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  1. But yeah, I mean Nissan Stadium has multiple outlets and still gets backed up. It's just the nature of the beast. I've yet to go to any large gathering of people and upon leaving thinking to myself "wow, that was a really well planned departure". Even Disney has boats, buses, walking paths, ubers, cars and....a monorail, and still has long lines of people waiting to exit. It just be that way sometimes. I just hope if it does go by TSU, it's at least a little better thought out than FirstBank Ampitheater.
  2. Does anyone remember Dollywood back in the 80s and 90s? They had what, 3-4 rides that were...well not good. Now look at the park. And I think a lot of people don't realize that theme parks do a lot of business with people that never step foot on rides., they just want a place to escape the real world for a bit. Now would I prefer a ton of thrill rides? Absolutely, but a theme park can still be successful without being the thrill ride capital of the world. As a parent to a young child, we run out of places to go in Middle Tennessee, as there just aren't really that many options for young kids. This would give another awesome option for young families. I know we all have different expectations for a theme park here, especially those of us who remember Opryland, but I see this being a benefit to the area. SHOULD it get built of course...
  3. Panattoni is running as full steam in this area of town. I remember working with them on Under Armour when it was being built, and now the bulk of our customers in that area are in Panattoni buildings.
  4. I have no problems with you, as I don't know you. Just felt that response was a bit uncalled for. I understand we all have opinions here, but I don't agree with calling someone out like that. I do appreciate this response however, and I agree context is a bit hard to read at times on the internet.
  5. I mean since they're shooting for the new Titan's stadium to be a dome, let's just put the baseball stadium on top of the new football stadium. Let's get some height on the East bank! (yes, I'm a day late for April 1st).
  6. The top 3 should be New York, Chicago and Detroit in no particular order. The majority of that list is ridiculous, especially with New York not even making it.
  7. I don't believe the average park goer is going to to be going into the park with the same historical and botany training as you. They're looking for something fun to do or looking for an escape from reality. As far as comparisons to Oz, that park had one ride and was built in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of North Carolina. I still remain fairly optimistic that should this get built, it will be successful.
  8. I think you're underestimating what theme parks are able to do with their theming. There are tons of theme parks that are outside of Florida and California where it's not warm 100% of the year, yet they manage to keep the theme up. The European parks are excellent with this and have a cooler climate than we do. Will it be more challenging? Of course, but it's definitely not unheard of for a theme park designer to make it work. There are many tricks to make what you're walking into appear real, even using fake plants and smaller buildings with forced perspective. I mean if the Nashville Zoo can pull it off, as you said, then I have little doubt a theme park with the backing of some of the new companies involved can't. We're talking about sketches too. Those just convey what the general idea is, and hardly have all the fine details that we want to see. I think this park will be a great addition to Middle Tennessee and am looking forward to it.
  9. Actually surprised at this news, but would love to see an indoor stadium with a retractable roof here. The money it could attract would be substantial.
  10. I've heard they have a fantastic bookstore.
  11. I'm have my CDL, but luckily don't have to drive anymore, but not allowing 18 wheelers is huge. Not having people temporarily living somewhere (for a night at least) does wonders for cleanliness. They are extremely clean for a gas station. We went to that one at Warner Robbins on our way back from Disney this summer and felt like we were still at Disney due to the huge crowds and magnitude of it all. The crazy thing is that while it felt massive, it's still going to be 23,000 sqft smaller than the one planned for Murfreesboro.
  12. I'm pumped (120 times over) about this. Buc-ee's is such an obscene place, but it's got Beaver Nuggets and a wall of beef jerky. Buc-ee's is currently building the world's largest convenience store in Sevierville at 74,000 sqft and this one will overtake it by 2,000 more. So I guess this will make up for us losing the worlds largest cedar bucket.
  13. Yeah, I'm over in the Rockvale area and much rather prefer to stay on the west side of I-24. I know that in 10 years though Veterans is going to be as bad as Medical Center or Old Fort.
  14. I kinda thought the same thing about Richard Seigel park, but with how many people live in Rutherford Co now, they'll probably still have plenty of soccer events there.
  15. And now for the bad Murfreesboro news, it looks like the park idea for Veterans and Burnt Knob is getting the shaft once again. https://www.murfreesboropost.com/community/murfreesboro-plans-land-exchange-with-middle-tennessee-electric-for-park/article_e4cbdd8c-5443-11ec-8f96-df25802f2b98.html I swear, it feels like the Murfreesboro City Council just absolutely does not care about the people who live in that area of town.
  16. A massive $350 Million sports and entertainment complex was just announced for Murfreesboro. https://amp.dnj.com/amp/6447326001 Very interested in this. Great location as well since it's right off of the 840 exit. I would expect traffic lights to be installed however because the median there causes bad traffic issues.
  17. Found this interesting https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-nashville-campaign-for-chicago-tech-workers-20211125-icmnhu6alngtharwuprr5ero7q-story.html?outputType=amp
  18. I want to see it become a wall of shame for the city of Nashville. A mural with things like Bill Boner, Woo Girls, Vanderbilt Football, Opry Mills, Mass Transit (just leave that part blank), etc. Screw posing in front of a set of wings for social media, show people you've REALLY been to Nashville by standing between a mural of the Nathan Bedford Forrest monument from I-65 and the PSC Scrapyard!
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