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  1. How dense does one have to be to purchase a unit in a new multi-story highrise and think 'they'll never build multi-story highrises all the way out here!'
  2. Country music is our money maker obviously, so I'm glad the city embraces it and promotes it, but I do wish the city would do a little more, particularly during a nationally televised event, to reinforce the idea that Nashville truly is a MUSIC City which has an influence and history that touches a wide array of genres and is welcoming to all, and not just a COUNTRY music city for the boot n cowboy hat set. I mean I understand the lineup being majority country, because that's probably what most people want to see at a Nashville New Years Bash, but it seems like they could throw a couple other
  3. Nashville is strong for it's size in several types of international cuisine, and very weak for others. I could be wrong, but to me Nashville really has almost nothing when it comes to Moroccan, Peruvian, Colombian, Brazilian, Portuguese, West African, Greek, Scandinavian, German, Polish, Russian, Armenian, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, Persian, Filipino, Korean, Japanese beyond sushi/hibachi, and several others. Now, don't get me wrong, most of these aren't going to be super abundant even in huge metropolises, but I'm just making the point that, at least for food nerds like myself, Na
  4. Well put. I do think it's odd that the argument from folks opposed to funding alternative forms of transit usually, in the end, boils down to a strawman about how they don't want to be 'forced' out of their cars and onto trains or have their freedom of movement limited, when in reality these pro transit measures are about providing MORE freedom of movement for everybody.
  5. Agreed... I am legitimately surprised that I've never witnessed anyone accidentally drive off the mountain.
  6. Damn this is a sharp development! I love to see the renewed focus on Printer's Alley and giving it a spit shine and an expansion while not diminishing the spirit and history of it. Printer's Alley deserves to be cherished... definitely not many cities that can boast a unique space like that!
  7. If the nine story buildings proposed for the Beaman lot look like that ^ I won't be quite as disappointed... but something tells me that ain't gonna be the case.
  8. Everytime I click on this thread I feel like I have an initial jolt of excitement, and then I remember which thread I just clicked on. hahaha
  9. Perhaps Enzo Ferrari himself will come knocking at your door offering you a new ride in exchange for your silence? EDIT: Apparently Enzo Ferrari died in 1988, so I sincerely hope he does not come knocking at your door.
  10. Uh... wtf is this? We waited all these years for this prime Beaman site to be sold and all we're getting out of it is some safe vanilla suburban office park looking crap? This is the type of development I would have expected to see proposed for this site fifteen years ago. But now? What??? Do these developers not see the caliber of projects being proposed around them? This better be undergoing some MAJOR changes. As several folks have already said, it'd be one thing if this was short but provided a rich experience at street level. But this is neither tall nor urban in it's design. I a
  11. I have no idea how you do it Ron. How do you stay on top of so much information? I'm convinced you're like a Professor X type who can just hear the thoughts of everyone simultaneously.
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