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  1. I heard it this Sunday with the UCF Symphony.
  2. It is! The did a feature story on me recently.
  3. When will the old Suntrust be lit up again?
  4. I saw the addition of the "dorm like" units as a need to address the housing demand being created by UCF.
  5. I guess you are talking about population.
  6. Having basically spent my childhood and a good chunk of my adult life in downtown I've never feared being "stabbed, stalked, or harassed" by any homeless person.
  7. I was next to the building Sunday and they were adding supports for some sort of facade detailing.
  8. I believe its in the concept phase. It's part of the master plan for the site.
  9. That's also highly subjective. Weird and neat to one person is Weird, ugly, and to expensive to someone else.
  10. It drives me insane when people talk about the "good ol' days.' Those days were a nightmare and horribly complicated for a majority of the population.
  11. Oh lord, get off the cross. Communist Russia? Naqiy90, your nonsensical post shows you have no idea what you are talking about. Have you even been to Oakland? Do you know why the land is being bulldozed? I highly doubt it.
  12. I don't want to be a "NIMBY" but, Oakland needs to be left alone. It's a throwback to an earlier time in Florida's history. I, and most everyone in Oakland, is upset over the massive amount of development currently happening.
  13. Well, that's your limited experience and not the same as mine. You have a valid point.
  14. This is a rather gross assumption. My mother and "uncle" are currently in two of these types of facilities and many of the residents are encouraged to roam about and get out. It all depends on the nature of their condition. Lutheran Towers has a tiered system of care, as does Westminster.
  15. That one always feels funky to me. I'll skip it and drive to College Park Publix or the one on Virginia/Mills when I drive to my Sisters house.
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