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  1. Brooks to spend millions in southeast Newport News
  2. GoodNews

    NCAA Football

    Clemson did have a top ten class in fact, most recruting sites have them 2 or 3.... like ESPN and rivals
  3. GoodNews

    NCAA Football

    Why shouldn't they be ranked that high? A loss is a loss. At the end of the year, if they run the table (which wont happen) then they should be ranked up there. If UCON gave them the game, then they should have loss. Because of UCON play (the loss) they are not ranked in the BCS. So it's no need for should of could of would of.
  4. ..High-end condos added to Hampton Place plan
  5. I didn't like this project at first, but now it has grown on me. How I wish we had something like this.
  6. I just wish that they would focus more on the mid-town section of the city a little more, btw Jefferson & J Clyde
  7. That is a very nice looking building.
  8. Virginia Beach 10th best city for job hunting Link #10 Virginia Beach, Va. Virginia Beach's economy relies in large part on trade and the military. Recently, some corporations have set up back-office operations in the city, partly to take advantage of the military spouses who are available for part-time work. The Virginia Beach metropolitan area includes Norfolk, Va., and Newport News, Va., and extends into North Carolina. Unemployment rank: 16 Cost of living rank: 42 Median household income rank: 59 Income growth rank: 10 Job growth rank: 25
  9. Norfolk is not the only one. Newport News wants it also.
  10. Welcome and we are glad to have in this forum.
  11. I glad to see B-mores skyline taking off
  12. I too understand why they rejected the development, but damn a trash dump. I guess they need money bad.
  13. Great stuff for the area...Maybe they can bring a team here, I know they were going to participate with the naming rights deal if the hornets were going to come (just a thought)
  14. Well I like it and I hope it turns out well for P-Town.
  15. This is a real nice project! It looks very dense and I like the model of DT.
  16. I don't think that would be a good idea. Let VA Beach be VA beach and NN be NN.
  17. 3rd crossing plans pushed back http://www.dailypress.com/news/local/dp-48...ews-local-final
  18. It's just sad when a metro of only 564,013 (Mobile, AL) can get a building in the 700's but we can't get at least 600???
  19. I hope that helps bring more people
  20. It looks like Hampton is finally getting it right. For years the city has just being letting anything kind of development happen without thinking it through, but I think that trend is over!
  21. I didn't know the Virginia was the second most densely populated state in the South next to FL. Virginia is more urban than it seems! http://www.npg.org/states/nc.htm http://www.npg.org/states/ga.htm http://www.npg.org/states/va.htm http://www.npg.org/states/sc.htm http://www.npg.org/states/tn.htm http://www.npg.org/states/al.htm http://www.npg.org/states/fl.htm http://www.npg.org/states/ms.htm http://www.npg.org/states/la.htm http://www.npg.org/states/ar.htm http://www.npg.org/states/tx.htm http://www.npg.org/states/ok.htm
  22. As much as I love baseball, it is a past time sport. There are more football fans in the area than baseball. The sport of baseball is very expense to mange. Football is an easier sport to support for the reasons hoobo and Greekboy80 have named. Football is just a more sensible sport. Baseball has too many home games for this area to support. People go for the skins, cowboys, and panthers just because we don't have a team. Even if people didn't like the team, just because we had it the seats would be filled. Norfolk for the NBA or now the NFL.
  23. This is great for the Oceanfront. I have always thought that the Oceanfront should be one of the most urban area in HR. Keep up the work.
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