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  1. RedStar25

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I'm still waiting for this building to go residential.
  2. RedStar25

    Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    BWahahahaha Lake Nono.
  3. RedStar25

    Golden Sparrow | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    You know it would never hurt to contact the property owner to see if you could get them. I would believe the cost of moving them and the permits needed would fall on you.
  4. RedStar25

    A few fancy unbuilt projects

    Well, he was part of the team that designed it and they had much more detailed renderings than we ever saw.
  5. RedStar25

    A few fancy unbuilt projects

    A friend of mine who worked on Tradition Tower said it's probably a really good thing it didn't get built. He mentioned that after a few years they looked back on the project and said it looked really dated and the massing was all wrong.
  6. RedStar25

    CNL III | Office [Proposed]

    Wow... this was supposed to go on the Lawn of DPAC. I don't see it's death as a bad thing. From what I've heard DPAC can sustain itself without parceling off the lawn out front. Besides CNL III was supposed to go behind City Hall originally.
  7. RedStar25

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    They are lofts. I sold three of them back when they opened. They sold very well. I would have loved to have lived there.
  8. I can ask around about the Performing Arts school. As I understand it the school would be a high school, Howard would not be effected.
  9. It's height holds the fly system for the theater. After Phase II is completed OCPS has plans to build its first "vertical" school dedicated to the arts that attaches to the new green room and the theaters. I would assume "vertical" means a mid or highrise school. I heard students will have to get to the school on their own as there will be no traditional bus drop off.
  10. It's up. I didn't get a picture for.
  11. That floor plate is much taller than the previous 10.
  12. RedStar25

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I hate malls. There. I said it.
  13. We need our own T.V. show a-la 90210 meets 32789!
  14. I've gotten in heated debates from people who consider Casselberry "Winter Park". Heck people in Winter Park Pines even know they don't live in WPK. Also, my partner's cousin live in "Wintermere" aka Gotha.
  15. RedStar25

    Golden Sparrow | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]