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  1. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Wow, I wish it was a more prominent feature in the city's streetscape, but thank you indeed! What a stunner. Proof positive that, yes, given a little bit of desire and foresight, they still can "build em like they used to."
  2. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Well that should go without saying... you're missing the point though... we can still build cities like that, and in many places, urban areas do still follow those guidelines. The existence of the automobile cannot be used as an excuse for careless and lazy zoning laws or for allowing developers to run amok.
  3. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    The stagnant population and shaky financial situation on a statewide level are an issue no doubt, and you guys are obviously right to be critical of that. But the other stuff I hear all the time from outsiders who's primary Chicago experience usually consists of an occasional weekend trip to Navy Pier and Michigan Ave, or no experience at all. And when I hear them tell me, a guy who actually lives in Chicago, how supposedly unlivable, and unsafe and expensive Chicago is and how it's such a terrible place to raise children, I can do nothing but laugh. I could go into greater detail refuting each of those things, but this isn't the place for that discussion. Instead, I'll just leave this juicy little statistic here: Chicago is ranked 28th out of all US cities with over 100K people in violent crime rate, which places it LOWER on the list than cities like Orlando, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Wichita, Cincinnati, and... oh yeah... NASHVILLE. Sometimes our perceptions aren't everything, and occasionally need adjusting.
  4. PSC Metals scrap yard

    We could put up AT LEAST eight squatty, blocky, underwhelming, drive in movie screen buildings on that kind of land! Woohoo!
  5. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Please forgive me for the fact that the following are not photos of Nashville, but let me explain... and of course, mods please feel free to move this to a different thread if you feel this isn't the appropriate place. As many of you know, I have often expressed concern that some of Nashville's urban neighborhoods are developing in a very disjointed, disorganized way that lacks cohesiveness and the sense of community most want from an urban neighborhood, due primarily to projects that are done on the cheap and have little to no relationship with the street or the other developments around them. Without getting too in depth into details and discussion (this is the photo thread after all) I wanted to post two aerials I came across tonight that do a great job of displaying visually this constant refrain of concern you so frequently hear from myself and others. The first photo is of Richmond, VA and it's stunningly gorgeous Fan District. In my opinion, this is what we should be trying to emulate in most neighborhoods that surround downtown. Note the organization, the cohesiveness, the relationship each building (the private realm) has with the street (the public realm) in that they are opened up to the community not shut off from it. The second photo is of the Montrose neighborhood in Houston, TX. You might notice an abundance of newer large scale developments in this shot that aren't all that dissimilar from many of the new residential developments you see in Nashville, and let me be clear that those can and are being done right in some cases, and when they are, they should be welcomed. However, as you can see in this shot, there is absolutely no cohesion at all. There is no neighborhood. It's basically a collection of individual developments. No retail to speak of, developments facing every which way with blank walls or fences or garage doors the only thing greeting the odd pedestrian. This shot also does a great job at showing that density doesn't necessarily equal urban. If everything is still shut off from the public realm and auto oriented, like at public housing project highrises (to use an extreme example), it doesn't matter how high the density is, it still won't be a healthy urban neighborhood. Anyway, all that blabber aside, let me show you the aerials. EDIT: Upon viewing the photos after posting, it appears they were significantly downsized, so I apologize if they are too small to really get an accurate feel for them. If you click on them, you can zoom in a bit. RICHMOND, VA HOUSTON, TX
  6. The Gulch Projects

    I totally agree about the tower. Aside from it being another tall thing for nerds like me to fawn over, I thought it served as a helpful and welcoming beacon to The Gulch for all the tourists on 2nd Ave.
  7. Nashville International Airport

    I think the howling would be a result of Delta having closed it's Memphis hub not too long ago... ya know, Memphis is the Jan Brady to Nashville's Marsha... at least in the eyes of most Memphians. haha
  8. The Gulch Projects

    Is that really a thing? I saw the fencing in the rendering and thought to myself... 'surely...SURELY that isn't the regular Home Depot chain link fencing that it appears to be...' are you saying it might be exactly that due to some sort of regulation?
  9. America's Ugliest Confederate Statue

    When it comes to this statue, I think there is only one side. We all agree he has a right to put it on his property, but we also all agree it's a butt ugly statue celebrating something rather shameful. My solution is simply to pay someone to have an "accident"... or perhaps my recent re-watching of The Sopranos is going to my head?? haha
  10. America's Ugliest Confederate Statue

    Can't the state just hire a driver of a semi-truck full of fireworks who just HAPPENS to "fall asleep at the wheel" right at that point and veer off the road into it? Hell, even if it doesn't knock it down, it might improve it!
  11. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    About the only thing that intersection has in common with Times Square at the moment is it's shape, so I think we can keep on dreaming... or create an anti-aging drug that will keep you alive until 2250
  12. But...but...but... then I wouldn't be able to wear my Nike Air Dirty Needles anymore!!
  13. More Accolades for Nashville

    lol not exactly what I meant
  14. More Accolades for Nashville

    Hilarious list... it should be renamed "The 100 best places to live in the USA... for mind-numbingly dull people"... I like how they made sure to include at least one town from nearly every state in the union to encourage more clicks too!
  15. Nashville International Airport

    It makes sense to me seeing as how bluegrass/traditional country is really nothing more than Americanized traditional Irish/Scottish music.