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  1. It's really only an announcement boom at this point. Let's wait until we see construction starting before we get too excited.
  2. It saddens me that the most oppressed of people tend to be abused most often by their own rhetoric spewing, self-appointed representatives. Beware of anyone who says you can trust them because they can feel your pain and they look like you.
  3. I'll be damned, guess I have to eat my own words. I thought it would never happen. It's great to be wrong and get more Uptown neighbors.
  4. Reids is a great gourmet grocery store in first ward.
  5. We'll just agree to call it "informal," although I think you can differentiate between well-thought-out prose that's informal and other writing that is just plain sloppy and disjointed. The latter usually fails to get the point across and leads me to believe the person is either a child, simple or not rowing with all their oars in the water.
  6. So that's what it is called, a "style"? I was wondering.
  7. I hope it is something good, I don't want to live above a porn bookstore or anything like that.
  8. It was nifty. Looked like a mini-Trademark with green glass. Surprising considering the small size of the lot, but I think that's because it can go right to the lot line. Parking garage, boutique hotel up to 17th floor and then 120 units of condos above that. I forget how many floors for that, somewhere around 18 or 20 for a total of like 35 floors. The condos will be really small. I guess we need to put this under first ward highrise projects. (grin)
  9. The facts of lost profits can be difficult to provde in many cases, yes. But, with such a well-established appraisal system for real estate and the ability to value the units at exactly what the current developer is now selling them for, I would think the chances would be much better than your average damage award. Making the plaintiff "whole" in this case would be, in effect, giving them what was needed to put them in a similar unit at the same price they'd contracted for. That won't require the same mental gymnastics that your usual contractual agreement for sales of widgets that were nev
  10. Here's an article in the Washington Post that discusses the abuse of "force majure" clauses by developer who are trying to merely get out of paying increased costs on completing the development. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6102700638.html My guess is that the Renwick might have a similar situation. As far as the price increase goes, I believe there are many people who were initial contract holders that would have profits in the $100,000 and more range. If I was them, I would seek out a good lawyer to ensure that they are fully aware of their rights under the contra
  11. Those must be the cars you'll need to make it up 10 stories of parking deck on that building.
  12. There are plenty of [insert alternative word for crap]holes that the edgy folks can go to next. They're being created as rapidly as they're being destroyed. Head out past Woodlawn along S. Blvd for instance, or along West Blvd.
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