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  1. That would be such a game-changer and really go so so far to making these two neighborhoods cohesive and connected. Midtown and The Gulch are like a thousand feet away from each other, but it feels like a thousand miles at times given the giant chasm between them.
  2. Isn't the Cumberland Science Museum effectively a Children's Museum? I mean, it might not be explicitly called that, but that's what I remember it being for the most part... then again, my knowledge is twenty years old and based on old field trips. lol Not that I'm opposed in any way to new museums, mind you. The more the merrier. It just seemed odd to me for them to claim that Nashville has no museums for children.
  3. Right? Talk about a bad neighbor. And I thought the lady with the noisy Chihuahua was bad. At least she's not trying to single-handedly keep the neighborhood in the dark-ages because she thinks her patio view should stay stuck in time til the end of the earth!
  4. Also in clicking around the neighborhood the above photo was taken at, I came across this, which is definitely a new one for me. Does anybody know if there is a particular reason why there is a dinosaur skeleton in the middle of this roundabout? https://goo.gl/maps/G5xr23zn6ummS2qd8
  5. This shot of Nashville kind of blew my mind. It took me almost a full minute to even find the evidence in the photo that it was, indeed, Nashville. Maybe it's the style of the residential in the foreground, or the fact that the central focus is actually the Midtown skyline and not downtown, but I saw this shot on flickr and honestly thought it was just a mis-tagged photo for quite some time. But if you zoom in, you can see the new Vandy tower on the left, and The Gulch on the far right, and then it becomes obvious that okay, yeah, that's Skyhouse and Broadwest in the middle there. Absolutely incredible how much this city has changed over this past decade, to the point where in some photos, as is the case with the photo below in my opinion, the city looks like a huge metropolis far larger than it actually is. Anyway, enough babbling from me. Unfortunately the photographer here does not allow the posting of his photographs on other websites. I could still post it as an image here on UP, but out of respect for the photographer I'll just post the link, but I encourage you to click on the link, and zoom in to pick out the different elements for yourself. I hope I haven't oversold it, but for some reason I just got really excited when I finally realized that this was my hometown in this photo: EDIT: This was probably immediately evident to some of you locals, but after doing a little clicking around the map I am almost positive that the below shot was taken from Rose Park in Edgehill. https://flic.kr/p/2nwoQhm
  6. Did people ever name their children Herman aside from The Munsters?
  7. Same... always thought I had a relatively long fuse when it came to dealing with other people, but when it comes to dealing with those who refuse to acknowledge objective reality, now that that's apparently a thing, I find that my wick is much, much shorter. lol
  8. I don't know that anyone is saying they "suck." Those three in the photo above in particular are quite high quality, it's just that even they, in the end, fall into the 'glass rectangle' design trap that so many of Nashville's newer towers fall into, and it just overall makes for a somewhat boring visual experience.
  9. Amazing. I think we all take for granted the massive tangled web of pipes and tunnels and wires beneath our cities and towns that make them function. It's kind of amazing that things usually function as well as they do!
  10. Agreed that Chatty has a solid bus system for it's size... I've ridden that downtown electric circulator specifically quite a few times in my life.
  11. I could be wrong, but I believe the proposed LRT link was somewhat elevated upon it's approach to the terminal, and actually came up directly to it, so I'm thinking that is probably what you saw in renderings, and it would be totally understandable if you saw that and assumed it was a Monorail terminal link.
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