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    The problem with these older "stick" built condos is termites. Almost all of these older complexes have had massive assessments to address termite damages. That will be the case for these new complexes also.
  2. I thought that there wasn't much left that was historic, unless you mean historic from the 70's. The facades and the interiors were all created by Bob Snow. The bridge was built over the street because Snow couldn
  3. I think the whole block should be taken down and an urban multi-story shopping mall put in its place. It is the perfect location, especially if the commuter rail happens. I was recently at San Diego and they did that and it seemed to really revitalize that area of downtown. Eventually all of the kid/college bars downtown need to be replaced with high end shopping and entertainment. That is what people that are paying top dollar for the condos downtown will be expecting.
  4. IsaacFL

    The VUE

    I don't know. Everybody keeps saying that condo's are too high in Orlando, needs to price condo's in any of the other comparable FL markets. Orlando is inexpensive compared to everywhere else. There are are still net hundreds of people moving to Orlando every day. It is supply and demand. Not everyone is going to be willing to live out in the burbs and will be willing to pay downtown prices for downtown convenience. Especially if they just sold their tiny condo up north or out west for twice what they are going for here in Orlando.
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