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  1. Personally, I like the juxtaposition of the two contrasting styles. I wouldn't at all mind a historical style either, but it seems like those new structures mimicking older buildings have to be extremely top notch quality or else it just winds up looking cheap and forced. Rarely have I seen one that really hits the mark.
  2. Bravo to all involved on this one... so well done!
  3. Wow, I had forgotten all about this beauty somehow... even amidst a record economic downturn in the middle of a pandemic, Nashville still has more development going on than I can keep track of in my head.
  4. It looks like some sort of space troop transport vehicle from Starship Troopers
  5. It doesn't seem like it would really affect anything? Every city in the country outside of Austin, Kansas City, Charlotte, and SLC don't have it either, and I'm no expert or anything but I've never heard anyone ever mention the presence of Google Fiber as being a factor for choosing a city for relocation.
  6. I wonder... if you gave Wilson County officials the option to choose between a couple million dollars in saved incentive dollars that they could use to fill some pot holes, and attracting the headquarters of a global tech giant worth billions upon billions of dollars creating international recognition and attention and creating thousands of high paying tech jobs... which would they choose? Cooper chose the pot holes, apparently.
  7. You're right that the internet is definitely a major factor, but I also think that the only reason it is such a major factor is that most of us don't have an actual physical community to fall back on. I don't think social media and the like would hold such heavy sway on our opinions if that weren't the only place so many people actually had a chance to interact with people outside of their immediate sphere of influence. In other words, I don't think we'd be nearly as susceptible to believe something we saw on social media about a certain group if we had actual confirmation to the contrary in the form of real world experience with said group. Such is the double edged sword, I suppose, of social media. It's true that it opens up connections with people you wouldn't otherwise have a chance to interact with, and that's good, but at the same time, how much of a real, authentic "connection" can there even be when that person is just represented by words on a screen.
  8. Personally, I quite like it. Less beige and more black I say! haha
  9. To tie this discussion in with the over-arching theme of this message board, this is one of the many reasons that I, personally, am so passionate about quality urban planning, and such a big believer in it. Beyond the more superficial benefits of building proper connected, walkable, mixed-use, mixed-income urban communities, I truly believe that the fact that we've strayed away from that framework over the last six or seven decades is one of the major reasons you see such strong division these days amongst the populace in this country specifically. So many of us now live in places that are built with the expressed intention of being as insular and exclusionary as possible, where the only time most of us ever get out is for our one trip to the closest big box store to stock up on supplies for the week, and then back to our mini-castles we all retreat. High quality urban design that fosters true community enables us to interact with more people, often times people who are from different walks of life than us, and that makes it more difficult to have extreme opinions about them. Even if you don't interact on a personal level with someone, it's hard to see a person as 'the other' when you're riding the same bus or standing in line at the same bakery, and so this existence naturally has a tendency to, over time, break down the psychological barriers that might keep us from seeing everyone as AMERICANS who are a part of the same community, even though they might have differing opinions.
  10. It had better not be... I'll lay in front of those bulldozers if I have to!
  11. and Printer's Alley! In my opinion, THE best place in all of downtown... especially when there's nude karaoke happening (j/k... mostly)
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