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  1. What's really disappointing is that given their Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma presence, I had been hoping that they'd ultimately open one of their West Elm stores, which is more modern in style. Sigh. Who knows...maybe they'll reconsider that soon for the Promenade. I'd argue that this is another victim of Little Rocks diffuse retail center development. Midtowne is a tiny destination by almost any measure (even though it's close to Park Plaza, etc.). IF we had one very large, central concentration of national retailers, they'd all benefit from it, in lieu of the small, competing, piece-meal nature of development we've been given.
  2. Oh no!!! Doing a bit of research, I found an article that they planned to close up to 25% of their stores, so it sounds like a corporate-wide reduction of their footprint (or is there any chance they could be moving to the Promenade?).
  3. Surely a COVID delay…super hard to staff existing locations I’m sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Interesting. I didn’t recall one was planned at the Promenade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Arkansas Money and Politics (AMP), is reporting that Sullivan's Steakhouse is coming to the Promenade. The article states it will be over 9,000 SF, and AY Magazine is reporting that it will occupy the existing, free-standing building that originally house Del Frisco's. https://armoneyandpolitics.com/sullivans-steakhouse-little-rock/ It will be the 14th location, and only one in Arkansas.
  6. I’m familiar with that report, and it’s statistically a compete aberration from the trend. NWA MSA percentage growth over the past 3 decades is trending down, not up: 1990-2000 325,364 46.2% 2000-2010 440,121 35.3% 2010-2020 546,725 24.2% To double in the next 20 years is quite nearly preposterous...it didn’t double in the last 20 years (rather it only increased about 70%). The growth rate would have to tick up to over 40% for each of the next two decades. I guess technically anything is possible, but literally no past or even current trends indicate that this would be the case. But back on point related to passenger traffic, clearly NWA will continue to grow and air capacity will grow with it. It will be interesting to see how quickly it recovers post-pandemic, especially compared to regional players like TUL and LIT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. MIA Saturday only flights are primarily geared around the cruise schedules, right? Seems like it’s a bit premature to be banking on that given lingering COVID. Regarding DCA, I read that article…still running at 67% vs. target of mid 70’s…not too far off, but LIT often seems to struggle with direct routes versus hubs (NYC for example, has been on again, off again for years). Regarding future concourse construction, LIT’s master plan calls to replace the concourse in its entirety in the next 10 years, going from 12 gates to 20 I believe. For XNA to plan 25 is…shall we say…ambitious (to put it nicely). For example, TUL is almost twice the size of XNA, and they don’t have that many gates.
  8. Thank you for the compliments! We're glad you enjoyed your trip to our fair city - like a lot of places I suppose, it's experienced quite the rejuvenation over the past 20 years honestly. It's a MUCH more urban, vibrant city than it was at the close of the 20th century. Nice photos, and safe travels! p.s. Where are you from (Carolina I presume?)?
  9. You're right. Your numbers match mine, so apparently I must have previously made a mistake with my math [don't tell my dad, who has a PhD in Math/Statistics!].
  10. I've seen that book and find that argument quite valid...this country grew largely through immigration.
  11. I’m curious to see Metroplan’s official take on the final numbers, and in particular, what their projected trends are for the next 10. They did a 30 year projection in 2000 that was on target for 2010 but now off track for 2020…they didn’t anticipate slowing birth rates or perhaps a slowdown in migration. Who knows…the metro has grown slowly a few times here and there (1980’s), then really reversed those trends in following decades and grown rapidly (1990-2010). It’s interesting to try and estimate! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. From 2000-2010, the metro added about 90,000, whereas from 2010-2020, it added about 50,000. There are lots of factors impacting growth of course, but the difference (or drop-off) of net migration from 50,000 to about 20,000 would constitute most of the difference in growth. It is interesting, because I recall reading in a Metroplan report a few years ago that they attributed the slowdown in growth this decade primarily to waning birth rates (nationwide), sort of inferring that the net migration in Central Arkansas hadn't changed much. The data shows that net migration has slowed, which is unfortunate...I suspect mainly attributable to the growing "mindshare" in Arkansas of NWA as a viable, if not preferable (to some people) option to locate their families. Central Arkansas has got to find a way to grab the mic back!
