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  1. Hello everyone, I'm back ! You make a great point and after seeing this your right is was a great year ! I Think the fact that is was Apple and it was assumed that we had it in the Bag is what hurts .
  2. WTVD or 11 news abc actually confirmed with Williams Reality that Publix is coming not a might, but in Business I know things can change quickly it was reported by Reporter DeJuan Hoggard yesterday on t.v.
  3. What people? (meaning no one is living in downtown yet). everybody knows that the street is still a work in progress, for it to become a successful place people will have to live,work and play their, so their going to be struggling for least 3 to 4 years until some of these big projects get built, Fayetteville street is going to be fine once this happens you simply don't have enough people living there right now.
  4. Raleigh-Durham has made another top ten list this time, it's the Black Enterprise magazines May,07 issue for best places to live for African Americans we ranked number #3.
  5. Has anybody been to the new nightclub SIN CITY? and if so how was it?
  6. okay guys help me out , their is a huge lot or land being cleared in southeast Raleigh right off the beltline on I-440 by the new bern exit. what in the world is being built there does anybody know?
  7. A brand new club and bar called Westside Stories has just opened on West St in downtown Raleigh, they hosted First Fridays, it was a SMASHING! HIT! the placed was packed full of people having a good time.
  8. Great picture's, and this is coming from someone who has lived and knows SouthEast Raleigh like's the back of their hand ,or as we say "RUFF RALEIGH" !!!
  9. I agree, but in the near future other projects, hopefully with some height will fill in the middle between the two area's.
  10. I strongly agree with your point of view. I hate that word "banning" when it comes to downtown Raleigh development.The truth is Raleigh is no Richmond,VA when it comes to historic buildings in it's core, most of the buildings that are downtown are just old and crappy, and there is nothing historic at all about most of these buildings, am not saying destroy our past, but let's be real their are not alot of these so called historic buildings downtown anyway to really destroy, "so in a nutshell" let's preserve the very small number that are historic, and demolish the pretenders, and create our new history by having outstanding designs and architecture for Raleigh's future.
  11. Hey guys! theirs a movie on USA, with Morgan Freeman playing ,there talking about Raleigh-Durham alot and ,I think some of the scences were shot in Durham, not sure, oohh! wait a minute, one of scences has a durham Police in it with those black and white cars.
  12. I heard that the 21 story tower,will grow to 24 stories, and may go up in height again,according to my sources, they are very reliable source also.
  13. They should rename it, University office Park,because not trying to be funny, that's what it really is.
  14. Big Time Investors please Take note, Raleigh is on the rise, though "I would bring this article back"!!
  15. Build two connecting Towers,Downtown Raleigh is full of empty lots,and it's not a wet dream,the city has tons of land Downtown, the wet dream is the lack of vision that's holding this city back, the problem is people constanly talk about what Raleigh can't do around here, it's funny when am on the Charlotte Forum they talk about what they can do or how can they can get it done,yes getting Fidelity downtown is along shot but all am saying is what's wrong with trying.And Eastwestrob am not targeting you so please don't take offense.
  16. I feel what alot of you are saying, but Downtown Raleigh city and business leaders still should give it there best shot, at trying to land this company, just the exposure of a huge company like that looking at downtown Raleigh, helps put downtown on other companies radar for possible expansion,what's the problem with trying?
  17. Their was and article in the News and Observer yesterday about Jacksonville,FL getting a Fidelity Customer service center that will employee like 1,200 people, was this the same project that RTP was being looked at for?
  18. That is and awsome idea,it would be great if it could be intergraded with the NCSU Vet school .
  19. I agree also they have the best location right know,i just think as a consumer that goes to Crabtree they can offer me more because this is the best location, but will it be the best in the future,i love Crabtree and yes it's my favorite mall,but it's not inmune to problems best location today may not be the best location tomorrow, also as a consumer i want crabtree to do something Grand, but hey let me not jump the gun here crabtree might have big plans ,but all am saying is what have you done for me latley and crabtree hasn't done NOTHING.
  20. Wakefield and Heritage subdivisions are in TTC's marketing area,these subdivision's are among North Carolina's wealthest zip codes, but i agree they are not within walking distance to the mall, and also in my opinion having North Carolina's only SAKS is no Advertisement gag, think about it, Charlotte doesn't even have one yet, that's a rare claim Raleigh can make, an one we probaley won't have for long against our bigger sister city ,but hey that's just my take, am not knocking your opinion.
  21. I agree almost all malls are walkable,i didn't say anything in my post about the mall it's self not being walkable ,so i don't know were that comment came from, but anyway you do make a good point about TTC having a ocean of parking around it, but they have alot of chances and land to change their thinking and planning , Crabtree has to seize every chance because the place is landlocked and in a flood zone, all am saying is TTC, like the place or not, has alot more opitions to explore like adding a Hotel with a small convention center complex, a mix use project right their in close proximity or walking distance to TTC ,that's what they can do in the future with there big old ocean of parking they can do tons of different projects ,does Crabtree have this many opitions?
  22. TTC is located in one of Raleigh fastest growing corridors ,they have lots and lots of land around them that will be developed in to more retail ,housing and mix use projects,i know crabtree is in a location that has alot of that,but the area is not customer friendly at all or walkable, Crabtree may not become obselete no time soon, but if they don't get on the ball they will become second rate,also don't be suprised if Brier Creek builds a mall in about 5-6 years, Southpoint just delayed Brier creek mall coming to this area it didn't stop it,also Garner mall plans will be released soon in about 1-2 years these are the same folks that built Brier creek commoms.
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