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  1. That's awesome, I'm glad it is declining.
  2. Cutting more trees....mmm....interesting.
  3. Yeah, I think he had an extended smoke break before getting on the bus. It was busy, I actually went Myrte Beach to Raleigh to Richmond to Roanoke. Kind of out of the way, eh? Its not dangerous, but I wouldnt leave your bag anywhere and expect it to be there when I got back. I was just changing. Although, way back when, my grandparents had lived in Richmond for many years.
  4. OK Richmond, its official. You have the greatest Greyhound terminal Ive ever been through. Seriously. Been through many, and yours is the greatest. By the way, on the way out of the terminal (which is across the street from the Diamond) the guy behind me was saying to someone on his phone, "Ughhh, Im not sure where we are at. I think we are in Cleveland, because there is this big Indian on this huge baseball stadium. Yeah, I think we at the stadium of the Cleveland Indians." Haa.
  5. 3,000 posts in the Roanoke Forum is like 3,000 hits in Major League Baseball. We should be proud and honored! 23 to go...
  6. Nice to see you all, I probably wont be back full time til Early 2008, Im having problems with computers.
  7. I read something a looooong time ago that said NS wanted a 14ish story building on the JML site. Probably not true anymore
  8. Great pictures, Heres one from me
  9. Hey Denver people, used to live in your fine city last visit was in August of '06 Tried this shot from Zuni St. and after I thought I could never get a clear shot, I did (and with lightning). Enjoy!
  10. Glad to have you PaperTrail
  11. Thanks to all, Picture 1 - Near Grandin Theatre Picture 2 - Officer Down statue in front of city's police HQ Picture 3 - Center in the Square, via a 2nd floor art gallery Picture 4 - Adandon housing (and soon to be new housing) near the Roanoke Times building (new looking lot with orange cones is part of the Times property
  12. weill


    Im pretty sure these are just practice jerseys, that players wear during practice.
  13. weill


    Washington Capitals fan since I was 4. New jerseys just dont look right, and dont like them whatsoever.
  14. Heres the link: St. John Place Last I saw (Dec. 2006) they looked like they were just pushing dirt around, though 1 building was near completed. I dont see how they let them build on the flood plain, if it is a flood plain, that is. Salem also hosts the NCAA Division 3 Title Game for college football, and other sports, and has a very succesful baseball franchise that all take place at the Salem Civic Center area (also know as the James E. Taliaferro Sports & Entertainment Complex.) The Civic Center hosts many more quality events than its counterpart (Roanoke Civic Center) and will host Sugarland, Harlem Globetrotters, George Jones, and as mclawsdrive mentioned, Alison Krauss all within the next couple months.
  15. Mill Mountain Zoo Tiger, Ruby, has died One of the most recognized animals at the Mill Mountain Zoo has died. Ruby the tiger passed away today. The health of the tiger, believed to be 19 years old, was a concern for some time. She had arthritis in her left shoulder, as well as hearing loss. About two years ago, urine samples began showing Ruby had kidney insufficiency, which caused protein loss, decreased appetite and weight loss.
  16. Looks awesome. Hopefully we can convert that building in condos, eventually.
  17. Grandin...hmmm....our first urban Starbucks?
  18. Yeah me too, I have pushed UP aside... Hope you are having fun, VirginiaSportsReport, in Charlotte.
  19. Hows everybody in Roanoke doing?
  20. Awesome Time. Sorry folks, my supply of Roanoke pictures on this computer has run dry.
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