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  1. Too bad the project could engulf three blocks instead of two. Imagine a wall of infill from St. Joseph St. west to North Jackson St.
  2. I wonder if it is possible to add a 29th floor for a high-end restaurant. Imagine having sweeping views of Mobile Bay, Mobile River, the Delta, Eastern Shore and City of Mobile at one of the best restaurants on the Gulf Coast.
  3. According to that presentation, the eastern interchange of the proposed West Mobile Bypass and I-65 will apparently be constructed in Chickasawbouge Park.
  4. I guess this development is going to be constructed on the forested land behind that megachurch on Government Boulevard, between it and Halls Mill Road. Hopefully the frontage road running along I-65 on that side will be repaved. This project, unfortunately, is another banal exercise in sprawl.
  5. More than likely, if the Capps Farm shopping development focuses more on traditional mall-type stores and department store anchors, it will complement the big box offerings of TigerTown. Unfortunately, The Shoppes at Capps Farm will probably signal the end of Colonial University Village enclosed mall.
  6. Regarding the forthcoming Wal-Mart Supercenter on Government Boulevard, I'm somwhat on the fence. While I'm glad that abandonded K-Mart/Delchamps strip mall is being redeveloped and will serve as a catalyst for future retail growth along the G'ovt Blvd. corridor, it will surely lead to the decline of nearby shopping centers. It seems as though retail is simply being displaced. Perhaps if the Food World across the street were to go under, the building could be occupied by a more niche-oriented supermarket. This would present a wonderful opportunity for Greer's or another local grocery chain to grow larger in the market. I know I'm still mourning the loss of Delchamps.
  7. Whatever happens to Orange Grove, I think the back end of the site which fronts Three Mile Creek should be transformed into a waterfront regional park. Imagine bike and nature trails from that area extending all the way north to Prichard's racetrack/entertainment complex.
  8. Ruth's Chris is quite common. I mean, there's one located in midtown Mobile.
  9. It would be nice if Mobile had a high quality stadium closer to downtown. Ladd-Peebles Stadium is showing its age and isn't located in the best neighborhood. Also, it's hard to navigate to from I-10. If Mobile had a stadium immediately north of downtown, serving as an anchor for a rehabilited Orange Grove mixed use development, it would become a catalyst for redevelopment of the entire area north of downtown. It could take architectural cues from the GM & O Terminal and the area's unique martime culture. Accessibility wouldn't be an issue, as I-165 would be blocks away, and I-10 could be easily accessed from six-lane Water Street.
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