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  1. BnaBreaker

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Yeah, this name and logo sounds and looks like it was designed by a pharmaceutical company.
  2. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    I just have a bad feeling about this. Nashville has had a lot of luck and 'winning' over the past decade... it almost feels like it is the anti-progress naysayers turn to get a couple losses on the books first with the transit vote and now with this. Ugh.
  3. Yeah, truthfully, it is a boring design, but not an offensive one. What really bothers me about it is not the relative lack of aesthetic beauty, but rather, the way in which it seems Eakin went out of his way to make this as insular as possible. It doesnt address the street at all and looks like it would be more at home in Cool Springs.
  4. BnaBreaker

    Nashville International Airport

    What is Vacation Express? Is that a real airline?
  5. BnaBreaker

    Nashville food and beverage scene

    More likely it was probably a beard hair... still gross, but objectively less gross than pubes. lol
  6. BnaBreaker

    OneC1TYNashville Mixed-Use Project | UC

    It is an attractive development, but I agree that given how it is laid out it strikes me as an upper middle-class version of housing projects.
  7. By what metric does it have the "best economy?" Not disagreeing... just curious.
  8. Same here. I have said it a million times before, but Manuel Zeitlin is far and away Nashville's best architect, in my opinion, so I look forward to seeing this in its completed form!
  9. BnaBreaker

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Yeah, I absolutely love what they're trying to do with these videos, but I think the production value would just be so much higher if he was only on camera for the initial introduction and then maybe the conclusion at the end. The brief shots they did include of Nashville were great, but that is, presumably, what people are watching these videos to see, so I think they'd do well just to have this guy narrating over a constant stream of video clips and still photos. That way, the viewer would get more visuals, and they could actually get the editing and information and pronunciations ironed out.
  10. BnaBreaker

    Thompson Hotel in the Gulch - 12 Stories | 224 Rooms

    Ugh. Atlanta is so annoying sometimes. They just can't ever just let another southern city have their own 'thing,' it seems. 'What? Nashville has a popular neighborhood called The Gulch? We have to make one that's better! We're number one! Didn't you hear? '
  11. Wow, if it weren't for the presence of Capital View in the above photo I'd probably assume that was taken in 1999 or something. That corner of town is in desperate need of a shake-up, and it sounds like the major developments are finally starting to move that direction.
  12. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    I bet these people don't even really know why they're so angry... they're just the type who are perpetually disgruntled, always on the lookout for someone or something to get whipped into a frenzy over and to blame their problems on.... *Also, kind of annoying that next to none of the fanatical drum beating fans of the current Nashville SC bothered to show up for the meeting.... *Also, is that Megan Barry in the foreground? Lol
  13. Looks good! It's great to see something else proposed for that land FINALLY... however... here comes my inner negative nancy... I can't help but think that this is being proposed just in time to be once again delayed indefinitely by the next recession.