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  1. For the most part, I would consider Metro to be very safe. Wheaton is located in the parking lot of an older Mall. Not a Mall that I go to. It is too run down. I think that it is interesting that you named two stations that are next to one another. Since you asked about stations that I would suggest that someone who is not fully aware of the area might avoid; I would avoid Rhode Island Ave, I would not take the Blue Line past Stadium-Armory, and I would not take the Green Line past L'Enfant Plaza. Since you seem to want to be on the Red Line, I would think that Gallery Place and Metro Center would be places that you would be interested in. Gallery Place comes up at MCI Center and China Town. Metro Center is in the retail hub of downtown. Judiciary Square comes up at the building museum and is the closest to the Mall along the Red Line. You can of course transfer at either Gallery Place of Metro Center and get closer to the Mall. As a tourist, I would get a day pass at the station when you get to Metro. That way you can travel all day for a given rate and not keep determining the rate to another station. Hope this helps. Union Station is also on the Red Line and has shopping and a good food court. It is also where you would catch the MARC train to Baltimore.

    OK. I thought the day pass was for unlimited rides anywhere on the metro. The way you described it sounded like i had to buy a one day pass, then pay a set ammount each time i board. how do the day passes work. i know in dallas, my home town, you buy a pass once and its good for unlimited travel all day long.

  2. I am visiting DC in a week, for a few days, and plan on riding the subway, A LOT. I need to know which stations I need to avoid due to crime or other things like that. I really want to check out the Wheaton Station because it is 21 stories underground, and the Forest Glen Station because of the escalator, lol wierd reasons, but im just fascinated by this stuff. So, any suggestions of stuff to do on the Metro and which areas to avoid and the like. Thanks in advance people!

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