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  1. Whatever happened to the SkyBar on Elm St.? Heard it closed temporarily due to liquor license issues, but that was about 3 years ago now. The times that I've gone back to Greensboro and been by there, I've seen it's still vacant. What a waste for a huge entertainment venue that could be put to good use!
  2. Greensboro won't pull upscale retailers anytime soon. All US cities who have these upscale retailers (boutiques, if you will) also boast huge metro populations >2.5 million, major US media/economic significance (pro sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, etc), thus $$$$$$$. Bottom line: not enough millionares live in this metro area to regularly spend $200 on jeans, $1000 on leather coats, etc. If anything, Greensboro or W-S will get a Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, bloomingdales, Saks, or Neiman... more likely one of the the former 2 than the latter 3 once the economic crisis resolves. I like the S at F for the shopping options they have. Hell, you can find Lacoste at Macys!
  3. Love the design. Reminds me a lot of DC infill apts/condos.
  4. Absolutely - mass transit is definitely the preferred option.
  5. Yeah, I'm originally from NC and worked in Harris-Teeter for a while as a cashier. I loved the smell of ground coffee that fills its aisle! Hopefully we get it by 2011. I love the renderings, but Boston St. needs to be widened to at least 2 lanes in each direction from the tower down to I-895/95. With the residential component potentially housing DC commuters and the retail component drawing residents of Canton, as well as Fells Point, Patterson Park, Highlandtown, Dundalk, and possibly downtown, that entire stretch will be a big cluster#^@& if corridor upgrades aren't in order.
  6. Harris-Teeter and Target come to Canton!! http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bal-c...0,2286679.story
  7. Maybe what I said was misunderstood? My comment was just simply to state that there are bigger, more important issues in Greensboro today that I feel should be addressed.
  8. I'm glad to see that the loop traverses through areas south of Lee St. which should accompany revitalization well. My bone to pick is that there are blighted portions of the city and other things the money set aside for this project should have gone towards instead. I don't see the downtown greenway helping the image of the city too much, other than for bragging rights...? Where is Action Greensboro getting the funds? My suggestions: Study of ways to reduce crime and increase safety east of downtown Railyard Park South Elm St Revitalization Small (but important) road construction projects in key areas throughout the city Incentives for new and existing business/residential/commercial projects in the city core I could go on and on... lol
  9. Does anyone know what the space in 100 E. Pratt Street beside Jos A. Bank will be? I could see wood paneling and an escalator above the plastic covering....?
  10. While I was home for Christmas I had the chance to ride on the newly widened and redesigned Friendly Avenue between Holden Road and Westridge. It turned out really nice. The utility poles, however, are an eyesore.
  11. From the CBL article... "The centers benefit from strong and growing demographics including more than 485,000 residents within a 15-mile radius and average household incomes within a one-mile radius of over $95,000." Those demographics are very impressive. I guess I didn't realize how affluent that area was.
  12. True.... when I think about the NW Greensboro demographics, it makes sense.
  13. I don't know if this has been posted anywhere, but www.somersetatfriendly.com is the website linking you to the residential development at the Shops. These condos look posh and they even include a virtual tour of the units! Looks like square footage of the units ranges from 2000-4000 square feet with a starting price at $412,000. Although it's nice and dense, I have significant beef. THE ENTIRE DEVELOPMENT IS AUTOMOBILE DEPENDENT!!! It's great for live-at-home wives who spend rich hubby's cash to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends or for retirees who like to shop. Otherwise, who else would live here? The nearest employment center is the shopping center (aka low wages!! ) - I HIGHLY doubt that the cashier at Macy*s or the busboy at P.F. Changs will be able to afford living here. I had no idea these units (albeit nice) would be this pricey. Do you think that developers were really trying to target the middle age/retiree demographic here or is it just me?
  14. CBL does own Triangle Town Center and Cary Towne.... TTC definitely the more upscale w/Saks. I think the remainder of the tenants at TTC are your normal run of the mill stores? CBL also owns a few other upscale shopping malls around the country. Sorry I went a bit off topic....
  15. CBL Properties may purchase the Friendly Center. http://www.news-record.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...RSTAFF/71004036
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