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  1. originally from Mississippi...haved lived in Nashville for the past 4 years. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about downtown Nashville thriving. In my opinion though, there are many factors to making this happen. A bunch of egotistical skyscrapers won't get it done. A better school system would certainly help downtown Nashville/Davidson Co. compete with Cool Springs. Okay, I'll stop there... If everyone thinks we'll just continue to develop 1000' buildings and fill up downtown with units the majority of people can't afford, so be it. Sounds like a great sustainable future for us.
  2. interest rates...real estate bubble...pop
  3. "I'm not worried about this excluding anyone if the demand is there." It's too bad that if this thing is built (and this is a BIG IF), it would most likely suck the demand right out of downtown for the next 20 years and we'll still be stuck with the same ol' surface parking lots...nice. Seems like spreading the demand makes more common sense. It's too bad that people won't realize this until it's too late.
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