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  1. Call me crazy but what is the point of doing a freaking 1 mile section. Seems like it will cause wrecks more than help. People will think they are in a new lane that will go on for a while and then it suddenly ends again thus trying to merge back into traffic. They should wait until they can at least do 3-5 miles.
  2. Don't know if any of you have heard, but Branson Airport is getting Southwest air service starting this fall. Southwest recently bought out Airtran (Branson's primary provider) and will begin Servicing the Branson Area in August. Airtran has already added daily flights to Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore and Orlando with more to come. Im sure most of you will be upset by this, but I think both NWA and Springfield should see this as a good thing. I dont know if Branson is a faster drive than Tulsa International, but I bet Southwest was going into this thinking that they will pull large numbers from NWA and Springfield being so close. This could be a really good thing for both Springfield and NWA airports or a very, very bad thing. Only time will tell. -Please comment
  3. I would take this article with a grain of salt... The fact that the Springfield airport wasn't on the list makes me question this article. Our prices are outrageous!! Sure we have Alegiant, but that only goes so far.
  4. Those renderings for the new addition to LIT are awesome! Has such a modern/contemporary feel... love it! I never knew how close the airport was to downtown either, pretty cool. I saw that news about Airtran the other day as well since Branson has Airtran flights. It would be awesome to have Southwest flying out of Branson and hopefully Springfield soon.
  5. Building a 3,000 seat Performing arts theater in NWA would be idiotic to say the least. Metro area's three times the size of NWA don't even have Performing Theaters that big. When you have a theater with 3,000 seats you wont make as much money as if you had a theater with say 2,300 seats. Why you may ask? Well, it's pretty simple... Performing arts theaters are completely different than an arena or amphitheater as far as getting as many people as you can into the venue. With Theaters there is a much smaller niche, and when you have a theater that is 3,000 seats large in NWA your only going to get one or two shows out of the touring broadway plays when they come there. Right now the WAC currently has anywhere from 6-12 shows when plays like Les Miserables or 52nd Street play there, resulting in the Theater being rented out for a long time. Hearing people say that "NWA needs a theater with 2,500-3,000 seats just to survive" is one of the funniest thigs I heard in a while. What.. like the metro will outgrow a 3,000 seat theater in 5 years???lol Give me a freak'n break.
  6. I hardly doubt the new theater will be more than 2,200 seats.
  7. Oopp's sorry about my misspelling... I meant to say this is such a beautiful building.
  8. Wow, this is suck a beautiful building, I didn't know it finished. I would love have my office on the top floor. I'm sure the views up there are unreal.
  9. No yeah, I totally see what your saying and agree with you one hundred percent. I was just saying IF they built the new theater in Benton County I thought it might go in those areas after seeing all the development patterns in that county. I completely agree the WAC should most definitely stay on Dickson, but it sounds more and more like that wont happen. Even if they choose a location not too far from Dickson it would still be a win win for Fayetteville, because there would be two sizable theaters in a close radius on/by Dickson St. It would kinda be like how Hammons Hall is on the MSU campus but still basically downtown and walking distance to all the shops/restaurants/bars/etc. here in Springdield. Then there are the smaller theaters, like the WAC, actually in the mix of everything downtown. Someone should form a group called 'Keep the Arts in Fayetteville' or something (?LOL)and really get the word out that the residents of Fayetteville don't want to see the new theater built elsewhere. I know comes down to the politics of it all, but you'd be surprised what some angry citizens can do. BTW, are there any plots of land that a new theater could be built on or near Dickson St.?
  10. I doubt the new Theater will be built in Bentonville. If they do choose to build it in Benton County I would bet it would go in somewhere around the Promenade/Pinnacle area, or maybe off the interstate in Springdale.
  11. Well they certainly have a good way of confusing people. I agree too, if they build the new theater away from Fayetteville a new management group needs to take over. Since the current WAC is only 1,100 seats it would be a perfect venue for concerts and other kinds of entertainment options. Is the WAC the only theater with 1,000 or more seats in Fayetteville?
  12. I don't know if you guys have heard yet, but I was reading nwanews.com and they had in bold print "WAC not leaving Fayetteville." That's awesome to hear!
  13. Uhhh... did someone really say something this moronic? People should be outraged by this fool and get him out of ARDOT. Let's see... how many towns in Arkansas have a population of 5,000 or more, I'm guessing quite a few. Until ARDOT realizes that you don't disperse money according to what a couple of commisioners want, priority projects won't be getting the funding they deseve. God, if MODOT ever announced anything this stupid everyone in the organization would be fired. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Once the 2010 census numbers are in, Northwest Arkansas will be getting its own transportation organization. They will be able to get ARDOT to open up their pockets to the projects that really need them in NWA.
