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  1. I believe we have that base of citizens. The people I grew up with have moved back in droves and are supporting and creating a vibrant arts/music scene and culinary life. We are a vibrant and divers city and its happening before our eyes. We just need to wake up and realize what's going on and capitalize on it. We may not be a traditional city, but lets be honest, what could be more "Orlando" than that?
  2. Yea, any hope now would be residential. At least the city is becoming dense.
  3. Hell, my art collection rivals OMA. I was walking my dog one day, saw an estate sale, walked in and the auctioneers had no clue what they were dealing with. The house was pure white with every inch of every wall covered in art from local (Moffet) and international artists. They were selling things for $5! The frames alone were at least over $100. I walked out with a fortune of art. Add on top of that my collection of abstracts used as collateral to a famous NYC physiatrist and other personal possessions and I could set up my own exhibit.
  4. A friend of mine that works for JetBlue corporate said it is going through, but yes there are legal hurdles and monopoly issues to tackle. Orlando will be the JetBlue hub along with Fort Lauderdale. Which would explain why flights are being moved from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando.
  5. Yea, this is true. It was over 600' and it reignited the discussion about the absurd FAA height limit in Orlando since the proposed building was not in any flight path.
  6. HA! I remember people threatening to fly planes through it. Granted this was pre 9/11.
  7. You could read the article.... Just sayin'. ;-)
  8. Let's at least let it get finished before casting doubt.
  9. Well this aged well. "Some women age like fine wine, others like MILK."
  10. *Notes* Now all I can hear are planes outside. Hahaha
  11. Some posted the map that shows the number of flights in the air and over Orlando its just a giant blob of planes trying to head north or south.
  12. Heck, walking your dog at dusk you can look into basically anyone's home.
  13. I'd bet they will develop the land along Orange Ave to the south of Princeton long before they do anything in College Park. I really had hoped they would have let the theater at Princeton and Orange remain open. That small little playhouse on Alden or Mcrea is still open. Also, that gray parking garage is massive for that new tower. It makes me wonder if another tower is in the works.
  14. Yep. One of my close friends old home was just bought by Advent Health. So I would expect the Health Village Neighborhood to expand. They also own a lot of land headed south down Orange Ave.
  15. AdventHealth is buying up tons of land on the opposite side of I-4 now. Second largest hospital in the country and only getting bigger.
  16. Like I predicted, this is currently a massive eyesore for downtown. The side of the old Masonic Lodge looks horrible and the Rosalind Club put up a fence and a green barrier. This is not an expansion of Lake Eola. This was a huge mistake. Unless the ultimate goal is to tear everything down on that corner and redevelop it or make all of it a part of the park.
  17. Idiots. I used to sit with my partner at Metro Expresso across the street and hold up score cards for the people trying to park or get out of those giant parking spots.
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