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  1. Good point! I had forgotten about that whole plan completely.
  2. Hopefully they have plans to really push the stadium's direct connectivity to one of the most renown and exciting nightlife districts in the country, because on it's own I'm not sure the stadium itself is really much to write home about, at least not in comparison to it's peers in this contest.
  3. I absolutely love the intentions here, but this seems like an odd spot for this project to me if reconnecting the neighborhood is really the primary goal. Are they actually reconnecting any of the street grid? It doesn't really look like it based on the rendering... in fact this park looks somewhat difficult to access? I mean look at what immediately surrounds the park. Is there a big need to reconnect those seven houses with the empty lots on the other side? This location would make more sense if it was directly adjacent to Fisk, but I understand that would require acquiring that row of properties.
  4. I hope Nashville proper's main commercial streets outside of the central core are all lined with developments like this within the not too distant future! Let's rebuild that street wall!
  5. Hey Magic 8 ball, will I marry Salma Hayek one day?
  6. Nice looking project, but the powerlines on that street are particularly ferocious! Ow my eyes!
  7. Personally, I'm thrilled we're likely landing this, and I don't have any problems with it in terms of height or design or anything like that. I get that they wanted a campus environment, and an 'office-in-a-park' sort of set up is what comes with that. This is probably an ideal spot for a development of that type. I just figured for that $1.2 billion price tag that there'd be more to it than three moderately sized low rise buildings, a parking garage, and a park. But maybe the rendering is not yet complete, or maybe infrastructure work makes up a big chunk of that total. I don't know.
  8. That was my thought as well. There's no way they are going to be able to fit $1.2 billion in those buildings either! There has got to be more to it than the rendering, surely.
  9. I certainly didn't see that coming... Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV... you miss your old familiar friends, waiting just around the bay.
  10. Is there a gofundme page or anything else along those lines for that project?
  11. Me and some friends decided to bite the bullet and go to one that recently opened a few blocks from me... it was 'only' about 10PM on a Saturday night, and I don't think my brain could process what was happening. "Wait... drinks... AT Taco Bell? At a semi reasonable hour? And you're sober? NO RYAN, TACO BELL IS ONLY FOR WHEN YOU'RE ALREADY DRUNK AND IT'S 4AM... STOP THIS MADNESS."
  12. I don't know if there is any realistic way they could halt or reallocate that funding, but spending dedicated Amtrak funding on a six lane highway from Bucksnort to Snortbuck definitely seems on brand for the TN legislature. Lol
  13. Without getting into the details, I definitely have my own issues with some of Tennessee's laws in that regard. However, in this case, it kinda comes across to me like Cooper is trying to find a scapegoat he can lay the blame on if an Oracle deal winds up not panning out.
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