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  1. I always wondered about the Airport exits with I-40, but honestly I've never run into any traffic problems when going to or coming from RDU. I think because Airport Blvd. and Aviation Pkwy, from the west and east serve the main entrance to the Airport, as well as from I-540 and Glenwood Avenue, there isn't much need for more complex exits. Should there be more intense development around the airport and to the south, this might need to change.
  2. With that being said, the Harrington/West option seems the best as far as diminishing impacts on the the McDowell/Dawson corridor. As long as the design for Union Station provides for easy transfer between modes (ie. Light Rail to R Line) I don't see a huge problem for anyone (tourists) connecting to the Convention Center. In some way, most of the CAT lines will have to be rearranged. My biggest concern with these plans is that the no matter what, the east side of downtown looses out on convenient and logical connections to the light rail. Like the most of the areas inside of the beltline,
  3. Any news on things going on in the area around Franklin Street? I know there is talks of putting a "City Garden" at the corner of Franklin and Blount St. As far as I've heard the Franklin Plaza project is "On Hold". And, the corner with the Super 10, I've always wondered if anything was going to happen with that. (Can't wait to hit up PieBird when it opens.)
  4. Agree with you DwnTwnRaleighGuy. I think going down from a concourse to the platform would add more versatility to the main level and easier access to multiple tracks as well as to areas for buses and other vehicles. If an extension of Glenwood Avenue is incorporated, having the multiple levels would just make sense. I think that bold but classic choices should be made for the station.
  5. This Chick-fil-a will see lots of business. Can someone point me in the direction of the new site plan for this new location? Hopefully it will be a more pedestrian friendly design, as compared to the McDonalds'.
  6. I saw it. I had a similar reaction. I think it might of been a reference (compliment) to the various 'lists' that the Triangle is on. There is a good deal of stuff going on here. And we may not be a big city (the Triangle isn't a city at all) or metropolitan region quite yet, but we are growing up.
  7. I don't think there has been much discussion of alternate sites for the Lightner Center. Although I agree with the suggestion of the wedge coming into downtown because of the reasons specified, I've always imagined that area with a larger more iconic building considering it is on an edge. I think that someone along the tracks in some some section of downtown could also be considered. The rails will create a natural barrier. Blocks that come to mind are the one across from the wedge (corner of McDowell and South) and the block bounded by Dawson, Cabbarus, Harrington, and Lenoir (that block will
  8. I did not realize that there was such a large height difference. I can agree with you ORULZ, after looking at the site plan that the distance from the street (Daniels St. and Clark St.) and the height difference (Oberlin Rd. to Daniels St.) would not be ideal to encourage foot traffic and window shopping. I think the plan should be tweaked some. The lower level could come up to the street, while the rest of the building can be rectangular. That being said, the plaza at the corner of Daniels and Clark will make the height disparity not so great for pedestrians. Personally I'd rather take a fli
  9. I hope that this distinction provides incentive for the state and communities to the east and west of the current railway to plan for extensions. It'd be a great thing to be able to travel from one end of the state to the other by train reliably.
  10. I like your ideas as well as your enthusiasm. Since everyone has pointed out that the prison isn't going anywhere, what would be an alternate suggestion to the Union Station Plan. Perhaps with some creative engineering, that section of tracks could still be used with a building on near near the rear of the Central Prison Property somewhere between Morgan and Boylan St. A series of viaducts that would cover the tracks and provide space to better connect to the street grid and provide space for commercial or residential development could complete this plan. This edge of downtown does need better
  11. As plans move forward, this is definitely the time to bring ideas to the table. The Forum always has great insights that I think sometime leaders aren't able to see or come up with alone. I say write, call, find out information and build support for the best facility for the city. That being said, maybe there's a reason for not having the more platforms. And maybe, there is consideration of a hotel being included as part of the commercial components. I also noticed that instead of an extension of glenwood ave as seen in some transportation maps, the draft plan proposed a west street extens
  12. Those renderings are amazing. The building looks pretty good. And, I know this is a little off topic, but its still related: Are there any plans for anything to be done to Nash Square. Are there any events (maybe related to the Municipal Building, or the Police Department) in Nash Square?
  13. I think that the Cresent development will set a precedent for the other CV blocks, and the surrounding area, but not in a bad way. This area, along with Hillsborough Street (NCSU) has high potential to be a truly urban community. Existing infrastructure and residential areas are good building blocks for adding commercial, office, addition residential and generally intensifying density. Filling in the blocks with mixed use development, improving streets and transit would create a much better community that is less dependent on the automobile. I don't see the Cresent development, in concept, as
  14. What is Shaw University constructing? I haven't been by there in a while but someone posted a picture on another forum.
  15. Its really unfair to compare Raleigh with many of the cities mentioned here. Many of the skylines in America aren't that recognizable or especially flashy or trend setting. Cities definitely benefit from 'nice' buildings but its not what makes a city, and I think we should stop implying that.
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