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  1. Let us please move the 7-11 bashing to here and away from topics of actual interest. I hate 7-11 for the gay bashing I encountered on gay pride last October at Central and Rosalind. I filed a formal complaint to 7-11 cooperate and received no response. We have way to may 7-11's, but they are a convenience store. Why are they the one of choice by the city?
  2. Orrrr...... We've heard the same joke for over a year and it's boring and has nothing to do with the topic? I agree with the sentiment and joined in at times. It was cute at first, but it's time to move on.
  3. Well, the East Side looks like its been totally whitewashed (?). Is it going to be back to a brick finish like the Western building?
  4. Y'all are beating a dead horse, pages on end. It's totally off topic and boring. Start an "I HATE 7-11" thread in the coffee house and have at it.
  5. Touche my downtown 7-11 lover.
  6. What's going on with the facade of this place?
  7. I love coming on here to read all the 7-11 bashing. You know how thrilling it is.
  8. RedStar25

    55 West

    Have I mentioned I HATE this color change?
  9. 520,420, the sevens, the place across from the courthouse, UCF's new buildings, Sodo, etc.... they all look the same.
  10. How does this stuff get approved? Looks like every other new residential building downtown. Yawn. Glad it's being build.
  11. RedStar25

    55 West

    I honestly don't like the new color. It's dull and lifeless.
  12. I'm not sure I've seen a project drag on this long.
  13. I still think the "crown" is stumpy.
  14. I've heard some grumblings about where they would put it and how much it would cost. The Holocaust center is moving to the old Chamber of Commerce building at the edge of the Ivanhoe Village.
  15. I did see that. They are temporarily down the street off Denning. I drove around the property a few times yesterday and it's not in the best shape.
  16. I'm kinda shocked that the First Church of Christ Scientist, Winter Park, is being demolished.
  17. I had to brave I-4 yesterday and noticed the tower crane for this building has a very prominent position when driving east (near the 408). This building will make a great visual impact from that vantage point.
  18. Striving for something better than redundant mediocrity isn't a bad thing. Not more than 12 years ago we saw a flood of buildings with at least an attempt at something different. Is it better than a vacant lot? Yes. Does it look like virtually every other residential building being built in this city and in others? Yes. This is why it was originally rejected by the ARB.
  19. Don't we already have 15 or more versions of this building all over the metro? It's generic. This can be found in any city. It's a redundant soviet block era housing development, with worthless perks tacked on, surrounding a worthless open plaza.
  20. Grumbling? Really? I never heard that. The very early plans for FUMCO were almost identical to First Pres. and First Baptist. When the church saw it they flew the architect down for a meeting and he sketched out what was a radical design for the late 50's. Heavily influenced by Georgian architecture but pulling from earlier Italian styles of liturgical spaces. The interior is A-symmetrical and massive in height and space, yet is very proportional. The building is actually trademarked by the architectural firm.
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