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  1. Sorry, I was in my convertible and didn't notice my fly was down. I'll be more mindful next time!
  2. It's happening off Veterans as we speak. St Thomas is going up and the proposed park has now been potentially changed to a business park area similar to the Fountains area off Medical Center. That being said, it get rather hilly once you pass the Veterans exit, so it may be a simple thing as geography holding back businesses. Tons of houses are going up in the area too. I moved out this way in 2014 and things have exploded all along Veterans. I'm seeing a LOT of "for sale commercial" signs going up. If we could just get a red light at the Veterans exit...
  3. I'd be willing to bet those numbers are old and once updated will be a pretty big jump.
  4. Gas was still easy to get until about 2 or 3 today and I guess word got out more widespread. I'm not wild about the media talking about this stuff either. I was on another forum talking about the tanker truck driver shortage and how CNN was going to create a panic with their reporting on it. A lot of people said I was being irrational. I brought up that the shortage in 08 here was due to a RUMOR, not an actual shortage. The entire reason that we're seeing stations run out of gas right now isn't the attacks, which I'm pissed about as well, but because of the constant reporting on it driving up the panic. Middle TN does have a deficiency when it comes to securing fuel. We're very dependent on one pipeline, and when it has an issue, we feel it more than other areas of the country, panic buying withholding.
  5. SNAP and NOTE sound like villainous groups from a James Bond movie. Not calling them villainous, just ridiculing their names.
  6. Tennessee is really becoming a big player in EV production. With this, VW in Chattanooga and the battery plant over by Nissan in Smyrna (Originally a joint venture with Nissan, but Nissan sold it to Envision). Pretty exciting to see these huge economic drivers investing in the future here. It's no wonder that Tesla was really looking at the Nashville area very closely.
  7. Was on Car and Driver's website and noticed that Polaris has used Nashville and the Natchez Trace, with a stop at Puckett's in Leiper's Fork as their playground. Honestly been thinking about getting one of these. https://www.caranddriver.com/photos/g36055509/2021-polaris-slingshot-automatic-drive-gallery/?slide=1
  8. Yeah, this a definitely a win for Cooper. Not a big fan of his, but I'll definitely give credit where it's due. Great win for Nashville.
  9. One of my customers is right there on Cowan and they're staying put. I think they're really just waiting for River North to finally get a big get so they can cash out on the ensuing property value explosion. I wouldn't be shocked to hear them moving to a new location in the near future now.
  10. Do we wait an untold number of years for something tall to happen, or do we go with a huge high paying tech company? Would I like to see tall towers at River North? Sure. But who's going to build them? It's not like there was anything pending. I think we set ourselves up for disappointment a lot of the time. Plus, those 8500 employees have to live somewhere, and I'd be willing they'd want to live close by, possibly in a tall condo...
  11. There's a lot of roads closed in Murfreesboro. There are several by my house in the Rockvale area. Luckily no deaths reported. That's terrible about the deaths in Nashville.
  12. This really has turned out fantastic. One of the most exciting, if not the most exciting project downtown in my eyes. Really helps extend the entertainment aspect of Broadway as well as diversifies it. Not everything on Broad needs to be a honkey tonk. I can't wait to go check the NMAAM as well, it looks beautifully done.
  13. Huntsville really is a hidden gem that many people don't realize has a ton going on with it. I drove down there last month to go pick up a knife at Cabelas (I was bored, it was either there or Bowling Green). The amount of big name companies in the area is eye opening. A lot of science and technology firms that would look at home in any major city.
  14. As much as I've had some personal issues with TVA, I'm glad we have them providing our power. It's a good mix. Plus, they aren't really as profit hungry as the Texas model so they put the money back into the infrastructure.
  15. If you want the thrill of gambling in Nashville, hop on I-24 when it's raining.
  16. That's the first up close look that I've seen of the AT&T building and I have to say that I'm impressed at how well it held up. The other side of the street just makes me choke up.
  17. It would be a lot cheaper to leave it alone and close off 2nd Ave to vehicle traffic. Would I prefer it elsewhere, of course, but the truth is that it would be way too expensive to relocate this, and as we know, money talks.
  18. I think it's time to shut down this section of Second Ave to vehicles and go pedestrian only.
  19. Here's the video of the recording playing, then the explosion.
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