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  1. After a surprisingly easy passage through the House, I was beginning to worry about the supposedly supportive Senate. Worry no more : http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.d...433/1008/NEWS01
  2. Design Updates Coming This Morning (Wish I Could Be There): http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.d.../701210456/1008
  3. That ??? building is Miller Hall. It houses undergraduate / undeclared advising offices. (The mother-in-law works there.)
  4. There you go, Lexy. This is a decent looking building that is designed for the role it will play. It is primarily a residential tower which will have no problem selling its units. And it will be noted for its height in relation to the rest of the Southeast and really the rest of the country outside of the Windy and the Apple. But that is it. This building takes NO risks (nor should with the role it is designed to play). It will NOT bring tourists into Nashville (not that Nashville requires more than it has to fulfill this mission). And really, it will turn NO heads in architectural circles (not that all of Museum Plaza's critiques have been positive). These two buildings have been designed for far different goals in far different cities. You can say the MP guys are clowns all you want (simplistic view), while it's really just a matter of different tastes for different designs for different reasons. You can have your modern country. I'll take my modern art. BTW, I'm excited about the Signature Tower. I'm not as excited about it as the MP, but I'm happy it's getting done. I'm just more thrilled when these "clowns" take some risk. I wonder, Lexy, when a modern art museum gets designed for Nashville if you'll be excited about it. God forbid, its plans might be a little out of the ordinary. But I'm sure we could agree that anything is better than more Cool Springs development.
  5. The Real

    Museum Plaza

    Check out this morning's C-J re: the announced plans for Kentucky's largest (by far) skyscraper. If this is a go (and there are some definite heavy-hitters behind this), it is going to create a major buzz in the international development / urban planning / architectural circles. I can't wait. http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.d.../602090386/1008
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