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  1. Interesting. Apparently there is a webcam directly above where I was standing although the webcam doesn’t really show the construction.
  2. Here is a new angle for you. This is the demo of a building at the ORMC campus making way for a new orthopedic tower.
  3. Anyone know how the plaza movie theater is doing?
  4. From what I’ve read, we would lose the deposit. A lawsuit is technically possible but seems like it is very rare. I don’t think we will back out any way. In some ways it was terrible timing because the sale price was already agreed to before this whole virus thing got big. We had already negotiated it down somewhat though. My wife absolutely does not want to back out because she loves the house. I do too. Maybe prices will fall but I’ve also heard that once the virus is over, prices might shoot back up due to all the people waiting who suddenly come back at the same time. It does h
  5. Im buying a house in Thornton Park (started before this got real bad) and it has me really questioning things but I believe I will just continue going forward and whatever happens to the housing market will happen. My job is very stable (healthcare) and I think I can ride this out. I’m hopeful this is not really going to destroy real estate like 2008 did. Maybe things will take a temporary hit but I’m hoping we won’t see a 50% drop in real estate prices like before. Who knows though.
  6. Totally agree that the Y is worth it above all of these big box type places. This whole fashion square redo is a huge wasted opportunity. It's looking more and more like just another suburban shopping center. At least an indoor mall is walkable without being hit by a car. I wish they at least turned it into something more like a Sodo shopping center or Winter Park Village than this generic plaza. How about some mixed usage with parking garage instead of parking lots, buildings completely fronting Colonial. Also when the heck is the Fashion Square itself going to be torn down?
  7. It’s crazy how the grocery wars are playing out. We have had so many grocery stores pop up recently that it’s not surprising some would fail. I went to the Earth Fare a few times and it seemed way over priced to me. I enjoyed Luckys though mainly because it was so close to my house and had nice weekly deals. Interestingly, the Fresh Market on Mills has survived for years now even though they never feel busy in there.
  8. I was in Lucky's today near Colonial Plaza and was told by the employees that all the Lucky's stores in FL are closing. This is really disappointing since they are very convenient to the milk district.
  9. I stumbled upon this architecture firm’s page which shows a redesigning of festival park. I would be glad to see this go through. It brings some shade to the park and makes it seem a little more polished. DAP design
  10. Somehow I don’t think the drive thru was the real issue. There is a Panera at the FL hospital sunrail stop which I don’t believe has a drive thru. Also there are Panera’s at Fashion Square and Park Ave both without drive thrus I think.
  11. I see there is an article on OBJ about a new Panera coming to downtown. I can’t read it due to the paywall. Anyone know where this will be?
  12. Colonial Lanes is supposed to be getting bulldozed to make way for a storage facility.
  13. I went to an Aldi before (east Orlando). I felt like I was in an almost out-of-business Kmart. Nothing special as far as food goes. If they came from the same parent company as Trader Joe's then it certainly does not show at all. I guess Aldi is cheap but then again so is Walmart Neighborhood market - and we've already got those all over the place. I don't quite understand the Aldi craze. I've heard others raving about it too and just can't wrap my head around it.
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