  13. The DemGaz published an article today on data trends from the 2020 Census as observed by Metroplan...specifically concerns about slowing "migration" trends: https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2021/aug/30/central-arkansas-slower-growth-in-last-decade/ A quote from the article: "But Townsell's concern was not only about the declining growth rate in the region's population, but also about how the population grew. From 2000 to 2010, the population growth was fueled more by net migration, in which more people moved into the region than left the region, than by natural growth -- births minus deaths. That decade saw the region gain 50,512 from migration and 38,727 from natural growth. The script has been flipped in the past 10 years, according to the census numbers. From 2010 to 2020, the region saw population from net migration climb 18,890 and saw it rise 29,384 from natural growth." I think the concern about the change in net-migration is a valid one, but I was disappointed the article did not really add perspective about the slowing nationwide population trends (of which this is in line), nor any comparisons with our regional peers, Jackson, Birmingham, Tulsa, Memphis, in which Little Rock's growth is quite favorable, and even exceeds all of those except Tulsa (and only just so). Northwest Arkansas as a comparison is a complete outlier, and not representative of a more typical, mature market.
  14. Well, they are estimates...presumably decennial census' are official (and more accurate).
  15. I think you're off by a couple hundred people (I think Saline grew 15,763 versus Pulaski at 15,549)...but still, point well-made. Impressive indeed.
  16. Ha ha, true! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. It’s not a bad idea, but for the record, elevated parks over freeways are SUPER expensive to construct and maintain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Agreed. At some point recently, the census bureau had estimated that Conway actually passed NLR, which is why they officially changed the MSA name to “Little Rock-Conway-North Little Rock”… Honestly, Conway’s modest/slow growth this past decade is a notable event. Surprising really. On the flip side, Little Rock proper adding nearly 10,000 people is huge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Census 2020 County/City Data was released today...below is a quick summary: Little Rock-Conway-North Little Rock MSA: Pulaski 399,125 barely missed 400K mark Saline 123,416 Faulkner 123,498 Lonoke 74,015 Grant 17,958 Perry 10,019 TOTAL 748,031 approximately 7.0% growth from 699,757 in 2010 reflects slower growth experienced nationwide this past decade, as the metro grew at a 14% clip in both preceding decades City Populations (in order): Little Rock 202,591 finally crested the 200K mark NLR 64,591 Conway 64,134 Benton 35,014 Sherwood 32,731 Jacksonville 29,477 Cabot 26,569 Bryant 20,663 Maumelle 19,251
  20. This past weekend I drove by what is obviously a new casino/hotel under construction at Southland in West Memphis. Clearly this is going to be the tallest building in Arkansas outside of Little Rock. It looks to be at 20 stories so far, and I’m unsure what height is planned. Pretty shocking to see this the other day!
  21. I didn’t know where to put this given that this is in West Memphis, but drove by what is obviously a new casino/hotel under construction at Southland in West Memphis. Clearly this is going to be the tallest building in Arkansas outside of Little Rock. It looks to be at 20 stories so far, and I’m unsure what height is planned. Pretty shocking to see this the other day! p.s. I may “cross-post” this in the Arkansas forum (though I’m unsure how much activity there is in that forum).
  22. Those are photos of one of two movies currently under production downtown (one staring John Cusack)...very cool.
  23. I believe I saw it on airliners.net (major worldwide airline forum), but it may have been a separate article I saw somewhere. My apology…I should have linked the source in the first place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Southwest announced that LIT-PHX is returning in November.
  25. Ah yes, very cool proposal. I drove down Main St. Argenta today and wow...what an amazing transformation. I think it's arguably become one of the best "districts" in the metro.
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