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  1. look at what i found hmm....... this is in shenzen, it is called Wolrd Financial Centre, here is the link to emporis http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=...shenzhen-china if tony could do something like this to the crown, it would look amazing!!!
  2. did you even view the video. its direct from the developer. http://newschannel5.com/global/video/popup...mp;rnd=65924933 http://newschannel5.com/global/video/popup...mp;rnd=50378974
  3. sorry for not updating in the last few days, i have been out of town. January 17, 2007 The Cumberland Apartments/Penthouses
  4. January 10, 2007 Nashville Skyline from the Fern Avenue overpass
  5. I thought I would start up a new thread for Nashville. Seems like most other cities have these in their forums, so here goes Nashville's January 9, 2007 Palmer Plaza, Midtown
  6. there probably is a dome under that, but a cone for looks on top of it
  7. i found a new rendering of the Adventure Scince Center Sudekum Observatory slated for construction soon
  8. Here are some pics of the Downtown Station on the Music City STAR
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