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  1. I was just in a discussion with a potential buyer of the Old OUC plant. What they want to use it for would be awesome.
  2. The Rosalind Club, a ladies club organizedin 1894, constructed its first clubhouse onthe current site of the Angebilt Hotel. In 1916,Orlando architect Murry S. King designed thisstructure overlooking Lake Eola. In 1919, thecity renamed west street to Rosalind at thesuggestion of Mayor Giles.Plaque sponsored byThe Orlando Community Redevelopment Agency So the current building is 105 years old.
  3. RedStar25


    Excellent! MUAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Or what it does every time this time of year when they switch from winter to summer blend.
  5. Where dreams come to die?
  6. That's, "For his eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me..."
  7. I heard it this Sunday with the UCF Symphony.
  8. It is! The did a feature story on me recently.
  9. When will the old Suntrust be lit up again?
  10. I saw the addition of the "dorm like" units as a need to address the housing demand being created by UCF.
  11. I guess you are talking about population.
  12. Having basically spent my childhood and a good chunk of my adult life in downtown I've never feared being "stabbed, stalked, or harassed" by any homeless person.
  13. I was next to the building Sunday and they were adding supports for some sort of facade detailing.
  14. I believe its in the concept phase. It's part of the master plan for the site.
  15. That's also highly subjective. Weird and neat to one person is Weird, ugly, and to expensive to someone else.
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