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  1. Perhaps not, but I think that is part of the reason why it has that 'movie set' feel.
  2. And they sit like twenty feet off the street for some reason, which totally takes away from the 'traditional rowhome' aesthetic they were trying to create.
  3. To translate: 'you can't get in here in those pants, but this is Nashville and we're too polite to actually say that.' (Just kidding)
  4. The added building density will be great, no doubt, but what I'm most excited about when it comes to Nashville Yards is just how many interesting, high quality urban spaces and nooks and crannies it's going to add to the downtown landscape when it's fully complete! I look at that rendering above, which is obviously just a small corner of the project, and I immediately know that it's a place that I want to be!
  5. It really is... I cannot tell you how much I despised the first renderings of this project, but now, I am actually excited to see how this turns out. Crazy!
  6. Agreed! Incredible stuff... it is astounding to me that 505 and JWMarriott have no nighttime lighting scheme though... those are two of our gems, we should show em off!!
  7. Very fair points my friend... like @Nathan_in_the_UK after having time to let this news marinate in my brain a bit I am significantly less bothered by the cancellation now. For the record, I never saw the bridge as a time/distance saving measure, but rather, more as a visual beacon that could be seen from downtown by visitors that lets them know that there is something worth exploring over that way and encourages them to make the journey... a visual connection as much as it was a physical one... sort of a 'front door' of The Gulch, if you will. In any case though, as you stated, in the midst a budgetary crisis I suppose it is only right that these types of vanity projects probably should be the first to see the chopping block.
  8. No doubt we have a nasty budget situation, but those projects aren't the reason for it, and that wasn't really the point of my post anyway... you can choose whatever city you'd like. Basically what I'm saying is that the public realm is the secondary living room of everyone living in a particular city, so it's worth it to invest in making that realm a better place to be for everyone. Having a comfortable couch isn't technically a "necessity" either, but who really wants to go through life sitting on a milk crate, ya know?
  9. I will readily admit that I'm probably not giving due respect to those concerned about the metro budget situation, and that's on me. If there truly isn't enough money for schools and whatnot, then okay, perhaps some frugality is in order. However, just in principle I don't agree with this notion that public monies shouldn't ever be spent on things unless they're absolutely "necessary." After all, often times the things that make cities livable, vibrant, exciting places to be aren't typically what anyone would consider "necessary." We could just devote all our money to filling potholes and fixing sewers... but then, what would be the fun in that? Were Millenium Park or the Lake Michigan Bike Trail or Oak Street Beach "necessary" investments here in Chicago? Of course not... but the city sure wouldn't be the same place without those treasures. I suppose it parallels our personal lives to a degree. If we're struggling to pay the electric bill every month, then sure, perhaps it's time to tighten the belt for a time... but that doesn't mean we should never spend money on a new TV or a vacation or... ahem... DELICIOUS CRAFT BEER.
  10. Wow, you weren't kidding! Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, The Hamptons, and.... Nashville! We sure have come up in the world in the retail sector in recent years!
  11. I mean, you're right in that this was never "needed," per say. The Gulch will be okay without it. But it would have undoubtedly been a huge boon to that section of town, and investing in our neighborhoods in general... particularly into those which contribute most to the high profile and economic vitality of the city... is a good thing. I just get the feeling that most people who are celebrating this move, like Ingram aren't celebrating it because they're pro neighborhood investment, but rather, because they're selfishly anti- any investment in any neighborhood that isn't their own. If this bridge was being built in Germantown, or anywhere else full of "craft beer drinkers," there'd be just as much of a stink being raised.
  12. ... and so it begins. Bang bang... right in the foot.
  13. You have quite an eye for photography! Thank you for your willingness to share it.
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