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  1. I've basically said as much before. Of course, it sounds better to everyone when coming from a Columbian. Nevertheless, good to see! Do you derive pleasure from making snide comments like this? Eh, it's just the Napoleon complex from the Greenville-ites. They can't help themselves.
  2. BryCola


    I think it looks awesome! Compliments the old Coliseum very well. I hope they build it exactly as shown in those pics.
  3. Is that from the Jetsons? That looks rediculous.
  4. "Yes it is. they cleared out so much land and extended 12th st waaaaaay past I-77 Now. they are building some kinda building across the street from SCANA in what was the woods. and after that IDK but i know that area is looking at a Big development change. recently" Dude...I work right here. I see what's going on EVERYDAY. The big cleared out land across the street from Scana is the Lexington County Tennis Center, as I said before...that's it. Besides the road being extended, there is NO other construction going on here right now. I'm looking out my window at it as we speak. Stop exagerating.
  5. "Explosion of Development" I don't know what "explosion" you're talking about. I work at Scana, and the ONLY thing being built right now is the Lexington Country Tennis Center across the street from our HQ. This area will be getting development in the future, but not much is going on right now.
  6. BryCola

    Five Points

    Ummm...yeah...that's is...PARKING is the only problem there. LOL Five Points floods everytime we have a hard rain...so let's dig underground and put things there. LOL Wow...
  7. LOL Wow...don't even know how to respond to that. The question is...which is taller. The ANSWER is...The Capitol Center. End of story. No one on the planet determines how tall a building is by the number of stories. (Except apparently YOU) You can spin whatever you want to, but that's the fact. Even the website that YOU linked said that the Capitol Center is the tallest. Not believing your own sources now? Maybe you should get in touch with the Mayor, since all Columbia mayors apparently are SOOO interested in what you have to say. He can probably tell you which is taller. On, and it's "would've"...not "would of".
  8. BAM to you too dude. Take this as a lesson. Number of stories does NOT determine how tall a building is. Margate Tower is 329 feet tall...Capitol Center is 349 feet tall. So to clarify...349 is more than 329. "This is the tallest in Myrtle Beach and the second tallest in the state of South Carolina after the Capitol Center in Columbia."
  9. Here's another "tallest building" link. It's pretty cool...it has pics of every "tallest building" from each state. Kinda strange that 3 of them (West Virginia, Wyoming, and North Dakota) have the state capital as the tallest building...in Maine, the tallest building is a church...and in Vermont, it's a city hall building. In Mississippi, it's a Casino. LOL Some states just don't have any high rises. The tallest buildings are like 4 or 5 stories tall. It has a nice pic of the Capitol Center from the state house grounds...even has a Palmetto Tree right in the middle. (for some reason, the link shows up as a slide show. If you wanna see this page, click on the "flickr" link in this google search. Should be 4th from the top.) http://www.google.com/search?q=south+carolina%27s+tallest+building&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1
  10. "2nd Tallest! the Tallest is in Myrtle Beach!" Oh, it is not! Dude, where in the world do you get your information??? Here's another link from the Capital City Club website... http://www.clubcorp.com/club/scripts/section/section.asp?NS=PCH&MFCODE=CCCCO Here's the quote... "Located atop South Carolina's tallest building, the Club provides panoramic views of the State Capitol Building, the campus of the University of South Carolina and the historic Vista district."
  11. I work at the new campus...and I DEFINITELY am impressed. My first choice would have been to stay downtown, but now that we're moved, I LOVE my new work environment.
  12. Why do people assume that downtown Columbia is ONLY Main Street. There is a LOT more to downtown than just Main. The Vista has tons of restaurants, bars, shops, etc...as does Five Points. And BOTH areas are downtown. To say that downtown Columbia doesn't have much retail is false. Main Street doesn't, but downtown has tons.
  13. BryCola

    Five Points

    Any updates on whether Apple and Chipotle are coming to 5 Points? I was in 5 Points yesterday, and there are 2 smaller building being built there...one on each side of the Walgreens. I wouldn't think they'd be building the buildings without knowing what they are going to become.
  14. They got halfway done with the renovations, then stopped. The Dunkin Donuts sign was even put up, but no activity has gone on in there for a while. It's great to hear they will resume.
  15. "And Corgimatt, the new SCANA buildings look awesome." Yes they do. I'm going to miss working downtown, but I'm looking forward to my shiny new workplace. My office is going to be right by the gym and large cafeteria. My tune has changed somewhat about us moving to Cayce. I wish we had stayed downtown. But what's done is done. Can't be changed now, so I might as well embrace the new place. My new commute will have 2 stop lights instead of about 15 now...so that's gonna be much nicer.
  16. Seems to me that if you weren't there, then you don't know....hmmm??? I WAS there, and it was a nice sized crowd. Sorry, you're gonna have to try again to find something negative to post about.
  17. I went, but the "other half" was being a grumpy biatch...so we didn't stay long. LOL I was surprised at how many people actually were there. They were selling beer on every corner, with people going in and out of the businesses carrying them...but of course the religious nuts at Chic Fil A had a beer nazi guy telling people they couldn't come in with a beer. (I hope it cost them business) I was mostly looking forward to seeing the future home of the Nick, but the previously mentioned "grump" kept that from happening. I didn't think this was publicized very well, so I was suprised at the big crowd.
  18. Is that quote mine? I didn't go back and read the original thread to find out, but that sounds like something I would type. LOL I've actually softened my opinion about the move, and actually, I'm looking forward to the new campus after seeing how great it's going to be. I think I was just pissed when the annoucement was first made. My first choice would have been for us to build a new building downtown. But I didn't have any input into the decision, so I've accepted our beautiful new campus. Also, the cafeteria was in the plans all along. Actually, we have a cafeteria now in the Palmetto Center...on the 11th floor. But I usually walk somewhere else to eat, as the food is only average. Hopefully it will be MUCH better in the new cafeteria. I have plenty of pics from the new campus, but I don't think they're supposed to be public information just yet.
  19. Exactly right. There are lots of eyesore buildings in there. I took a drive all through there last year, and boy that place can be creepy. Deep in there, it's like a ghost town of haunted buildings. Would make a great place for a scary movie. (actually there WAS a scary movie filmed there...Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon) LOL Preserve maybe 2 or 3 of the largest buildings up front, and get rid of the rest.
  20. Wow...$2000 for a 3 bedroom apartment? It's gonna be interesting to see how they do.
  21. I road by Fusion at lunchtime today, and I actually don't mind the red and black brick. Very unique.
  22. I like that pic IRR. It shows how much the Kline property is just SCREAMING to be developed. I loved the original plan they had for it, and I hate that it's taking SOOOOOOOO long to get started...if it ever gets started at all.
  23. I was over by the fairgrounds at lunch yesterday, and man there sure is a lot of activity going on. The whole fairgrounds parking lot looks like one big construction site. All of the grass and asphalt has been torn up, and there is lots of construction equipment around. Very good to see. I like parking in the fairgrounds for Carolina football, but the dustbowl that it sometimes becomes is not very pleasant.
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