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  1. As soon as Larry was elected as mayor I said it would be a matter of time before he was arrested.. it happened today.. I truly believe Larry saw it coming long ago.. it's the reason he's been so darn busy. I know I'm not liked a whole lot on these boards for my conservative views.. but I TOLD YOU GUYS SO I thought it was really sad when Larry said the reasons for his arrest were because he was a black democrat... seriously
  2. The wife and I visited New Orleans today... we are from the Birmingham Alabama area... man I was really impressed with the hustle and bustle of New Orleans.. the people there are different.. well because I'm a conservative Christian.. but we all had a blast! I'm originially from Shreveport so I have a great love for Louisiana.. I'm proud to be from there! we're unique we're on a mission trip on the Miss Gulf coast.. I was saddened to hear how people here are kind of angry still because NO had gotten all the attention.. when the organizers here heard that our group planned an outting to NO they were like I wouldn't go there for nothin! sin city! I was like ehh ok.. sure it's a little more rowdy and there's a lot of drinking and such.. but I so enjoyed the architecture of the city.. I love photography and I was eatin that stuff up there.. all in all a really unique beautiful city!
  3. I'm going to have to come down a weekend just to shoot photos.. it was family all day today as well.. didn't think my sister was coming up today.. one day we will shoot again!
  4. yeah Im home! perhaps tomorrow afternoon we can go shoot a little?
  5. Does anyone know anymore about the Chesapeake Energy Corporation.. My brother told me yesterday about how they are buying everyones mineral rights around the Shreve area.. says the area is about to prosper big time from natural gas.. I heard the 2nd largest deposit in the country perhaps has been discoverd right under shreveport!
  6. I think that it could work! It should just be built on the Bossier side haha
  7. woob

    Railroad Park

    Linn park is crowded with homeless.. it's pretty insane! There were dozens of them the other night in a group... made me feel a little uneasy... but, I talked to a couple of guys.. they seemed nice I gave em a couple of dollars.. they said they were going to rallys haha I wonder if thats where it went?
  8. an entertainment district is badly needed! I missed the crawfish boil.. wish I hadn't... I'm one of those crawfish eaters from Louisiana! back home Shreveport has an awesome festival pavilion... B'ham could use one about 5 times larger just like it! we need something like this I believe!
  9. I took a photo of the Leer yesterday.. it's not ready for occupancy.. windows still all missing with curtains blowing in the wind.. heres a photo
  10. oh it's done? I think it's a nice new addition!
  11. I think it would be awesome if Podnuhs opened another store in the old place near eh JUST FOR FEET. it looks like a perfect spot.. what was that place called? that other bbq that wasnt all that great
  12. Brian can you tell me since I don't even live in Louisiana anymore?
  13. that's awesome news... from what I remember the pictures looked like dookie in the paper! I didn't realize how bad it was till I moved up here.. photos are bright clear
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