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  1. itk

    I-49 One Step Closer to Being Realized

    Roughly 30,000 average.... at the northern end, ~20,000 I think, and at the very southern end near Lowe's, about ~45,000.
  2. itk

    I-49 One Step Closer to Being Realized

    right of way is being acquired still, and consultants are still looking at the tolling aspects of the bypass
  3. I'm not sure, but I know they have been trying to get it designated as I-49... but with the current gap between Pineville and Bella Vista, I'm not what they may sign it as
  4. City planners don't reserve land for future highways-- they can plan to their hearts content, but that doesn't mean anything without money. Government agencies (like a state DOT) do... and they can only do that when there's money available. There's very, very limited money to do that right now. The only way to get money to do that is for political action and public support. [off soapbox]
  5. It is currently under design. Expect a public hearing over the proposed design most likely late this year.
  6. Just FYI in case anyone is curious once again why the DOT don't build enough highways in Ark (or anywhere else for that matter): Capka Says Bush Has a Highway Contingency Funding Plan
  7. I don't know why the reporter that wrote the article for the NWA Times got it wrong-- it will be four lanes with a center turn lane (i.e. 5 lanes) through Farmington all the way to the bridge near Prairie Grove. Plus, if I remember correctly, it will also have bicycle lanes in Farmington.
  8. itk

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    That's not what I heard. The article I read quotes one or two people. That hardly constitutes as "many". (Not to sound like I'm picking on you )
  9. itk

    Springdale, Arkansas

    There basically already is. 48th St.
  10. itk

    I-49 One Step Closer to Being Realized

    I'm not sure which segment it is either. I didn't realize they had that much earmarked for I-49 in La. I believe the reporter meant that the entire future stretch of I-49 is mostly interstate or near interstate quality, except for between Ashdown to Alma. Federal ear-marks for highway projects typically require a match. The interesting statement is the increase in cost over six years-- $200 million. Not surprising at all. I would bet that at the last time the official cost estimate was done for Ashdown to Alma, today's cost would be probably about $1 billion, plus or minus, more. Which is why it's not going to happen anytime soon. If inflation rate continues, it will probably be another $1 billion more within the near future. No exageration.
  11. itk

    I-630 / I-430 Interchange

    My attitude has been that transportation congestion is a part of a healthy urban area. Whether that be passenger cars, hov/hot, heavy/light rail, bus/brt, etc. There is never enough capacity in big cities. If you add capacity to a single highway route, sure, more traffic will be drawn there. If you added capacity to a subway line in a congested dense urban area, a similar phenomenon would also occur. With that, my view is that with very limited transportation funds, decision makers should make wise decisions to get the most "bang for your buck" if at all possible. Cost effectiveness. That's the name of the game-- almost all states, not just Arkansas, is playing major catch up, and is falling further and further behind. It would certainly would be nice in the perfect world to spend money on light rail. However, this project has tens of millions of dollars of ear-marked federal money tied to it. If it isn't used, it's lost for good. Also, construction inflation is increasing dramatically. It would, in a perfect world, be nice to discuss things and conduct studies above and beyond the federal and state requirements and discuss them so that everyone is happy, but there's a time where if you don't act, you can fall further behind.
  12. itk

    I-630 / I-430 Interchange

    I don't remember, but you are right that widening of 630 from 430 eastward to around University would not be that difficult, and thus not that expensive. That's always been a factor in that thinking I believe. It's not like widening of I-30 over the river, for example. Even though that is sorely needed, it would be extremely disruptive and expensive, and because of that I think there has been little talk about that (just using this as a contrasting example). I would think widening this portion of 630 would not require much extra right of way, and may require little structural work. The pavement seems to be in very decent shape. Probably would re-do the pavement on the shoulders, construct new shoulders, most likely would have to build retaining walls and such... some structural work, little environmental impacts. Very cost effective compared to many other urban freeways.
  13. Yep... the NWA Council is leading the charge. If there's any organization that you want to contact to find out more info, they would be the place to start. They have a website somewhere... but it's in its very infancy right now. Also, you could try the NWARPC-- they may help.
  14. itk

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    I generally agree with Coody on this one.