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  1. damnit .. i can't believe i forgot about that. Looks like i'll have to DVR the 3am repeat on MessNBC
  2. The DeStefano comment was pointed towards DRC..
  3. Sorry, Tycoon. I can't believe there is a majority of right leaning individuals in this forum. What don't you like about Destafano? Other than his universal health care plan, I could live with him. He's apparantly big on transit.
  4. I agree with you here. All they're doing is potentially opening up an opportunity for a Republican to win (which I'd support) or Liberman (who I also support) to win as an independent. Ned doesn't rub off right with me at all. He seems like that annoying kid in class that no one likes because he feels like he's better than everyone. I hate how Lamont started with the attack ads then as soon as Lieberman responded in kind Ned said on a commercial that he will not stoop to his opponent's level.
  5. Who here is going to watch the Lieberman vs. Ned Lamont debate? Will a Lamont victory and a Lieberman independent run leave the door open for a Republican? How did a guy who runs nothing but attack ads get so much support, anyways? I thought that was something that turned voters off....
  6. Their portion of the line would only be $30 million. Wouldn't this commuter line make Springfield a more attractive place to do business, with direct access to Hartford and more importantly Bradley? How much does it cost to operate and maintain a commuter line?
  7. Too bad New England is so provincial. If Hartford and Sprinfield were in the same state, there would be no discussion of this right now. I wonder how long Baltimore and Washington have been considered one metro.
  8. I'm curious about something. A new member came along and he's gay, which I don't really care about. I just can't help but notice that SO MANY of the posters on UP are gay. Why do gay men tend to gravitate around urbanism? Is it something in their brains? I don't mean to ruffle any feathers here. It's just kinda odd that such a small demographic makes up such a large portion of those interested enough in urban discussion to post here.
  9. Any renderings of this project? It says it will be 7 acres with 200 apartments and 125,000 sq ft of retail. That sounds to me like sprawl city or a lot of open space. Their portfolio shows that they're pretty big on sprawleriffic shopping centers.
  10. It should be possible. Does Springfield want to be in the same metro or are they hung up on their individuality? Baltimore and Washington, Dallas and Fort Worth, Saint Paul and Minneapolis all share metros. It would absolutely make sense to me if these cities were lumped together into one metro. Moreso New Haven mostly due to the shared media market. The commuter rail is definately a step in the right direction.
  11. According to this site it does... http://www.urbanrail.net/eu/rom/roma.htm The 2-line system has an X shape, with both lines meeting at the Central Railway Station Termini. The first line, line B south, was built from Termini to Laurentina for the World Exhibition in 1955 (11 km, 6 km underground). Many years later, in 1990, the northern branch to Rebibbia was finally opened (8 km, 7 km underground).
  12. It would benefit the entire state to finish this road and redo the flawed 95/395 interchange. They should be completing routes 2 and 6, too, but when you see this 8 mile stretch getting so much EPA criticism over a bunch of rabbits, it doesn't look like the others will be built any time soon even though I feel the others are far more important...
  13. Day - Environmental Concerns Could Derail Route 11 Plan
  14. Well Boston and Chicago each have sort of central hubs. While you may have more than one central interchange point, it's just as inconvenient as having a single central interchange. If you want to go from Braintree on the red line to Heath on the green line in Boston you're still going way out of the way to transfer. Boston's system is pretty successful.
  15. Those are all wonderful renders. I hope they all get built, London's architecture quite a bit better than what we see here in the USA. Not as many "out of the box" designs, though I have seen a few. Hopefully all these towers could draw some attention away from the "egg" tower.
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