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  1. Correlation =/= causation, but I'll bet if you overlay that graph with one of smartphone market penetration the trends will line up.
  2. There's are dedicated bike lanes on the Korean Veterans bridge just a block away.
  3. Tokyo is one of my favorite cities on Earth. I'll add some more photos of the urban landscape later, but last time I was there we stumbled upon this lovely honky-tonk on a 4th floor alleyway entrance. It was as awesome as you're imagining.
  4. I840 has spawned exactly what its detractors feared--endless and uncontrolled suburban sprawl. It's not too late...
  5. Nissan Stadium and Vanderbilt Stadium don't have near enough parking relative to their capacity either, and it all seems to work out fine. Nissan in particular shuttles people in from remote lots.
  6. I suppose "imbecile" in this case is defined as "the most valuable and profitable companies in the world."
  7. The garage at 4th and Deaderick has helical ramps, not sure if there are any others.
  8. A copy of 111 West 57th (aka Steinway Tower) currently under construction in NYC would fit perfectly on that lot. http://jdsdevelopment.com/111-west-57th-street/
  9. The roads you drive on are subsidized just the same, and lol at trying to earn an income in Tennessee without the "freedom" of owning a car.
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