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  1. Hello everyone, I'm back ! You make a great point and after seeing this your right is was a great year ! I Think the fact that is was Apple and it was assumed that we had it in the Bag is what hurts .
  2. WTVD or 11 news abc actually confirmed with Williams Reality that Publix is coming not a might, but in Business I know things can change quickly it was reported by Reporter DeJuan Hoggard yesterday on t.v.
  3. I agree, we will be dead and gone when and if this ever happens. I won't lie I'm happy we are the new population king of the State from a bragging and ego stand point but with are current planning and are bad history with it. I'm scared were going to end up like a little Houston or Atlanta which as cities I love but from a planning point of view these two cities aren't the best so being the new king of counties in population might be a curse rather than a blessing, but hey time will tell.
  4. The "GREAT ONE IS BACK" Their not fighting up their any more because the Charlotte Observer Has removed the Article or I can't find it anymore. I do see the Triangle if they ever put us back with Durham being the biggest in the State in the future, but I have to admit I don't see Raleigh Catching Charlotte based just off a city vs city comparison because just like Wake has more land mass than Mecklenburg the city of Charlotte(CITY LIMITS) has alot more land mass to grow into Than my beloved Raleigh.
  5. And Charlotte is Twice as big as Raleigh, So what! And it's not a story every year so stop trying to down play everything related to growth for the Wake County Raleigh Area anyway you guys do have somthing we don't have and that's that your Bojangle's chicken still serve's the Cherry soda, I'm mad about that

    The Edison

    You guys are tripping, sure the market could get worse, and it's a real bet it will, and yes the project could be scaled down, but it's way to early for us to invision him doing that. The project won't even start construction til about 2010, correct me if I'm wrong, also he surly will have several versions of this plan for whatever the market conditions are at that time he considers moving dirt. lets keep are fingers crossed that this project is not scaled down.
  7. You have my blessing, if you want to post those picture's.
  8. Wow! the the worldwide web is truly great, the common man can now get real uncut news from the source before the so called real media gets it. And, I can now see why the N&O has lost it's luster, for those of you who feel like this is new news, shoot me a message with your e-mail and I can prove that this project is truly underway and that this is old news, This article is poorly written and yes RDUairport your right because I have the photo's of the site sent to me by Mr Walia himself.
  9. Where are the picture's at PLAYA?
  10. I agree with your comments 100%. I have the same insight regarding this EXCELLENT project and downtown Raleigh's growth,we can have both.
  11. RALBOI

    The Edison

    Ok, "it's officially 42 stories tall",not trying to be a comedian are anything, but who put you on front street like that ?
  12. RALBOI

    The Edison

    I was bent on this tower being 42 stories based on one of Raleigh's TOP insiders saying it was official at this height, but hey just three years ago we couldn't get anything built over 29 stories, so am COOL with this project, because I think the height will go up,but my real concern is the street level because remember this project is also suppose to be a DESTINATION project, a place were people will flock too, I know it to early to be real critical but am not seeing this vision being applied so far does anybody else feel the same way?
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