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  1. Here is an article from The State today talking all of the condos going up around town. I was surpised to see that it says that some of the annoucements aren't viable. I'd be interested to know which one's it's talking about. It's a poorly done article also...at the bottom it says "Here
  2. BryCola


    I drive by CanalSide twice a day on the way to and from work, and noticed today they had a tractor out there cutting the grass. So just MAYBE this is the first step to FINALLY getting this going. I thought when they did the "groundbreaking" a while back that finally it would start, but apparently that was just used as an excuse to have a party under a tent on an empty lot. I'm a little surprised that not even a spoonful of dirt has been moved.
  3. Thanks Spartan...the thread about restaurants Columbia SHOULD have is what I meant. And you're right...I'm looking for a place that he can't go to at home. I've been to the Rhino Room, and always liked it, but someone told me that they have new managment, and it's gone downhill. Matt...I'd say "yes" to the wordly thing...much more so than me. LOL That's why I need some suggestions. I don't even know where Baan Sawaan, Mediterranean Tea Room, or Al Amir are. And thanks for the suggestions.
  4. I have a restaurant question. I looked for the thread that we used to have here about restaurants, but couldn't find it. I have a guest coming into town next weekend, and he's never been to Columbia...or even South Carolina for that matter. I want to take him to a nice restaurant downtown. So the question is, where would y'all take someone that had never been here before?
  5. I sure wish they'd have floor plans on their site. I'm going to be looking for a new house/condo in the next year or so, and Vsion is definitley a possibility. It's relatively affordable, and one block from where I work. Imagine how much money I'd save on gas.
  6. There USED to be a Miyo's on South Main...1 block from the State House. Not sure if it's still there or not. M Cafe is still on Sumter. And there is a Miyo's in Harbison as well.
  7. Good find with that link Krazee.
  8. I was out at lunch, and drove around just a bit checking on some developements. One thing I noticed was the fenced-in parking lot and brick building across the street (towards Assembly) from the construction site of the new Hilton. There used to be a "For Sale" sign up there, but it's gone now. The building has a sign on it that says "Fleet Management has moved", and all of the vehicles that used to be in the fenced in lot are gone. Anyone have any details? It's PRIME property right in the vista, so hopefully something good is going there. Also noticed they are ripping up the asphault in the lot across from the Colonial Center (as others have stated). Very excited to see yet another Innovista building going up. They sure aren't wasting time with Innovista...which is fine with me.
  9. I don't agree with his politics, but I like the positive exposure.
  10. There was a discussion this week about turning that huge warehouse on Blossom Street (Palmetto Compress) into something. There was those that were afraid it would be torn down...but worry no more. http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/14840295.htm “In the Vista, everyone wants the warehouse look, and this has the potential to be the funkiest thing in the area,” Bryant said.
  11. Do you have to ask??? It's Columbia.
  12. I was listening to the Andy Thomas radio show today, and he had some Lexington County official on (didn't get his name). Andy asked the guy about the Columbia Farms chicken plant, which is located on PRIME riverfront property right across from downtown. The guy said that the plant is a blight on the river, and the county has been working with them to get them a new location. He said something should be happening within 6-8 months. VERY good news...and I hope he's right.
  13. I drove by WB the other day, and the lights AND ramps are being painted. Looks SOOO much better. I was getting tired of the lights being a rust color, and the ramps being a mildew color. As for the roof of the coliseum...that was painted about 2 years ago. It was looking VERY faded prior to that...the paint job made a huge difference to that building.
  14. That was Adams Bookstore. It's moving down Assembly about a mile.
  15. No, they're not relocating...they just don't exist anymore. The article I read say that the owner of the Grrrowl turned the franchise back in to the ECHL office. It said the team had unpaid bills, and employees didn't receive their last paycheck. Here's the article. http://www.greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs....EWS01/606020338 This is the 3rd minor league sports team to go out of business in Greenville recently. The Rhinos arena football team, and the Groove NBA development league team both closed their doors within the past few years. People like to say sports besides Gamecock sports will always struggle in Columbia because everyone is so college sports crazy. Maybe Greenville has this problem more so than Columbia. I read a post on the Greenville forum that said if it's not church or college football, it won't do well in the upstate.
  16. I haven't seen this discussed...but what do y'all think about the Grrreenville Grrrowl going out of business? (who comes up with these silly names in Greenville?...the Grrrowl, and now the Drive) Is this a sign that minor league hockey in SC is a hard sell? The Columbia Inferno must be doing ok...they're moving into a brand new arena in the near future. I assume Lexington County is paying for most of the arena, although I don't know the details...but I couldn't imagine a new 6,000 seat arena being built unless the team is doing well. Once the Rottweilers are up and running...and HOPEFULLY a double A baseball team down the line, we could be doing very well in professional sports.
  17. BryCola


    I agree...and me and my co workers sometimes cross Assembly to go to lunch in the vista. The "walk/don't walk" signs should say "RUN" because before you even get half way across the street, it already says "don't walk".
  18. BryCola


    I drove by CanalSide today, and there's a huge white tent up. Maybe some sales event going on this week. I might have to stop by.
  19. I agree...both of these are extremely weak! One across the street from the Kline site, and one near CanaSide. You'd think they would be planning for the future. And in the article, one of the developers doesn't want a 2 story building because of the cost of the elevator and stairwell. HUH???
  20. This might be a hard one...does anyone remember the giant slide (not water slide, just regular slide) on Knox Abbot Drive on the way to the airport? It was just down from where the Honda dealership is now. You sat on something like a potato sack to slide down. This is going WAY back...and I only barely remember it.
  21. Oh, the Krispy Kreme on Main SOOOOO reminds me of being in school at USC. We used to go there when the sweet tooth hit. As for why they moved it...I think they just needed a bigger store. It was a small, very old building. Why they didn't just rebuild on Main, I don't know.
  22. BryCola


    I pass by there everyday on the way home...so I'm going to enjoy seeing this happen. They cut all of the tall grass (weeds) down a few days ago, then removed the fence. Gonna be exciting.
  23. Ok Skyliner...I'll agree to a truce. There always will be competition among the big 3 in SC...but I'll refrain from taking digs at the upstate. (but only if you'll do the same for Columbia...always a condition, huh?)
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