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  1. And also for the record...I'm speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in Greenville. So yes, I know what I'm talking about.
  2. And don't expect anything but immature and underhanded "digs" at Columbia disguised as compliments from Skyline. But it's ok...his constant preoccupation with Columbia and his attempts to inject Greenville into EVERY Columbia discussion are an indication of a big inferiority complex...one that I think I'd have as well if I lived in upstate SC.
  3. Well, a pseudo skyline...but it's a start. The Greenville news' website tries to show a skyline, but the dominant feature in their front page pic is an interstate.
  4. Well, maybe Greenville will have a skyline one day and can be in such a poll.
  5. BryCola


    Yep...waccamatt is right. There is a small amphitheatre in the park. It's actually pretty cool looking, but I've never seen it used. And digital mentioned that there were no grassy areas along the river...but there are. (I assume it's the "field" you were talking about) It's a nice grassy area right along the water. I went running at that park a few weeks ago, an there were lots of people on the grass doing various stuff. Some reading, some guys throwing frisbees with their dogs, and what looked like a school group playing some kind of game where you try to knock down these little blocks. (how European) I went all the way to the end of the trail, and the ONLY thing I noticed that I didn't like was all the power lines. You can't always see them, as the trail is a few miles. But you sure do notice LOTS of them. And after about a mile and a half you can go off of the main path and walk down these steps to a trail that's right by the river. It's very cool actually. Like a nature walk. So I think it's a great park...but hopefully only the beginning of riverfront activity.
  6. BryCola


    It IS a go...I don't know what they're talking about. Someone said that we missed our chance at having things that draw people to the river. NO idea what that means. CanalSide IS supposed to have coffee shops, restaurants, small shops, etc right on the river. On their website, there is a section for people that are interested in "commercial/retail" opportunities. And it's NOT just condos, as someone else asked. There will also be single family houses, townhouses, etc. Here is the site. www.canalsidecolumbia.com
  7. BryCola


    I'm going to be looking for a new house within the next year or so...anyone have any idea whether there will be affordable places to live in CanalSide? And by affordable I mean less than $175,000. I would love to seriously look there, but I'm guessing it will be rediculously expensive like most of the new areas downtown.
  8. BryCola


    CanalSide's website finally has some real information. Even shows the different phases. The ONE piece of information I'm looking for is price ranges, and they don't have anything about that. http://www.canalsidecolumbia.com/
  9. Well actually, it's NOT going to be separate from the Kline devleopment. There was an article recently talking about how they've changed the original plans, and making it a MUCH larger development. Here's a quote from the aritcle. "The developers plan to purchase about 1.35 acres of adjoining property from the city that used to be the SCE&G bus barn." Here's a link to the article. http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/13588922.htm
  10. Don't they have to move the bus depot to free up the entire property before this development can move forward? The bus people don't look like they're moving anytime soon.
  11. Are you talking about the condo on South Main that's already been announced?
  12. BryCola


    I also signed up for the advance sales thing. But I'm hoping there will be some reasonably priced stuff in there...condos or townhouses. And by reasonable I mean less than $200,000.
  13. No...Atlanta Bread is down near the capital. That's Rising High to the right. And Duck In is still there...just to the left. You can't see it in the pic.
  14. New topic here, but I thought it would fit in this thead. Anyone know what's up with the Gervais Street bridge? They took the lights down months ago. I had heard at the time they had to fix some wiring or something. Well, all you see now is wires sticking up from where the lights used to be, and it's been like that for a LONG time. I sure hope they replace the lights soon...I always thought they were very cool with the Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon on them.
  15. The place across from Edventure has a contruction sign up also. I stopped by yesterday just to see what the sign said. It had a layout of the development, and it said townhomes starting at $500,000, and "flats" starting at $270,000. I'm interested in moving downtown, but all of these new places seem to be in that "elite" price range. I'm hoping the CanalSide and Bull Street projects have something more reasonable.
  16. There's an article in Businessweek online today that talks about the Bull Street type of developement..."cities within cities". It's kind of interesting, so thought I'd pass it along. http://www.businessweek.com/innovate/conte...d=aol_townships
  17. I sure would like to see some info about how much the home, townhomes, and condos will cost. I am looking to buy a new house in the next year or two, and would consider Bull Street...but I have a feeling that they're going to be outrageous. And being a single, middle class working guy, I doubt it'll be in my price range.
  18. Oh, better not let the people at Bob Jones hear you say that. (just a joke Rested)
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