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  1. In Chicago the above is called Parson's, even though it doesn't say that on the building. The original is just a few blocks from me, and it's the place to go for chicken and waffles and a Michelada on a Sunday morning.
  2. I can't wait for the day that there is some non-scooter related news to share on this thread!
  3. I'm sure there are many, many cities with that many "five star hotels" if these days a "five star hotel" is merely any hotel that calls itself a "five star hotel" before they even exist. That seems to be a trend these days, but the term "five star hotel" is an actual rating given upon review to a select few properties by the Mobil (now Forbes) Travel Guide. Here is their official 2019 list of global four and five star dining and lodging properties: https://www.forbestravelguide.com/award-winners and as you can see, the only Nashville lodgings that have won a high rating are the Hutton Hotel which has a four star rating, and The Hermitage Hotel which does indeed have an official five star rating as you correctly stated, and it is one of a select few. In any case, I'm not trying to come down on you @subkyle. It's an easy thing to get tripped up by with all the false claims being made by properties all over. And I'm not saying The Joseph or Four Seasons or some other property won't make future lists. I'm just making the point that this particular rating system is something used by a specific travel guide company, and the ratings are given out only after they have reviewed an establishment, and not something the establishment determines on their own, despite all the claims to the contrary... self appointed "Seven star" Burj al Arab I'm looking at you! lol
  4. Not to say that the Nashville figure is not EXTREMELY awesome and impressive, especially for a city it's size, but there is absolutely zero way that New York figure is anywhere close to being accurate as they currently have FIFTEEN buildings over 900 feet alone currently under construction.
  5. @FromParkAveToTN where you at? lol
  6. With the fine harvest this season, the town grain silo is nearly full! It'll make for a grand opening barn party the folks over at Four Seasons will never forget... hoe-cakes and moonshine for everyone!
  7. I can understand this Bob Bernstein guy being frustrated... even angry... but he isn't really coming across very well here. He seems to be crossing the line into vengeful, regressive, territorial, and devoid of self-awareness.
  8. No worries, totally understandable... as @titanhog and others have rightly pointed out there are many ways to go about calculating and quantifying this... I was just giving you the technical comparison, but I would agree with the others that those figures don't even come close to telling the full story.
  9. I like the overall design too, but the apparent lack of any ground floor retail is a bit disconcerting.
  10. You're awesome buddy, and I respect you too... I promise it's nothing personal... and I hope it came across that none of what I said was serious or meant to imply that those were your demands or what have you... I was just trying to prove my point by sort of flipping the conversation. Thanks for understanding, and Cheers!
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