  14. Does anyone know what the new enrollment figures are for UA-Fayetteville? I know the official count isn't until late September, but most schools do a first day enrollment count.
  15. Alternate Route from NWA to Springfield So I was looking at my map studying the other way to get to NWA from Springfield. Basically you go from Springfield to Monett on US 60, then hit MO 37 down to the state line and connect to US 62 heading into Rogers. I have never taken this way and have contemplated it many times, but always forgot. My friend has taken it a couple of times and said it is almost the same as going from Springfield to Joplin to NWA. The reason I bring this up is because MODOT is currently widening US 60 from Springfield (Republic) to Monett with intermediate passing lanes to eventually a four lane highway. I could be going crazy but I think this would be the perfect route for a toll road from Springfield to Northwest Arkansas! I don't know what the topography is like from Rogers to Seligman, MO, but I would guess it's hilly. I know the need isn't there right now, but with the two area's growing very fast the need should present itself within 10-15 years. If you look at all of the small-mediums sized businesses locating between the two metro's... O' Reilly Auto Parts, Arvest Bank, Great Southern Bank, many different restaurants, etc., it will only keep growing and growing thus creating a higher exchange rate between the two metros. What are your thoughts?
  16. The reason it's that expensive is because of the topography of the area in which they will build the highway. There's also a lot of rock/limestone to cut through, so that will be very expensive (you can't forget the ROW acquisition either). I'm not sure that the 357.3 million figure is correct... seem's a bit high. The Missouri portion will cost 60 mil. per KY3 news here in Springfield. I'm just glad that I will finally be able to drive all the way to Fayetteville on a 4 lane highway!!!! In 3 years!!!! Oh well, at least it's getting done.
  17. I'm still pretty shocked that all of these retailers are pulling out of chenal. The demographics in that area are outstanding. Obviously the economy has made some retailers wait, but I would think since Little Rock has fared so well in this downturn they would go ahead. What are traffic counts like on Chenal? Since this center is not very close to a major road, do you think that hurts the mall?
  18. So I'm still confused about where the Apple Store is going. I thought it was to go in at chenal, but I remember someone saying it might go in Park Plaza. Does anyone have a definate answer? Has Apple completely pulled out of Little Rock?
  19. ^I don't think Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings would go into this high scale of a development. I'm sure the lease rates are too high for those types of restaurants, but I agree with you, Little Rock does need more Buffalo Wild Wings. So I visited the website for this mall today and I have to say I was very disappointed with the graphics, and overall design. They need some photos of the mall (at least of the stores that are there), and maybe even re-do the entire website. Maybe I'm being too picky, but I could even do a better job than what they have done.
  20. ^nice pic. Let me know when you come up again and I'll give you some recomendations on what galleries to visit.
  21. Hey thanks for the pics zman. I like the last one with Sunvilla and One Park Place Condos, great angle. I guess you made a trip up here to watch the Naturals play at Hammons Field? Thanks for the photos! BTW if you ever come up again, you should do it when the first friday art walk is going on... some great galleries downtown.
  22. ^Yeah I saw that as well. They moved it up to September from November I think. They said it will be done in the fall of 2010. That should be the same time that the two flyover ramps open up at 60/65 interchange, although the entire interchange wont be done until 2012! Yikes! Just glad to hear 65 is finally getting widened after all the talk.
  23. I love Old Chicago, although the one up here sucks cause its always packed with a 45 min. wait. Prettty impressive that Conway could bring in an Old Chicago, but I guess it makes sense with its close proximity to Little Rock.
  24. Wow, does Little Rock really have 4 power centers/malls? That is crazy that these developers would want to keep building these when they know there will eventually be a Super Regional Mall in Little Rock. I bet Simon will wait another 7-10 years and take another shot somewhere in the Metro. If that happens all of these new shopping centers will be screwed as Simon is "the" monopoly when it comes to retail. I understand they all want to make some money, and there is plenty to be made, but when you have this type of situation where there is 4 power centers in Little Rock someone is bound to get the boot. After reading that the citizens got Simon to back down I was shocked. That could have never happened up here, as city leaders treat Simon like the god of Springfield. Yes, they have done well, but the exemptions they got were ridiculous. I would be glad Simon isn't in your town if I was you. It is very strange, though, how Simon backed off of the wonderful Interchange of 430/630 without trying that much. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't sound like, from what I've read that Simon put up that great of a fight. I will say that this 430/630 is almost identical in location as the 60/65 interchange in Springfield where a 2 million sgf. Upscale shopping/office/hotel development is being built. Though they are only in the zoning stages right now it looks like a done deal with the city. Here is a link for more info: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/400-mill...eve-t49033.html
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