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  1. So now, Arkansas Business is reporting that Amazon is building a 3 million SF Fulfillment Center at the Little Rock port. Wow...that's a big deal, and makes sense paired with the earlier report of an new warehouse in SW Little Rock. Good news in the midst of otherwise uncertain times.
  2. There's not really another thread where this would belong, but the DemGaz published today that Amazon is expanding in Central Arkansas: "Amazon will open a distribution center in the former Jacuzzi warehouse off Interstate 30 near southwest Little Rock, according to a national real estate research company. The multi-national technology company based in Seattle signed a 10-year lease that begins today for the city-owned property at 2401 Interstate 30, which is an Alexander address, according to Catylist."
  3. Cantina Laredo is now open for curbside pickup and delivery.
  4. Unfortunate, but perhaps someone will reopen it as a more accessible restaurant once things return somewhat to normal. It would seem there’s going to be a fair amount of carnage from this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Interesting. I didn’t know that either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The U.S. Census Bureau just released updated population estimates through July, 2019 - the last report before the 2020 Census. Arkansas (2010-2019) grew from 2,916,031 to 3,017,804 (3.5%) Central Arkansas Metro (2010-2019) grew from 699,790 to 742,384 (6.1%) 78th largest in the U.S. Pulaski County (2010-2019) grew from 382,749 to 391,911 (2.4%) Saline County (2010-2019) grew from 107,118 to 122,437 (14.3%) Faulkner County (2010-2019) grew from 113,237 to 126,007 (11.3%) Lonoke County (2010-2019) grew from 68,356 to 73,309 (7.8%) NWA Metro (2010-2019) grew from 440,121 to 534,904 (21.5%) 107th largest in the U.S. 13th fastest growing metro in the U.S. between 2010-2019 Benton County (2010-2019) grew from 221,348-279,141 (26.1%) Washington County (2010-2019) grew from 203,050 to 239,187 (17.8%) A few other notes/tidbits: The Talk Business article noted that slowing birth rates are continuing to impact growth across the U.S. (including the LR-NLR-Conway metro), but ironically, NWA birth rates are relatively high, and the death rates are relatively low, furthering their growth rate. Growth of the Central Arkansas metro is about average for metros of its size (between 500,000 and 1,000,000) but is being impacted by slowing birth rates nationwide I had hoped that by 2020, Central Arkansas would hit the following targets: LR-NLR-Conway Metro at 750,000 (this is a realistic target given the 2019 estimate at 742,000) Pulaski County at 400,000 (seems to have stalled right at 392,000 per estimates) Little Rock at 200,000 (this is also a realistic target as prior census estimates were 199,000 or so, but slowing birth rates may undermine this right before the census)
  7. Seriously? There was still an El Chico? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Agreed. I think this is surprising...always seemed quite busy. I suspect though that Little Rock is not the only city dealing with closures (permanent) due to the pandemic.
  9. The DemGaz reported today that Cantina Laredo is closed, and it's uncertain if it's permanent. Chalk this up to COVID-19.
  10. The DemGaz reported today that Bravo Cucina at the Promenade closed, permanently and was removed from their website. Another COVID-19 casualty.
  11. I can't imagine, but who knows...they closed one (for reasons altogether understandable...poor service).
  12. Well regrettably, they’ve now announced on FB that it’s permanently closed. This is EXTREMELY disappointing to me on many levels, but I suppose this won’t be the only casualty - by any stretch - in every marker. Depressing on all fronts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yet it still lists the location on their website. If it was truly "closed" it wouldn't be there at all. Little Rock was one of the fist cities (I believe) to CLOSE all restaurants. I presume this was a specific response to that mandate. Their own FB page encouraged people to come back when they re-opened. Pei Wei did the same thing, but their website confirms that they've done this NATION-WIDE at all locations. I suspect P.F. Chang's will follow?
  14. I guess that's one way to control costs, short of the lease...but even that may be given grace by the landlords (as some have already shown to do).
  15. Ah, that’s a good sign. Since Google Maps shows it as “permanently closed” I just searched a bit in the region and didn’t see any other Chang’s that were closed. I guess this is a direct response to the mayors decree. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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