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  1. Carrabas...I sure hope not. IMO, as a former resident of the area, part of what made it such a great place was all of the local, non-chain flavor in the 'hood. Personally, combined with the already vacant lot there, I'd like to see 3-4 story rental building with ground level retail. With the streetcar on the way, this large piece of Central frontage would be perfect for this type of mixed-use development. R.I.P.
  2. In keeping with the B&W theme, crane city:
  3. No Grease on Central...I miss Midwood
  4. Just moved to the Star City from the Queen City to the south. My wife and I are currently renting in Old Southwest and I am working for the county and she is about to start PhD studies at VT. Roanoke reminds us of our hometown, Birmingham, Alabama, and we have both been pleased with it thus far... Look forward to contributing in this forum
  5. Vintage view of 20th Street in 1975 complete with the now demolished YMCA at left and the Molton Hotel at right.
  6. I don't want to be pessimistic, but... Here we go again...this will NEVER happen as envisioned. I do not understand why the idea for a dome keeps reoccurring Birmingham doesn't need this, and the money would be better spent rehabbing, renovating and expanding the existing BJCC in addition to working with UAB to develop an expandable 40,000 seat, open-air stadium adjacent to campus for football. I appreciate the enthusiasm of Rogers, but let it go...
  7. Aldi rocks!!!! We use them in Charlotte for our bulk grocery buying, since they do have the lowest prices and best quality at lower prices. Much better than stuff like Sams Choice... Its a cool place that does things like charges for bags ($.05 for paper and $.10 for strong plastic) and for carth rental (a refundable $.25). This store should do real well in Birmingham
  8. I was briefly in town yesterday and was pleased to see the SSA Building, 2600 Highland and The Capri moving along nicely. SSA is really working in adding to the skyline, and I cannot wait to see the completed, LEED-certified product I was also more than pleased to see that real site prep has begun for the Infants & Women's Hospital at UAB and the progression of the new classroom building on University. One question though, is Gables at Glen Iris project at 10th Avenue South and 10th Place South on hold? I went by and there was significant construction, but it looked like no work had been done on it in a while...
  9. About the Morningside redevelopment... I was told by through our neighborhood association that all residents of the Morningside Apartments must be out by April 30. I would assume interior demolition would begin later in May with the buildings being torn down later this summer. R.I.P. Morningside...
  10. Border fence, Nogales, Arizona is to the left and Nogales, Sonora is to the right:
  11. Here are a couple from a recent trip to the AZ... Nogales Redington Road to the east of Tucson Coronodo National Forest looking southwest into Tucson
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