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  1. I stumbled upon this architecture firm’s page which shows a redesigning of festival park. I would be glad to see this go through. It brings some shade to the park and makes it seem a little more polished. DAP design
  2. Somehow I don’t think the drive thru was the real issue. There is a Panera at the FL hospital sunrail stop which I don’t believe has a drive thru. Also there are Panera’s at Fashion Square and Park Ave both without drive thrus I think.
  3. I see there is an article on OBJ about a new Panera coming to downtown. I can’t read it due to the paywall. Anyone know where this will be?
  4. Colonial Lanes is supposed to be getting bulldozed to make way for a storage facility.
  5. I went to an Aldi before (east Orlando). I felt like I was in an almost out-of-business Kmart. Nothing special as far as food goes. If they came from the same parent company as Trader Joe's then it certainly does not show at all. I guess Aldi is cheap but then again so is Walmart Neighborhood market - and we've already got those all over the place. I don't quite understand the Aldi craze. I've heard others raving about it too and just can't wrap my head around it.
  6. There was an article in the Daily City a few days ago saying that a new grocery store will be coming to the now closed Sports Authority just south of Fashion Square. They are speculating that it is a Lucky's.
  7. Fashion Square Noodles & Company has been there for a few years already. I've been going there since they opened.
  8. neoanderz


    Huge turnout last Saturday. I rode to/from Winter Park and Downtown. It was the first time I really felt like SunRail was a major train system reminiscent of train rides I've taken in Europe and Asia with lots of crowds and people using it as a serious form of transportation. The line just to buy tickets was long and I realized the ticket machines are really inefficient. After you buy your ticket, the machine just stalls out for like 5 min, I guess "processing" something. They need to fix this bug. When you are the only one in line you don't notice it since it's after you have the ticket, but when you are waiting for the five people in front of you it adds considerable time to the process. Overall great experience though. Look at the crowds.
  9. According to this article, WPB to Orlando will start in 2018 although I'm kind of doubting it and would guess 2019 myself. Miami to WPB will start in mid-summer 2017 though according to Brightline's website.
  10. Now the Alexan at Audabon project can proceed which im happy about. It will bring some more residential density to the area and hopefully provide more continuity between Baldwin Park and Fashion Square. The big question now is what exactly will happen to Fashion Square. Will the bank continue the plan to develop a hotel on site or will they do something more drastic in terms of redevelopment? This could be a very good thing that the bank now owns it. Maybe we will get some big changes.
  11. neoanderz


    It would be great to be able to take sunrail from downtown to sand lake station and then hop on the light rail to visit i-drive. Totally skip i-4. It would be totally stupid if we had to go from downtown to sand lake station then get off and wait for airport sunrail then go to airport, get off, wait for light rail, then go back in the same direction to i-drive. If they really do that im going to throw a fit.
  12. The mall is in a prime location for retail. I think it could support mixed use but full residential in that spot doesnt make sense to me. That is really not my concern though. Im worried that the mall is going to get slowly picked away at and we will be left with a bunch of stand-alone big boxes each surrounded by a parking lot. That already appears to be happening with the Dick's Sporting Goods and soon to be Orchard Supply. Don't get me wrong. I like those new stores but I dont like the format. I wish they would come up with a comprehensive plan to properly redevelop the whole thing instead of doing it piecemeal how they seem to be doing it now.
  13. According to the Daily City, 12 mature oaks will be removed.
  14. Also, I found this article which gives some background on Orchard Supply Hardware (which seems to be coming out of nowhere all of a sudden). It was a bankrupt hardware chain from California which Lowe's bought out. More interestingly, they are utilizing the stores now to expand into new areas with a footprint that is smaller in size than a Lowe's or Home Depot but larger than say ACE hardware. It is hitting a sweet spot in size that I think allows them to get a bit closer into urban cores than Home Depot can. I'm optimistic and curious to see it..
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