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  1. here here! i agree plus i'm sure they have some sort of safety procedure in place during "worse case scenarios" for residents. people aren't dumb.
  2. This is pretty absurd, since in Louisville - I heard they have already broke ground for the ugly monstrosity that is the "Museum Plaza" I'm losing faith in Siggy.
  3. gross. just appauling. seems Murfreesboro and Rutherford County are exclusively Christian friendly and not religious tolerant. Plus this looks like a greedy cashcow way to exploit a religion. OH well... atleast its far enough from Nashville, I want no association with that.
  4. i guess i will tout Nashville's horn and by saying Nashville is home to the largest private owned healthcare operator in the GLOBE; yes thats HCA Inc. So basically Nashville has hands in all the hospitals all over the globe. Heres the wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hospital_Corporation_of_America
  5. Yeah, I would rather cities to HAVE THEIR OWN IDENTITY, no need for this "what will your city look like in blah blah blah years". Every city is different, no matter how small the difference is...they ALL are; including skyline. but i love that last photo of Orlando..thats awesome lookin'
  6. AMAZING SHOTS! they're awesome! i would like to see a present photo of that one last shot you had too Nashvillian. I bet it looks more dense today.
  7. out of control thread.. yeah? you guys are getting way to excited.. murfreesboro doesn't nearly have the infrastructure to become a metro with ALL of rutherford county.. it would strain the city. snobs? please. there are alot of good people in Belle Meade/Forrest Hills...
  8. yeah.. pretty sure i'm flying out of there tomorrow going to LaGuardia.. WOOT WOOT! NEW YORK HURRR I COME!
  9. did anyone know that lil ole' Hartsville,TN in Trousdale County.... IS A METRO?! its all due to the fact that the city fills the county.. and they just accomodated all the folks in the outskirts of town with fire and police.
  10. south florida !! lived in mid tenn for 10years plus tho
  11. i'm not shocked turnout was so low. they picked a horrible route. (nashville - lebanon) when HELLO?! Interstate 40 has 6943580485 lanes to drive on. NO one in that area needs to take the train. shesh.
  12. Gallatin is a very unknown urban center to most around Nashville - Metro. I am super skyed about this, this is one step towards a regional transit system I believe!!!
  13. also you have to consider for navigational purposes. I don't want to have to go thru sub forum after sub forum to find out what is going on at this "one development". Renaming the Forum as a whole is a better idea.
  14. Here here! i agree! I vote down on the Boro subforum as well.
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