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  1. A discussion concerning the Development of Brambleton Avenue as a "entrance corridor" (From the Campostella bridge at east end, the Midtown tunnel at the west end). I've heard talk in the Pilot, PortFolio, and the regional business papers about proposed massive redevlopment of the public housing properties (Tidewater Park, Bowling Park, etc.) that are at the eastern rim of downtown. This includes and goes past the Church street corridor, all the way past Park Ave around NSU, up to the Campostella Bridge. Does anyone want to talk about Downtown East development into Norfolk's historic Brambleton neighborhood? I found this planned project on the page for Humphreys & Partners Architectural firm. They're calling it the Brambleton Tower. This is a residential project, with a projected 250 units. The project as a whole would have 20, 4, and 3-story buildings with both podium and attached parking. It would be developed by Kotarides Builders.
  2. Has anyone been on the 200 block of Granby Street recently? Across from Harry's BBQ, and next to the boutique hotel there is a smaller building that has a pending license from the Virginia ABC posted in the window. Does this mean a possible new restuarant/bar opening in this location?
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