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  1. Williams-Sonoma in Columbiana is closing after Christmas.
  2. Rumor is CCF will take Panera and Lenscrafters. CCF will build out a little beyond mall. Mall entrance will be reconfigured. Examples of this can be found at West Town Mall (Knoxville) and Coolsprings Galleria (Franklin, TN), they both added CCF last year.
  3. Francesca's is remodeling. Cache and The Body Shop are closing. Michael Kors rumored to open in one of those spaces.
  4. ...and that's the extent of the exterior renovations. Haywood always get the short end of the stick from Simon. LOL
  5. I do know that a lot of the stores within the mall are considered low volume stores within their respected companies, so the sales per square foot are not good at all...
  6. Altar'd state (women's clothing store) will be going into old Coldwater Creek space. http://www.altardstate.com
  7. Teavana opening in corner space upstairs where Nine West was located.
  8. Hmmm interesting location...hope they got a heck of a deal on rent. I don't understand why retailers to this...they are setting themselves up for very low volume stores. Yay for Columbia for landing these retailers!
  9. Where is J. Crew opening this fall in Columbia?
  10. Heard a rumor that Coldwater Creek is closing. Need to confirm.
  11. Glad to see Simon putting a little money into Haywood, but don't hold your breath...some new plants, pleather furniture and new light bulbs aren't "significant renovations". Lol
  12. Closing at the end of month is Nine West, Guess? and Amanzi Tea.
  13. I believe Sweet Dreams is going to Haywood Mall. I saw a sign in a storefront window second level across from elevator.
  14. Selah has relocated to the upper level of the mall. So that's another spot for forever 21...selah, payless and fiore.
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