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  1. Yeah, I know. Retail starts are soooo tough right now. This is like the 5th or 6th idea that has died for Wealthy St in the last year or so due to a variety of reasons. Still, there are plenty of opportunities for a creative entrepreneur!
  2. It was going to be something like that, but I heard that it is no longer happening...
  3. I heard something about a home interiors/decor store. A coney restaurant and another TBA local business will be in the other development at James.
  4. I am not certain, but it looks like Wing Heaven closed.
  5. I hope the businesses (non-venues) don't keep closing at or before 10 pm for the duration of ArtPrize. I was starving after leaving ActiveSite around 10:30 and NOWHERE was open. I'm almost never one to complain, but I don't get the logic as a business owner. Perhaps they had no clue that so many people would be downtown.
  6. Peninsula Trading Travel Gear opening in the old Blue Ave.
  7. I heard something about a new restaurant that is taking its place called Wildfire...or something like that.
  8. I ran into him at the Artisans Market a couple weeks ago. He created a large painting that he cut up and made into bracelets. Sometime in September (?...I can't seem to find the postcard or website), everybody with a piece of the bracelet is invited to gather to reassemble the painting. Cool concept...
  9. ...and this... http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/grand-r..._matched_a.html
  10. To anybody interested in Cuban food--they did open, but at Division/Pleasant instead.
  11. That's nuts...so much art. How am I going to see 700+ in only 17 days? I'm getting very excited for that problem.
  12. Oh...there will be celebrating The article from Saturday makes it seem like there may be some artists without venues, so hopefully you get some buzz for your space soon. ArtPeers is gaining momentum now. Anybody interested in getting involved can swing by the Sparrows tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5 pm for a short meeting.
  13. The bad: Looks like Blue Ave is closing. They were having "final days" sales last weekend. The good: Appears as if a deli/catering business is on its way in to the old candy/ice cream shop.
  14. Ran into him again yesterday, and he wasn't so optimistic this time. He said there is a big gap between them and the owner regarding the terms. I just so happened to notice the "for rent" sign back up this morning too. Not looking too hot for Cuban food real soon...
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