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  1. Why is every building in the "creative Village" gray and white with maybe a hint of *GASP* Beige. That's not very creative.
  2. Looks like three (five) per-floor. I'll be interested to see how it's installed.
  3. On their facebook page they have pictures of a company taking core samples and mentioned foundation permits have been filed.
  4. Coming from the East on the 408 it has a big impact on the skyline. Next time I'm not driving Ill try to snap a pic.
  5. Drove past this today. All of the trees and buildings are down.
  6. I totally understand. I've been on this forum for over 15 years and the constant negativity doesn't help anything or help promote healthy conversation.
  7. Lord Almighty, Sunshine, I respect you, but with all due respect you are one of the least positive people ever. Maybe you should change your screen name to "Doom and Gloom" or maybe "Poo Poo cloudy sky", better yet "I hate Orlando but I cant stop obsessing about it."
  8. As an architectural detail to the lawn.... that might be nice.
  9. So hopefully the entire thing could move forward after phase one has begin construction?
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