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  1. You have to get a picture of that nondescript beige building going up across from 5/3 Center (on Vine and Mill) and the "Now Hiring Architects" sign hanging on the construction fence. It makes me laugh every time I see the banner in front of that hideous "straight-from-the-suburbs" office tower.
  2. Museum Plaza will not sit directly on main street. It will actually sit one block north of the historic buildings on main street on what is now a vacant parking lot. Let me reiterate. Musem Plaza is actually INFILL on a vacant, dead end parking lot/alley. MP is building sometheing where there is nothing but urban dead space between the backs of old buildings and a riverside freeway (which itself is an unsightly beast that should be torn down, but thats a diff story).

    The buildings being "demolished" on main street are not really being demolished at all. That is just our local paper using poor word choice which is not surprising since it is a horrible paper. Rather, a group of four historic buildings will have their main street facades completely refurbished and restored to their 19th century grandeur. These same four buildings, with their facades intact, are undergoing interior demo work now. Most likely, much of the backs of the buildings will be torn down because they are so old they are unstable. Since the interior is nothing but an old warehouse, it won't matter if the whole back can be saved or not. Either way, the back of the four main street buildings will be rebuilt, and the four buildings will serve as a main street entrance to MP. So, you enter the refurbished cast iron facades on main street, and you walk through a corridor of retail (to include a small urban bourbon distillery, gift shop, and a restaurant), and at the back end of the rebuilt buildings, one can access a diagonally inclining elevator that by all means should be as much as a tourist draw as the Arch in Saint Louis.

  3. Well as the info trickles in, I am burgeoning with more excitment. This is a fine example of what to do in a large tower. I just hope those clowns in Louisville with Museum Plaza were watching. This is the example to follow in my humble opinion.

    William, I can see the concern with MDHA, but honestly. Will it be that out of place with the other talls coming on line later this year and next perhaps? OR.....will that forsight not figure into the decision making process at all?

    There you go, Lexy. This is a decent looking building that is designed for the role it will play. It is primarily a residential tower which will have no problem selling its units. And it will be noted for its height in relation to the rest of the Southeast and really the rest of the country outside of the Windy and the Apple. But that is it.

    This building takes NO risks (nor should with the role it is designed to play). It will NOT bring tourists into Nashville (not that Nashville requires more than it has to fulfill this mission). And really, it will turn NO heads in architectural circles (not that all of Museum Plaza's critiques have been positive).

    These two buildings have been designed for far different goals in far different cities. You can say the MP guys are clowns all you want (simplistic view), while it's really just a matter of different tastes for different designs for different reasons. You can have your modern country. I'll take my modern art.

    BTW, I'm excited about the Signature Tower. I'm not as excited about it as the MP, but I'm happy it's getting done. I'm just more thrilled when these "clowns" take some risk.

    I wonder, Lexy, when a modern art museum gets designed for Nashville if you'll be excited about it. God forbid, its plans might be a little out of the ordinary. But I'm sure we could agree that anything is better than more Cool Springs development.

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