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  1. I'm not sure everyone realizes just how lucky we are to have a seasoned, steadfast professional like Ian Ayre coordinating everything here. He is truly one of the best in the business at what he does.
  2. Yeah, it's just grossly irresponsible, in my opinion. These developers act like available land is just an infinite resource. Obviously they're far from being alone in this style of development, but that doesn't make it excusable. And just to preempt the inevitable, no, I'm not saying Antioch should look like downtown Nashville. But they could've built two large centralized parking garages and probably cut down on the amount of land they have to use by two thirds, and also cut down on the amount they had to spend to acquire the land, I would imagine.
  3. I am so, so sorry for your loss @TheRaglander, nobody deserves a fate like that. It is unfortunate that we as humans, myself included of course, never tend to understand the true scope of things until the impact is right in front of us. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers and I thank you for sharing your story.
  4. As many people, including myself have pointed out in our exchanges with him, I'm not sure any of us even disagree with the over-arching point he's making. I mean, it kind of goes without saying that the economic impact of this will not be good, and yes, many people will be impacted negatively. There is a conversation to be had, no doubt, about how far we take this and how best to balance it. But he refuses to have that conversation and instead insists on hurling insults at those who dare ask him simple questions and damning people to hell for the crime of disagreeing with his assertion that infectious disease experts are not to be trusted with regard to infectious disease. I don't mean to speak for other posters here, but it is that behavior, I think, which some of us here rightly find objectionable. I'm sure we all appreciate his past contributions to this forum and would rather he not leave, but in this particular scenario, I think it's clear which of the apples in this bunch is sour.
  5. People are trying to engage you in an actual conversation and you're just freaking out and running away. So... good talk.
  6. I'm assuming this was a response to me? I'll just go with it. So, ya know what actually robs people of their futures? Death. The loss of a job is very unfortunate. Obviously nobody is rooting for that to happen. I'll probably lose my own job to this before it's all over truth be told. But it isn't the end of the world. Call me crazy, but I'd take having to find a new job over dying from Covid-19 induced Pneumonia anyday. Here's the bottom line though. There is absolutely a debate to be had about where to draw the line on the social-distancing measures, and how best to balance the economic losses with the gains in staying on top of the virus, and I'm happy to have that conversation with you if you want to relax a little bit. But you leading off by going on some unhinged rant about how everyone who doesn't agree with you is "disgusting" and is going to "burn for their sins" is kind of a non-starter as far as conversations are concerned. You brought up the rational thought bit bud, so don't blame me. You accused people of being irrational for trusting the word of infectious disease experts on the topic of infectious disease. You don't remember that from like, two hours ago? You're not making any sense again. Who is applauding anything about this virus? Show me a quote. If by "vague attacks" you're referring to me simply using your own words to highlight your hypocrisy, then yes, I will continue to 'vaguely attack' you. Hypocrisy such as the fact that you're accusing me of attacking you when you told people here that they would "burn for their sins" if they didn't agree with your ramblings. Classy! Nothing vague about that attack, is there!? @AF-Nash asked you a question, and you dodged it. Who's the unreachable one again? I'll repeat it, because I, too, am curious of your answer. "What's your solution to the crisis? People going to back to work and getting sick?"
  7. You want to lecture people about rational thought now? You went from just last week having a meltdown over the fact that there was someone who had tested positive being quarantined behind locked doors in your building and demanding their personal information be leaked, to this week telling everyone that there should be, apparently, no measures taken to combat the spread of the virus and that they should trust you over the advice of the world's leading infectious disease experts. Look, I understand that you're stressed out, and that's okay, but I'm not sure your recent demeanor qualifies you to carry the torch for so-called "rational thought."
  8. I have family in both Dalton and Ooltewah so I use Ooltewah-Ringold Road a ton to travel back and forth between them when I'm there. So I don't know if a full blown bypass is necessary or not (I'll leave that to the locals to decide, but I would most definitely use it too!
  9. Ugh... yeah, Albany would probably be one of the more beautiful cities in this entire country had they not destroyed half the old city for their comic book space port complex with adjoining interchange and built that highway that completely cuts the city off from the river... what a shame.
  10. Shocking to see a wide, new sidewalk in Nashville without phone poles and powerlines blocking the view! We could make a song out of it... sing along with me now! 'Imagine theeeeere's no power lines... it's eeeeeasy if you try... no lines to annoy us... and no phone poles too... *ba dum ba dum ba dum dum* ... imagine allllll the skyline views... with nothinnng in the waaaaaaaaaaayyyyoooooowhooohooooo... you may sayyyy i'm a dreamer... but i'm not the only one... i hope somedayyyyy mayor cooper joins ussss... and the urbanplanet will live as one' Okay it's a work in progress.
  11. Yeah man, it's gonna be a little dicey for awhile. You aren't telling anyone anything they don't already know, and none of us are taking it lightly. But I'm not sure the guy arguing against saving lives is in any position to be doling out moral judgements.
  12. Rock solid argument. Glad that's settled... it is comforting to know that we have a man in our midst who knows better than every infectious disease expert in the world.
  13. In my opinion this thread has been pretty remarkably civil and I can't really put my finger on what it is that has certain folks in a tizzy. It's as if people have some weird form of PTSD where they just automatically assume that if politics is being discussed then terrible things are being said, without ever actually reading the discussion being had. But ya know what, even if political conversations sometimes make people uncomfortable or ruffle some feathers, it isn't childish or irrational or unreasonable for a group of adults to want to have them, or for people to feel passionately about issues that affect us all directly, particularly within the context of something so earth shattering such as this in which government and politics is a massive part of the story. I am honestly so, so sick of that characterization. If anything is childish in my opinion it is when people freak out and get so triggered over the mere whiff of anything political in nature that they either try to shut down the conversation entirely (that is NOT a reference to mods just doing their jobs,) or immediately put up their walls, put on their tribal warpaint, and fire blind scatter shot at their perceived 'enemy' instead of just simply either avoiding the conversation outright or taking part in the discussion by pointing out where they might disagree, ya know, like a human being having a conversation. There are so many egg shells around here sometimes that I'm not quite sure where to step. If we can't even mention objective facts or utter the word 'government' in a thread about the economic impact of and recovery from a global pandemic without some people getting their britches all in a bunch because they were raised to believe that discussing politics is impolite, then I'm not quite sure what the point of this thread even is... because aside from just updating the numbers of the sick and dying everyday I don't really know that there is a great deal to discuss otherwise if not the response and actions of those in charge with the power to actually make an impact.
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