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  1. I should have said which street is the camera on? If you look way in the background, you can make out buildings... should give an clue as to which way its facing.
  2. Good show! Bonus round - which direction is the camera facing?
  3. 5 points and a chance at the bonus round to the first contestant who can tell me what streets we are seeing at that intersection... and.. GO
  4. thanks - took a while to line it up properly
  5. I hate that guy, always mowing his lawn and trimming his hedges at all hours, and for that they give him a Movie? Hard at work on the next site update - so forgive the lack of photos...
  6. warehouse row - aka. e-town
  7. Todays photo - since Im off:
  8. theres this thing called salt... and something called sand mix them together you have a 1-2 punch that destroys snow and ice.
  9. nope, you can bike - walk - skateboard -whatever up and down that road all day and night.. come to think of it - thats the only way up to the star after they close the gates at 11pm
  10. Thats because County spends next to nothing on services, whereas the city provides services the county never would. Like public transit, frequent garbage collection, curbside recycling. All the things that contribute to the quality of life. County just gets to sit back and do nothing, and spend the money on laptops and the like for the school kids. Imbalance? Absolutely, but understandable once you know the reasons why. Plus - City has more rental properties, which should be no excuse, but people tend to care less about things when they are living in someone elses place. I could tell you stories, but I'll save them for another thread, eventually.
  11. SOL? You want to really test these kids and stress the system - switch to the NY Regents program. Arcane, outmoded, and ultimately useless - basically its like giving a double-final at the end of the year. One for what you learned in class, and one for everything you have learned on that topic your whole life. The only reason I ever did well on them was because a. I could write, and b. I am an avid reader. Standardized testing is no real indication, and in some cases, more of a detriment to the school system. Then again, yall have this image problem as it is - advertising on tv and radio about how half the state doesn't have a high school diploma. Yeah, thats gonna get businesses to move here. How about ads offering the GED program, and making it look attractive, like something thats worthwhile? Too easy I guess. Sorry, I've got a brain for PR and Advertising. I always get to know my target market, its like a sickness.
  12. Queens-Nassau Border - mere inches from the wheels of planes landing at JFK airport. And whats wrong with the city schools? Im hearing alot of the same arguements and complaints about the schools, but no one is suggesting a fix. And remember, Im a product of the worst school system imagineable, so it takes alot for me to consider them bad.
  13. not early, just well. I like to see road - and after the ice storm we had back the beginning of winter, the dividing line under the 220 overpass was pathetically noticeable. City roads were clear, crystal clear - while county was a wreck waiting to happen. Sorry - Im from NY, I know its not that hard to clear a road, or at least make the driving conditions acceptable.
  14. Slate Hill lol.. I don't want to live in the county anymore. I like my roads at least somewhat plowed in a snowstorm.
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