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  1. BnaBreaker

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    That's the old Thermal Plant... it is what was demolished for the amphitheater
  2. BnaBreaker

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    This opinion is based almost entirely on nostalgia from my childhood, but The Dragon might be my favorite single THING in all of Nashville. I love it almost like a family member! So many summer days spent climbing all over it and under it while my aunt, who was supposed to be watching me, made out with her boyfriend and listened to Depeche Mode on her Walkman. I'm probably responsible for at least .01% of the damage on it that needed restoring!
  3. BnaBreaker

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    How was that a thing designed in the year 2018?
  4. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    Just listen to that crowd!
  5. BnaBreaker

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Holy crap, I have no doubt in my mind! What was it like? Speaking of which, I was informed while in Bangalore that the road system there is supposedly relatively advanced and modern when compared to most places in that part of the world, which almost certainly includes Bangladesh, and I still probably, no, definitely peed my pants a little while driving on those "advanced" roads.
  6. BnaBreaker

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I was actually in Bangalore a few years ago for a close friend's wedding, and I was tasked with bringing some food from the family home to the event location just a few miles away. Being from Chicago, I thought, how bad could it be? I mean, I knew it was a little hairy out there just from being driven around as a passenger over the course of the week, but when asked if I was up to the task, hilariously, I actually uttered the phrase, 'no problem, I'm used to city driving' . Ha! The arrogance. I wound up making it to the event center without causing harm to myself or others, thank god, but I'm not sure I have ever been so stressed out in all my life as I was for that fifteen minute drive. Never again!
  7. BnaBreaker

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    That may be, but as uncomfortable as those photos are to look at, there's a reason all those people are clamoring to ride the train, and that reason is, of course, because it is the only transportation option available to them that they can afford. Imagine if that train didn't exist. The mobility radius available to those folks would be reduced to a couple miles at most. The automobile is fine for those able to own and operate one, but cities like Nashville leave everyone else who cannot out to dry.
  8. BnaBreaker

    More Accolades for Nashville

    But didn't you know that they're, LIKE LITERALLY the most important people in existence since they have one friend that decided to get married to that one guy she met in a bar that one time, and everyone should care deeply??
  9. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    Sure, if that's the wording you prefer.
  10. BnaBreaker

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I don't think that's what the author meant when he references the "health" of a city. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but as I understood it, the basic premise of the article is essentially that when states invest in their cities, it shows in positive ways not just for the city being invested in, but for the state as a whole.
  11. That's all great, and I understand completely why you and many others prefer neighborhoods that provide those things. I think all @grilled_cheese is pointing out though is that there is no reason neighborhoods must be laid out in such a fashion in order to check all of the boxes you mentioned. We can have neighborhoods full of quiet streets lined with single family homes big enough for a family that feature yards and gardens and lots of tree cover WITHOUT the street layout looking like it was drawn by a blind-folded drunk standing on one leg, and that's far from the worst I've seen in the Nashville area. At least Donelson is light on the cul-de-sacs! And no, I'm not suggesting a tight Chicago-style grid for neighborhoods like that. But there is a lot of gray area between a Chicago-style grid and spilled spaghetti.
  12. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    That's a fair assessment... it's livelier now, but you're absolutely right that downtown Nashville is far and away more lively and exciting than downtown KC (and will likely be even moreso in 2026!)... all I meant was that above all, Kansas City's built environment is far and away more mature and urban, not to mention they actually have light rail whereas it's still just a pipedream here. And again, I'm not trying to sh*t on my hometown or anything... I love Nashville dearly and like I said it has it's obvious advantages going for it too... and truthfully, it probably is a more appealing city for putting on a big international event. I just think we should all try to be a little more humble and realize that there is a great deal we could and should learn from the big cities that came before us.
  13. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    I agree that Nashville has it's obvious advantages too, but I don't see why one wouldn't be able to take someone seriously at the mere SUGGESTION that Kansas City might be above Nashville in this instance. I mean, the two are at least comparable are they not? I also just think it's a poor look when Nashville gets all uppity and disrespects it's elder cities just because we're the hot ticket at the moment. That's what people from Atlanta like to do, and I hate it. lol Ever been to Kansas City?
  14. BnaBreaker

    More Accolades for Nashville

    Wow... seeing Bridgestone amongst that company is truly astounding. Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Shanghai, LA, NYC, Chicago, Mexico City and Nashville... yep, that checks out!
  15. BnaBreaker

    Soccer in Nashville

    Why not? Kansas City is larger, has been a long time MLS market, and I dare say, is a more impressive city in a number of ways.