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  1. Does anyone know a site that has maps or pictures of how the trails in the packing district will connect to other, established trails?
  2. A gentleman who works for UNLV was quoted in the LVRJ as saying the maglev is being built. Was he just making that up?
  3. I don't see how they could. Heading east on South St is how lots of people get to the arena and to I-4. Now that we have to make a left to head south onto Orange and then east on Anderson to get to I-4 east we're going to need those left turn lanes.
  4. Great idea. The only potential complaint I see is the loss of street parking.
  5. demon

    55 West

    They don't do background checks?
  6. I've read differently, although not from a certified legal authority, that Universal could make new rides so long as they fit the theme of the characters. I don't know if they have the rights to Guardians of the Galaxy, but if they wanted to make a Fantastic Four ride, is there something in the contract from stopping them?
  7. Anyone know if the I-4 overhaul includes a bridge over I-4 to link Universal & the outlets? I noticed they cleared a lot of land out of that area.
  8. Those would be awesome to have but I don't think voters in Orlando would go for it. They SHOULD, but they aren't forward thinking enough.
  9. I use my car as little as possible. It would be tough to go have to big up something big from Home Depot or IKEA without a car, but you could always rent one as the need arises. I think the main reason I have a car is that as a single male I need one for dating.
  10. I ride my bike along Orange Ave frequently. I use it to ride home from work in College Park. I've ridden it as far south as Taft-Vineland. There is a bike lane on Orange Ave from Nora to Colonial, and again much further south from the Wawa through Pine Castle.
  11. You're right. It should be that way. I just don't see that happening anytime in the near future. I'm on the south end of downtown & Fashion Square is less than 3 miles away from me. I know I'm part of the .001% who rides their bike for a 3 mile trip, but it can be done. I think there was talk of a Lymmo run from Baldwin Park to downtown that would include Fashion Square. I believe their should be light rail, and the run should include downtown to Millenia. That would eliminate the need for a car.
  12. One of the reasons I think retail lags in the downtown core is because there is retial just outside the downtown core. I doubt we'll ever get a Target in downtown proper because one exists in Sodo. If I really need socks I can ride my bike to Fashion Square and if I really need something fancy I can drive to Millenia. As I read these posts I don't disagree with anyone, but I think what is there that I need that i can't get by going an extra 1-4 miles and that I can't order online?
  13. That's silly. Ghosts don't have money to pay for tours.
  14. Anyone know if the pedestrian overpass will be at just Orange & Colonial or will it also be at Magnolia & Colonial for cyclists heading north?
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