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  1. On 11/18/2021 at 7:34 AM, jliv said:


    I've always wondered why they don't just pipe Wagner or Tchaikovsky though tamper-resistant speakers into areas vagrants are most likely to sleep.  The acoustics could be set up so nearby residents never hear the music, but a drunk vagrant will find it impossible to escape at 3 am.  Piped music could scare away more than vagrants, which is a lesson retailers learned years ago with Muzak as a tool for behavior manipulation.  15-year-olds on skateboards won't respond well to the "1812 Overture" either! Probably doesn't sound the most compassionate, but creating shared environments where public safety isn't guaranteed is also intolerable.

    Also, how about we stop using the term "homeless" to reframe the problem?  "Homeless" also includes families who have fallen on hard times, and I have endless compassion for them in the midst of an affordable housing crisis.  Vagrancy has additional dimensions which you can't just solve by fixing the affordability and jobs problem.  

    What's wrong with classical music? If you really want to scary vagrants away blast some Schoenberg.

  2. 7 minutes ago, JFW657 said:

    For one thing, because they'd have to tear down the building directly to the south of it which (I assume) still houses Fratelli's.

    I know that building is not particularly special architecturally, but I do like it there and would like to see it remain. 

    Plus, I think a perfectly and acceptably sized tower with a smaller footprint could go on that parcel without having to demo anything. 

    Something in the 20 - 25 story range would be just fine and dandy.

    As I just said, I think they could sell it to a developer for a smaller project, or... if the owner IS the devloper, they could scale back their plans and develop a smaller tower.

    Another POSSIBLE option would be to obtain the parcel just to the east of that one where the old Quizno's used to be, and build out in that direction for say, a parking deck, etc.

    Finally, there is plenty of empty space along Hughey Ave. where nothing but asphalt parking lots now sit emty. 

    Building there would not require tearing down any existing buildings.

    See above. 

    So it's just your opinion. 

  3. On 10/24/2021 at 3:06 PM, popsiclebrandon said:

    I mean that club won't exist in the not too distant future. They have so few members as it is and they will all be dead soon.

    Well, that's kind of sad. I have many great memories attending functions there, but, it is antiquated .

    It was  funny though, when I saw a woman passing out flyers and campaigning to block the tower she was screaming that it would cast a shadow over the park. I replied, "Well, we should cut all the trees down since they cast shadows over the park too." 

    I just liked the proposal because it cleaned up that corner and enhanced the Spivey Fountain area. 

  4. 37 minutes ago, spenser1058 said:

    I’m glad you get to make those decisions now and know their motivations. Congratulations!

    *Buys Spencer another drink of practical reality. Heck, make it a double.*

    Lets be honest, the NIMBYS overruled what's probably best for the city. This "butterfly garden" is a fools errand. 

    And lets not get over the symbolism of older white women, dressed in all black, with a fake rendering of what that corner will look like.   I'm all for the symbiology of wearing black, but this is a joke. 

    They are girding their loins and protecting what little" heritage" they think they might be apart of. 

    I like the Rosalind Club and have been to many of their events, but if they put their money where their mouth was, like all the other decenters, this would be a non issues. 

    Until then, it's entitlement NIMBYISM. 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, spenser1058 said:

    Hey, St. Buddy, who y’all have anointed the most perfect human (or maybe he has superpowers!) ever to hold the office of mayor, fully supported the project (as did the two preceding mayors) so it cannot be anything but WONDERFUL. 

    One day when the park spreads from Rosalind to Summerlin, citizens will be struck by the foresight of all those who toiled to make so much green space available in the heart of downtown. Embrace it! 

    I support the Rosalind Club, and have been to many of their Debutant Balls and Functions, but if historic buildings must be torn down or moved for the sake of the park, theirs should too.

  6. From Facebook: 

    I'm going to be the hold out here. This plot of land will be isolated from the rest of the park until the Rosalind Club moves and the other buildings are torn down or moved. I also hope the city hopes to relocate the private business owners in those buildings.
    I am all for expanding the park, but in a responsible manner. Allowing the Rosalind Club to remain (I fully support moving the current historic building) smacks of favoritism.
    This area is an already under utilized portion of a thriving urban park and I fully support its expansion, but in a responsible way. With a Master Plan that doesn't change every two years.
    Until then, we will have a random park bench with grass and a private social club (with a foreboding black iron fence surrounding it to keep people out) and two historical buildings that are now expendable.
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  7. I asked a few questions on the facebook post about the acquisition of the property at Rosalind and Central. I asked, "Are they demoing the  historic Masonic Lodge, the historic house next door, and moving the Rosalind Club?" My questions were deleted. Also the "rendering" they showed was a grassy area with sidewalks.  I guess a big win for..... well lets face it, anyone with a view of the lake and the antiquated Rosalind Club. 

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  8. On 10/1/2021 at 6:01 PM, eq1974 said:

    Here is an alternative design for the DuPont hotel that never was and probably was the one the pilings were for.

    So did we dodge a bullet? 

    I think it would have been nice (but what did the back look like from I4? Would love to know). It blends with the retro classic design of the office tower and reminds me of one of those old hotels still standing in Manhattan.


    Am I correct in remembering that the Dupont Center was supposed to be a twin tower development originally? 

  9. On 9/20/2021 at 7:24 PM, JFW657 said:


    I don't think there was ever a rendering of the DuPont Center, but there was an actual physical model built, of which there were photos taken.

    I didn't "sleuth" this off the internet, I have an old downtown development brochure from back around 1985 from which I photographed this photograph...


    That hotel that never got built on the site where Society is currently going up, is only 18 stories not counting the gable roof, which looks to be the equivalent of about three stories, making it about the height of a 21 story building.  

    Stack about 7 more floors on top of it and you should have the approximate height of the 28 story Society tower. 

    The original building was supposed to have a twin.  

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  10. The Rosalind Club, a ladies club organized
    in 1894, constructed its first clubhouse on
    the current site of the Angebilt Hotel. In 1916,
    Orlando architect Murry S. King designed this
    structure overlooking Lake Eola. In 1919, the
    city renamed west street to Rosalind at the
    suggestion of Mayor Giles.

    Plaque sponsored by
    The Orlando Community Redevelopment Agency

    So the current building is 105 years old. 


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