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  1. Didn't realize this was a GS&P project. And yes, I'll still call it that and not Gresham Smith as Gresham and Smith haven't been there for years, yet the partners still are.
  2. What about a tiny Ikea? The homeless can sleep in the bedding area after close and we finally get an Ikea.
  3. Let's be honest though, it was a terrible location tucked back where the majority of people in town didn't even know was there. Even if you drove by it, it looked like an uninviting warehouse building. Not saying it wasn't cool or that I wanted it to fail, just that the location was bad. It needed to be on the square or in walking vicinity to it.
  4. I used to go every year. It didn't hurt it was from the comfort of a meeting room at GS&P in City Center. Now, I just can't get up for dealing with the crowds and traffic, especially with a small child now. I know it'll be incredible though. The last show I saw downtown (4-5 years ago maybe?) was insane, and I know they've just gotten bigger every year.
  5. As far as companies go, landing a NA Headquarters of a multi-billion dollar company is still significant. Nissan level significant, no, but still a good sign for Nashville and the automotive industry in Tennessee.
  6. Nah, I'm more tired of not being a billionaire.
  7. So I found the plans that I had seen earlier for West Gate (the large area getting cleared out). I think I know where the Costco is going... document.pdf
  8. Also, does anyone know what's going on at the corner of Hwy 99 and I-24? I know The Outpost is building a big indoor gun range, but they've cleared out a TON of land there. My guess would be strip malls and hotels, but I just can't find anything else on it.
  9. There are rumors going around that Costco is coming to Murfreesboro. Would be a nice addition to the city as the closest is in Cool Springs.
  10. Oh great, more people moving into Nashville... Just kidding, congratulations on the healthy baby boy! That's a big baby!
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