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  1. Look, we're all on edge right now, but you're upset about a person who in under self quarantine and not in the public. So unless you plan on breaking into their home, or licking their doorknobs, you're going to be ok. Just use reasonable precautions. Wash your hands, keep 6 feet of distance, wipe down all frequently touched surfaces with the proper cleaners. You can't just hospitalize people who aren't even showing symptoms, there is no room for that, or need. Take a few deep breaths, preferably 6 feet away from the nearest person and just relax.
  2. Why should they? They just notified everyone that someone is positive for the virus, so everyone should be very vigilant in their hygiene and daily procedures. Knowing that person's identity won't change anything, other than possible retaliation from other tenants. It's not like they are cooking meth, they simply just got sick. No need to punish them for it.
  3. I believe the market will recover much quicker than the crash of 08. The banks are in much better shape this go round. That's not to say that things won't suck for a while though.
  4. You laugh, but they come in handy in a pinch. Found that out the hard way in Hawaii...
  5. I kinda wish I'd just go ahead and get it, quarantine myself and move on with my business. That is if I don't die from some underlying issue I wasn't aware I had. Can we just do like some people do with multiple kids when one would get chicken pox? Throw them all in the tub at the same time and get it over with. I mean, of course without the tub this time. Maybe even make it a tourist attraction. A sealed party bus where you just all drink and get the coronavirus. Let Corona sponsor it and finally make some money off this virus. Maybe call it the Corona Carriage? Wooooo *cough* wooooo!
  6. Very good point. The logistics are really good to build something like that there. They better hurry up though, there's a new warehouse on 840 going up seemingly everyday. The first truck stop is going up on 840 @ Couchville Pike too!
  7. While I definitely agree they need a shot in the arm (especially after losing ConAgra), that area is pretty hilly, so building something that large will be quite a bit more expensive. I'd say the Mt Juliet side of 840 would be a better fit. Plus much closer to the airport.
  8. Well if anyone's been wanting to have a nice "woo woo" free time downtown, now's your chance!
  9. Been checking in with some of my customers who were in the areas affected (West Nashville off Briley and Centennial, and Cookeville). They are all safe but have seen tremendous damage. One of the customers in Cookeville said he's never seen storm damage like this before. Many have friends and family who are now homeless. This storm was way bigger than predicted.
  10. This is terrible, praying for everyone affected. If any city knows how to band together to take care of their own, it's Nashville.
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