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  1. kkpugh726

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    Good statement Poonther,and enough said.
  2. kkpugh726

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    I have no problem with SF I actually,I have alot of friends there and I go to the Nasdaq 100 every year and I like Miami.My problem is that people from the South seem to think they or there city is better than the cities up North which is no true. People live where they live becuase they enjoy living there,those who can move do so.Our capital city is where it is and it belongs there.The fact that you would say it should moved to Orlando just to suite your needs is just plan selfish and I am sorry stupid.If every city in Fl was like SF what a boring state this would be and SF might not be so popluar.Anyway I still plan to take my trip to SF for the Nasdaq despite your comments I review as harsh.There is enough division in this world and country we dont need any more.--PS you should keep your negative comments about North Florida to yourself,when I lived in Atlanta and people said negative comments about Miami I defended Miami because thats what Floridians are suppose to do.
  3. kkpugh726

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    Who came up with this idea,all the people that are up North are not hillbillies.How would you like if people from the North said SF was nothing but Cubans and illegal immigrants and dope dealers in South Florida. Maybe we should re-name South Florida North Cuba instead,now thats an Idea!