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  1. Has anyone heard any news on the possible Buccees on Joe B Jackson or the massive sports facility on Broad in Murfreesboro? Or the Sazerac distillery for that matter. It seems like Murfreesboro has these big things pop up, only to disappear (except for that damn Trash Mountain).
  2. These days with inflation you have to look at year in advance. In my industry, we are telling customers for anything ordered a year out, they automatically get a % cost increase to allow for inflation. We're seeing this throughout. Now of course this past year has been exceptional (not in a good way), but it's still smart to continue to plan for inflation.
  3. Dollywood is such a good themepark. I went there a ton as a kid (back in the late 80s, early 90s) and remember when it wasn't much of a thrill. It has really transformed now though. They keep getting awesome coasters. Lightning Rod is insane and the best coaster I've ever been on. Wild Eagle is pretty good too. Pretty pumped about Big Bear Mountain, but realize it's not going to be a crazy one. I still enjoy mild coasters, as Firechaser Express at Dollywood isn't intense, but still really fun.
  4. Think this is a part of that? https://assessment.cot.tn.gov/RE_Assessment/ParcelDetailIMPACT.aspx (hopefully this link works)
  5. If Jim Varney doesn't get a street named after him, I'm calling shenanigans, know what I mean Vern?
  6. My dad told me about this on Sunday, he worked for Batey at Gresham, Smith and Partners for 40 years. Batey was a good man and a big name in the industry. He'll be missed.
  7. But yeah, I mean Nissan Stadium has multiple outlets and still gets backed up. It's just the nature of the beast. I've yet to go to any large gathering of people and upon leaving thinking to myself "wow, that was a really well planned departure". Even Disney has boats, buses, walking paths, ubers, cars and....a monorail, and still has long lines of people waiting to exit. It just be that way sometimes. I just hope if it does go by TSU, it's at least a little better thought out than FirstBank Ampitheater.
  8. Does anyone remember Dollywood back in the 80s and 90s? They had what, 3-4 rides that were...well not good. Now look at the park. And I think a lot of people don't realize that theme parks do a lot of business with people that never step foot on rides., they just want a place to escape the real world for a bit. Now would I prefer a ton of thrill rides? Absolutely, but a theme park can still be successful without being the thrill ride capital of the world. As a parent to a young child, we run out of places to go in Middle Tennessee, as there just aren't really that many options for young kids. This would give another awesome option for young families. I know we all have different expectations for a theme park here, especially those of us who remember Opryland, but I see this being a benefit to the area. SHOULD it get built of course...
  9. Panattoni is running as full steam in this area of town. I remember working with them on Under Armour when it was being built, and now the bulk of our customers in that area are in Panattoni buildings.
  10. I have no problems with you, as I don't know you. Just felt that response was a bit uncalled for. I understand we all have opinions here, but I don't agree with calling someone out like that. I do appreciate this response however, and I agree context is a bit hard to read at times on the internet.
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