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  1. look at what i found hmm....... this is in shenzen, it is called Wolrd Financial Centre, here is the link to emporis http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=...shenzhen-china if tony could do something like this to the crown, it would look amazing!!!
  2. did you even view the video. its direct from the developer. http://newschannel5.com/global/video/popup...mp;rnd=65924933 http://newschannel5.com/global/video/popup...mp;rnd=50378974
  3. sorry for not updating in the last few days, i have been out of town. January 17, 2007 The Cumberland Apartments/Penthouses
  4. January 10, 2007 Nashville Skyline from the Fern Avenue overpass
  5. I thought I would start up a new thread for Nashville. Seems like most other cities have these in their forums, so here goes Nashville's January 9, 2007 Palmer Plaza, Midtown
  6. there probably is a dome under that, but a cone for looks on top of it
  7. i found a new rendering of the Adventure Scince Center Sudekum Observatory slated for construction soon
  8. Here are some pics of the Downtown Station on the Music City STAR
  9. my interest are in city planning, urban development, architecture, andmost anything to do with how the city works, like infrastructure and stuff.
  10. i will for sure post all my experiences and pictures i take there. I am planning on writing an essay on the trip. just for fun and other reasons. thank you for all your help guys/gals!!!
  11. what are some quick tips that you would recomend for riding the metro. safety stuff, as in theft and the general. I know the usual, carry wallet in front, dont make things accessible in backpacks and stuff. anything else, you guys know best. i just dont want anything to happen on a vacation.
  12. OK. I thought the day pass was for unlimited rides anywhere on the metro. The way you described it sounded like i had to buy a one day pass, then pay a set ammount each time i board. how do the day passes work. i know in dallas, my home town, you buy a pass once and its good for unlimited travel all day long.
  13. I am visiting DC in a week, for a few days, and plan on riding the subway, A LOT. I need to know which stations I need to avoid due to crime or other things like that. I really want to check out the Wheaton Station because it is 21 stories underground, and the Forest Glen Station because of the escalator, lol wierd reasons, but im just fascinated by this stuff. So, any suggestions of stuff to do on the Metro and which areas to avoid and the like. Thanks in advance people!
  14. I know this is kind of a off question, but I am travelling to DC for a few days, and want to go to Baltimore too. Which line or system would I take to get to Baltimore from DC, and back again?
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