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  1. http://hamptonroads.com/node/480015 Update on Harris Teeter in Ghent
  2. http://www.city-journal.org/ This is an excellent site that I just happened upon. Two articles that I just read on the site are below....very interesting and both ring true. Note these stories are not about Norfolk, but public housing in other cities. Any form of permanent public housing in St. Paul's Quandrant will doom the area. I don't care how many fugly looking town centerish buildings they erect with their oh so lovely colorful awnings. All the public housing in Norfolk (not just downtown) should be torn down and the land opened up for bid. Then watch Norfolk flourish and the crime rate plummet. Why can't city leaders speak the truth anymore...it's ashame. http://www.city-journal.org/html/10_2_how_charlotte.html http://www.city-journal.org/html/13_1_how_...ic_housing.html
  3. The demographics are simply not there for a Whole Foods and while it would have been great the market there is not bad....they have a long way to go as far as product mix...the to go food section needs much improvement including their salad bar...it's like from Pizza Hut from the 80's. Buyer's need to visit a Wegman's and take good notes. I've heard they took the best sellers from the other area Farm Fresh stores, but I'm not sure they realize that people in proximity to the store travel and are used to going to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wegmans etc..... the most exotic thing on the salad bar is cubed ham.
  4. Yeah it's a good sign...it would be great if the line went all the way to town center. I'd hate to be a hater, but if va beach had better leadership they'd already be planning or building the line there with Norfolk. Meyera's comment is so typical..great leadership is not always providing what the people want, but giving them what they need. The voters and council are decades behind other metro areas in terms of thinking and that's putting it kindly.
  5. I agree..hopefully Prince will still do well. I have to say that I've lived in Freemason on Duke & Tazewell for two years now and I had never been to Prince until Saturday and I go to Starbucks on Main every Sat./Sun. I did buy a book by the way.... They could do a much better job of advertising that they have coffee and food inside...yeah they have the Taste Unlimited sign, but for non locals what does that mean? This could be a city cafe with lots of energy, but instead it falls flat and is stuffy and typical old Virginia inside....this is not a dig as I enjoyed being inside, just an observation....I'm in Marketing and I believe it has lots of potential.
  6. I'm all for a jazz club, I listen to Jae's show faithfully. I visited the Fort Norfolk website...it's o.k., but I noticed they used a word listed under their #1 goal which I've come to despise....DIVERSITY.....
  7. From reviewing the document it looks like this is a proposal for a penthouse on top of the tazewell building which is on the corner of brooke and granby....I'm assuming that Pete Decker is losing his penthouse that is now on top of the other building set to be torn down for the Hilton so he is looking to build on top of this building. It's all stated in the PDF....his penthouse is going to be over 8,000 square feet...nice...
  8. What buildings did Norfolk save? It seems they tore down everything. When you think of it there is not one historical building on the water front in downtown??...even in the Freemason district. Everything (mostly) on Main street came down as well(Commericial Place). I live on the corner of Duke & Tazewell in Freemason and my building is the only original building for blocks until you go closer to the YMCA
  9. I've been to the Boot as well and it's great. They did well with the existing space. My only complaint is the server was not well educated concerning the food, couldn't answer a lot of questions etc. If you are going to have local ingredients and items on the menu educate your new waitstaff. I will go back. And yes it is a locally owned place and adds character and flavor to the area. I liver in Freemason and I frequent indie rest. I rarely go to chains.
  10. It actually was Spaghetti Warehouse many years ago...it was Plaza Azteca for the last few years before they closed.
  11. I e-mailed Anytime Fitness asking where the ghent location would be..they are still looking.... ___________________ We are still looking to secure a lease in Ghent at this time. But meanwhile, the 2406B E. Little Creek Road location will be open in July. Thanks, Nicole
  12. They are high-end, a word thrown around way too much to describe having just granite countertops and a stainless steel fridge, but I have not seen sub zero applicances or marble showers and floors all standard in this market and so much more. Nothing comes close to this certainly not the Westin or Granby Tower. Even though I have to say it's not really my style...looks kind of old school...especially the marble, but it's hard to tell from the pictures. Did anyone look at the square footage? HUGE! You look at that plus the features..it's a fair price. The problem won't be price it will be finding the right buyer for the square footage. Most people who want that space have families and most families want yard etc. so they may be a tough sell. I would rather see the building divided into smaller units, more affordable similiar to St. Paul lofts.
  13. I think he is referring to the land right accross the canal there to the right, the square...that is a war memorial...I've been there before, If I remember correctly I think there are statues/sculptures of letters written to soldiers during the war...I don't remember which war etc.
  14. http://content.hamptonroads.com/story.cfm?...&ran=101662 Farm Fresh plans overhaul of stores in Norfolk Thank you! The grocery stores in Norfolk are pitiful...any upgrade is appreciated.
  15. I agree the place was not very interesting. I visited the store several times and not once was I ever greeted... if it was done right I think it would have flourished.
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