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  1. Define "great." I think you'll find that everyone has their own definition. The crux of this discussion is simple. People who prioritize a low cost of living over other factors are moving from more expensive areas to less expensive areas. As these low CLI areas become more expensive--which with growth is inevitable--these same groups will move on again, perpetuating this effect while seemingly unaware of the irony. The ongoing narrative that this is a zero-sum game is silly--the raw data clearly proves otherwise (see above).
  2. We're comparing two different data sets. I was comparing cities, you're looking at MSAs. Both sets are legitimate ways to look at growth. Also important to look at raw numbers when comparing areas of wide size/population/SOI variation, as that has a larger real-world impact. 2010-2017 Seattle +490,000 Raleigh +287,000 Charlotte +309,000 Nashville +239,000 Denver +424,000 Los Angeles +911,000 Bay Area +684,000 Portland +280,000 Salt Lake +288,000 San Diego +242,000
  3. SoundScan

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Thousands. It's a $10 billion unit on its own.
  4. SoundScan

    Nashville International Airport

    Gore Baggage Claim in Winfrey Terminal at Bezos International Airport, adjacent to Carrie Underwood Consolidated Rental Car Facility, the Kid Rock Short Term Parking Structure, and Luke Bryan 32 Bridge Air Cargo and Kitchen.
  5. SoundScan

    Nashville International Airport

    Oprah is one of the richest and most well-known women on earth, why does she need more recognition? What has she done for Nashville's community recently other than be famous? This is silly. If being rich and/or famous is the measuring stick, why don't we just name it Bezos International Airport then? He's the richest on earth and his company just brought 5,000 jobs to Nashville.
  6. Because it's expensive and experiencing explosive growth, making it more expensive. This pushes out people looking for more affordable areas. Seattle's population growth rate is among of the highest in the U.S., higher than that of Nashville, Charlotte, Austin, etc..
  7. I disagree that "most" homeless are mentally ill, it simply appears that way to the layman because the small percentage that have extreme mental health issues cause a large percentage of the visible problems, e.g. harassing the public, indecency, hygiene, etc. The vast majority of the homeless population flies under the radar.
  8. SoundScan

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I thought Apple Music already had a presence in Nashville? Hopefully this means they are expanding their footprint.
  9. They have significant corporate and engineering offices in many other North American cities, including Austin, Vancouver, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, Portland, and others. Here in the Bay Area they already lease more than 1.5 million sq. ft. of office space and employ around 6,000 engineers/designers/ops/pm/etc., most of them at AWS, Twitch, and at their R&D division, Amazon Lab126. Still, Amazon's eventual corporate presence in Nashville will be rivaled only by Seattle, NYC, DC, SF, and Vancouver--all of them much larger cities. Nashville just moved up a weight class.
  10. SoundScan

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    Wow, I had no idea APSU had such a large student population. If you had asked me I would have guessed half that number. Impressive.
  11. SoundScan

    Margaritaville Hotel,12 stories, 145 ft., 215 rooms

    The Omni was constructed during the peak of the recession, and the city had to underwrite the financing package in addition to pumping in TIF. We're lucky it was built at all, frankly. The rest of the beige blocks being built have no excuse outside of maximizing ROI.
  12. SoundScan

    More Accolades for Nashville

    These were the factors listed (Tennessee's Rankings): Business Costs Rank: 17th Labor Supply Rank: 29th Regulatory Environment Rank: 6th Economic Climate Rank: 10th Growth Prospects Rank: 14th Quality of Life Rank: 33rd
  13. SoundScan

    The Gulch Projects

    We recently sold our only car. We use Zipcar when we need to use a car for something--roughly once a month or so. I've tried Turo and Getaround but prefer Zipcar due to proximity, pricing model, and ease of use. When you do the math accounting for everything (capex/payments, depreciation, parking, insurance, gas, etc.) it's pretty surprising how much car ownership costs. The U.S. average is around $8500 a year.
  14. Typically 5-star rated: Four Seasons Mandarin Ritz Typically 4/5-star rated: Intercontinental Typically 4-star and below rated: Thompson JW/W Grand Hyatt Kimpton Omni Grand Hyatt is great flag--better than Regency--but Park Hyatt is the top-tier flag that competes with Four Seasons, etc. You have to remember that this location in Nashville will have 540+ keys, many more than a typical 5-star flagged hotel, so a Park Hyatt was not going to happen here. A hotel this size as a Grand Hyatt is still a huge get.
  15. How is it a sham? May want to read the RFP again: Crystal City is literally across the river from DC. Like Nashville's hopeful HQ2 site River North close--which is also a particularly dreary place. I imagine $3.7 billion in direct development could change that, not to mention billions more in ancillary development.