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  1. I bet this picture would give Lee Beaman a heart attack. "GET THOSE TROLLIES OUT OF THERE!"
  2. First I've heard of today being the first day of season ticket sales and I listen to 104.5 the Zone all day in my office. Great marketing department they have...
  3. I know many will disagree with me, but this video is actually a very good representation of Nashville. In total, it paints Nashville as a good place to live and visit, but does accurately point out the issues we have here. It seems he did honest research. I was expecting something terrible, but agreed with every point in the list. I think we're so used to hearing Nashville be praised that we're shocked when someone points out the negatives, even if they're true.
  4. One World Trade Center is 3.5 million sq ft. So imagine something smaller, about 2.5 million sq ft smaller. Seriously though, this sounds BIG. Hopefully all these towers will permanently shade Stix (Sticks? Styx? Sticcs?)
  5. Why do we need express lanes? Those would get in the way of the express monorail!
  6. Makes me remember the old days when there were certain mods who were quick to suspend or ban people for little or no reason (yeah, I got hit a few times). It's MUCH better now that they aren't lurking around. Also, have I really been here for 15 years???
  7. I was there Sunday night. I will say, it's a bit emasculating that they chose a large python above a urinal. Couldn't put like an earthworm display there?
  8. I made a few adjustments to the initial plan. Keep it mind it's just a rough drawing I did on a napkin.
  9. I still don't think Nashville is big enough to support 4 major sports teams. This on top of where the stadium would be and the fact that the city just spent a lot of money on First Horizon and about to spend more on the MLS stadium. I know Nashville has a history of baseball, but I think it's more of a 10-20 year plan.
  10. If he's a politician, whatever he said on the campaign won't happen. I think Nashville will continue to see big growth. The businesses are attracted to the area, not the mayor, no matter what Bill Boner says.
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