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  1. I dunno, I always thought the Airways Motel had them beat. I mean you can even hear the moans and groans as you drive past
  2. Not sure this area needs it, but if they do approve, something MUST be done to address the growing traffic issues here. The exit ramp from 840 west onto Veterans gets backed up to the interstate, then people pass on the right only to immediately do a u turn in the middle of Veterans or simply cut people off and turn left. I almost put a person into a wall that tried to sneak around me doing that crap.
  3. That, my friend, is a funny moment waiting to happen when someone is walking while browsing on their phone. I mean infrastructure wise, it's terrible, but we can at least hope for some entertainment. Maybe even a distracted scooter rider?
  4. I drive to Chattanooga quite a bit and Monteagle is always interesting, especially going towards Chattanooga. SOOOOOO many brake lights, especially from the 18 wheelers. People need to learn how to engine brake or risk overheating their brakes, or causing an 18 wheeler to have to emergency brake, and that's not the place to do it. That being said, Chattanooga traffic has gotten worse than driving through Atlanta anytime we go to Hilton Head or Disney. I know the roads are limited by the river and the mountains, but it's a huge bottleneck. More reason there needs to be a high speed rail line fr
  5. I vote we take a page out of Memphis's book and turn Municipal into a Bass Pro.
  6. Anyone know what's going on on Murfreesboro Rd just North of 840 in Murfreesboro? It's across from Singer Rd, which is already a cluster with traffic, especially when the train is running. They completely cleared a large section of woods there about a week or so ago.
  7. Not really feeling the French Fry crown. Maybe put a piece of hot chicken up there? Or a Moonpie?
  8. I think the other part of it is that planners in Williamson Co were much better at planning than Rutherford Co. I've never gotten the feeling that anywhere in Rutherford County is really planned, just more of a spur of the moment thing. The Medical Center area is as close as it's gotten to have felt planned, and it's still a hodge podge of strip malls and hotels.
  9. Here's another good article about not just the Music City Gran Prix, but racing in general in Nashville. https://motorsports.nbcsports.com/2021/08/05/nashville-music-city-grand-prix-indycar-prom/
  10. I went to Chicken Guy on 2nd Ave yesterday (don't waste your time) and ended up going to 5th and Broad just to walk around. It's definitely a pretty cool space. I wish I had eaten here instead. So many great places to eat, I was impressed. It was very busy too, but not in a annoying touristy way, those people seem to stay out on Broad. I don't think many tourists even know it's there really. I plan on going back to visit the NAAMM, it looks amazing.
  11. They were probably drinking. I see double when I do the same.
  12. I believe people are just wanting to see more diversity in the designs of future buildings. There has been an inordinate amount of uninspiring glass boxes, and I get why, it's cheaper that way. It's the same reason developers are putting tall skinny houses all over Nashville. They can build them quicker and they'll sell. I'm glad that we get buildings like 505, but it would be nice to see something where the architect doesn't go "ok, so we're going to take the shape of a rectangle, cover each floor in glass, then repeat that step 30-40 more times until we top out." Designs like this one at lea
  13. Right, I just don't think the Ticket and Transportation area is included in the 100 acres of the park. Looking at the sizes of other Disney parks surprised me. Disneyland is only 85 acres and Disney California Adventure is 72. So maybe this won't be as small as I'm thinking.
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