect

    North Little Rock Development

    Ah yes. Good point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Architect

    North Little Rock Development

    I'm surprised BankOZK didn't pursue this (maybe they did and were outbid).
  10. By the way, I thought this had been shared on this forum, but I can't find it. Frontier is adding direct service between Little Rock and Orlando...great sign in their confidence of the market to expand destinations.
  11. Architect

    East Village

    I assume that will be at the SW corner of the intersection (south side of 4th, west side of Collins)?
  12. Architect

    West Village

    Interesting. I wouldn't rule them out of the market, and that's a high-profile site, but I would question that immediate location as not being in one of the more active hot-spots. I would think the Cantrell/Pleasant Ridge, Chenal Promenade or even Outlets of Little Rock site might be more appealing.
  13. Architect

    West Village

    Aren't they making a single-point urban interchange at Rodney Parham (not to be confused with what's happening at Cantrell and I-430)? I may have the name wrong, but the stated a few years ago that the overpass was going to be modified to some new interchange type that was unique to the state.
  14. Architect

    West Little Rock

    Do you really know if it's worse? I'm not arguing...I'm asking a legitimate question. Unless you have comparative data, it's impossible to say.