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  1. Does anyone know a site that has maps or pictures of how the trails in the packing district will connect to other, established trails?
  2. A gentleman who works for UNLV was quoted in the LVRJ as saying the maglev is being built. Was he just making that up?
  3. demon

    55 West

    They don't do background checks?
  4. I've read differently, although not from a certified legal authority, that Universal could make new rides so long as they fit the theme of the characters. I don't know if they have the rights to Guardians of the Galaxy, but if they wanted to make a Fantastic Four ride, is there something in the contract from stopping them?
  5. Anyone know if the I-4 overhaul includes a bridge over I-4 to link Universal & the outlets? I noticed they cleared a lot of land out of that area.
  6. That's silly. Ghosts don't have money to pay for tours.
  7. Anyone know if the pedestrian overpass will be at just Orange & Colonial or will it also be at Magnolia & Colonial for cyclists heading north?
  8. We all know it's under construction and I would love to hear what you guys know. I'm also curious about what you think about how a bigger (possibly) better Fashion Square will impact retail & living downtown.
  9. It sounds like we're neighbors. I start at the same corner and Take South eastbound to Summerlin & then head south to Michigan. I have to be careful crossing the 408 off ramp.
  10. We can't hang with Vegas & Chicago when it comes to large conventions. I've been to the convention center in all 3 cities and the infrastructure around I-Drive makes large conventions a pain to get to. We need some form of rail in the I-Drive area to facilitate movement.
  11. It's such a dire need. Imagine the employers downtown having a light rail to 50,000 young employees. Downtown Phoenix & ASU are connected by light rail. So should UCF and downtown Orlando.
  12. Thanks. I think we definitely need more people downtown, and hopefully this will mean more diversified retail.
  13. Does anyone have any info, pictures, renderings, of the building going up next to 801 Orange?
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