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  1. I hadn't heard of them until I needed to replace one of my silicone wedding bands. Didn't know they were in Spring Hill until I got on their site.
  2. As much as I don't really care for politicians, I definitely don't envy their jobs. Can you imagine that everything you do at work is broadcast to a public that's ready to tear you apart? No thanks.
  3. While I was pretty pumped about Nashville being the front runner for this, I'm somehow ok with us not getting this. Elon seems to be the kind of person who would up and relocate at the drop of a hat. I mean, it will likely be a boon for Austin, but Nashville still has a ton going on and it's not going to kill us that we didn't get it. I hope it's just not an indication of future business moves due to our current local politicians.
  4. There are some pretty big empty tracks of land right there at the intersection of 171 and Stewarts Ferry Pike. I'd hate to see traffic if that happens, as 171 through the Providence area is already pretty bad. I could see it possibly working though. Close to interstates and Nashville. I could also see it landing in Murfreesboro with how much it's blown up.
  5. It's sad that this happens so often. People find their echo chamber, then attack anyone that has a different thought than them, oftentimes making it personal. It's so depersonalized and people don't think that they could possibly agree on more stuff than not, because they're so willing to attack to feel vindicated in their own thoughts. I wish more people would take a step back, and think about how they'd have this discussion if the other person was standing right in front of them. Anonymity can cause people to irrational.
  6. Without getting too off topic...AWESOME. Animal Kingdom had 5 min waits which is just the lowest number they can put. We walked onto every single ride both days there. Magic Kingdom had 15 mins waits at the longest, even though the times said much longer. Epcot...Well there's not many rides, but we waiting no longer than 15 mins. Finally, Hollywood Studios. It had the most people, but that's partially due to the smaller and narrower park layout, plus a couple of big new rides. Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway which had just opened before the parks closed showed wait times of 60-90 mins regularly, but we waited maybe 20 mins. Rise of the Resistance, which is absolutely incredible, did still have boarding groups you'd have to log onto to get, we rode twice, but was limited to one ride per day. Overall, we basically rode whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. The only hiccup was the second time we did Rise and the ride broke down while we were in the Stormtrooper room. Best breakdown ever since I got to snap plenty of pics and it was in the AC.
  7. Who remembers Broadway before the Bredesen years? If you think what's going on now is bad, it's nothing compared to what it was. Are there tons more people now? Of course, and why not? It's one massive party. When I was in my lower 20s (some 15 years ago), I'd go there myself, granted it wasn't near the scene it is now. Do I care for it now? Not really, loud drunk people really are for me anymore. But there is still plenty to do, and I can't wait for 5th and Broad to open up. Yes parts of it are annoying, but if you know what annoys you, you know where not to go. At least it's not spread all over the city. As far as COVID goes, I do think the bars reopening did have an effect as the COVID heat map for the city actually moved from the southern part of town to downtown. Now this probably wasn't the only cause, but likely didn't help. I'm all for a mask mandate and enforcement. I think people can still go out and have a good time, but now is the time for moderation. If you want to go out, do so, but do so with a mask, stay 6 feet from people and wash your hands. It's a rather easy thing to do. Hell, I just got back from Disney last week when they reopened and I felt MUCH safer there due to their precautions than I do here, and that was because everyone had a mask, kept their distance and sanitized their hands.
  8. They just need to rename it "COVID Crock Pot".
  9. I've enjoyed only having to hit the lights at 99 and 96 on Veterans on my way in to work. I know that's going to change, and probably should. That Veterans exit backs up onto 840 sometimes in the afternoon, at least pre-COVID.
  10. At that point, I'd think that they'd just say leave the mask on since you'll be closer to people and breathing harder while you're working out. Plus, the mask's restriction is a great way to build lung capacity!
  11. I'm with you on this. I'm not sure why this is starting to get more steam. Nashville just spent a bunch of money on a really nice AAA ballpark, is still building a MLS stadium and we're in the middle of a pandemic that we have no idea of when it will end. Plus, even with Nashville booming like it has, I still don't think we can support the NFL, NHL, MLS, NASCAR and the MLB. Those are a lot of seat that have to be filled, with a lot of corporate dollars tied into it. I mean, I definitely could be wrong, but I'm not very optimistic on this happening. I'm not completely against it though, I'm just not sure of the feasibility at this point.
  12. There's going to be a Publix built over there too. I live close to this area and you see for sale signs all over Veterans. It's exploding right now, which makes me sad because it was really pretty with all the farm land, but I knew it would happen. I'm sure people said the same thing about the neighborhood that my house is in.
  13. I wouldn't say gyms aren't an issue. While I have gone since they've reopnened and I go at a time where it's really only me a 2 or 3 others, I can definitely see where they would be a place to spread. The harder you work, the harder you breathe, and the further the virus travels. Not to mention you're more likely to breath it in. I've been to the gym where it's packed as well. Some people just have no personal space issues. Now I'm not saying gyms can't be done more safely than bars. I mean, has anyone been to a bar where the customer wipes down their seat and table before and after use? Also, the more you drink, the less likely you are to be cognizant of proper distancing and hygiene. I very much agree with you on fitness being a big benefit to helping people should they get COVID however. The stronger your heart and lungs are, the better prepared your body will be, and it absolutely helps your immune system. Great point about people feeling sick also.
  14. Just read about this. I hope Tony hangs this kid out to dry (not that this idiot likely has much). There is NO excuse for what this guy did, he could have killed him by doing that. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Tony.
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