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  1. EXACTLY!!!!! Worst case on that last drive should have been just punt it away and go to OT... i mean I know the ball was tipped which isn't Tannehill's fault, but he still shouldn't have made the pass in tight coverage in that situation to begin with. And it's not all on him either... how about choosing to go for two instead of one! We would have had the lead in that last drive! Just stupid decision after stupid play after stupid decision after stupid play... Titans shot themselves in the foot like eight times... so, so frustrating. I mean, ZERO POINTS IN THE FOURTH? What a joke.
  2. Tannehill has just been horrific today. We deserve to lose this game honestly.
  3. Oh my god... that last red zone interception by Tannehill after such a huge run by Foreman might be the nail in the coffin... a change of fortune that extreme is enough to take the wind out of anybody's sails.
  4. They just look so out of sync... the 'favorite' tag just doesn't suit some teams... but there's still time. EDIT: Annnnnd there's a Bengals touchdown. Good Lord... it's almost like they heard all the praise and the hype and the chatter about them finally getting Henry back and being full strength and blah blah blah and they just took a big sigh and said, 'cool this will be easy!'
  5. Nothing spectacular design wise, but it's just a twelve story chain hotel. Not everything has to be the Taj Mahal. As long as it doesn't commit any egregious design faux pas, I'm cool with it.
  6. I will never understand why Metro is so fixated on this damn park. I mean I'm all for creative additions of green space in urban areas, but this ain't it!
  7. Jax is definitely an overlooked and underrated city, especially given it's proximity to the ocean and St. Augustine... give me Jax over Orlando any day!
  8. It honestly astounds me how far Nashville's dining scene has come in a relatively short time frame. It doesn't seem like all that long ago that one really had to be prepared to embark on a journey in order to dine somewhere that wasn't a chain and/or meat n potatoes sort of place. Now the options touch all corners of the globe and all corners of town. So impressive!
  9. Hold on... the original cost estimate for The Big Dig was only $14 million? I mean I know it's only an estimate and projects like that commonly compound in price as it actually comes to fruition and work moves forward, but that just seems like a comically horrendous estimate! 1980 was awhile ago, but it's not like inflation would change the equation to that extent. $14 million is the sort of cost estimate I would expect to see for project on that scale if it were done in like 1750.
  10. BnaBreaker

    Memphis Sports

    WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!! IN JA WE TRUST! Go GRIZZ!!! They are legit contenders this year. What a win.
  11. Yeah the only time I ever go to an IKEA is when I really want their Swedish Meatballs lol... More than anything I'm really just surprised from a business standpoint that the company chose not to have a store in two of the most booming US markets.
  12. I really want to like that 12th and Guadalupe Tower, but it seems like such a hodge podge of styles, and not in a good way.
  13. https://www.bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2021/01/ikea-opens-first-u-s-small-format-store.html?page=all Apparently they opened the first of this concept in Queens in January of last year, but the only article I could find about it so far is this one about the opening, so no word yet on how it's doing. Hopefully it works out and one shows up on the ground floor of one of our many coming projects!
  14. Wow, that's scary... three inches is a lot... how long before they just admit defeat and dismantle the building? I mean even if best case scenario happened and they were able to stop the tilt completely, it will still have the public perception of being 'the tilting tower,' so I can't see anyone ever actually wanting to inhabit it.
  15. It still blows my mind that Nashville doesn't have an IKEA and I really can't understand the company's reasoning. Nashville, Raleigh, Cleveland, and New Orleans are pretty much the largest metro areas without one as far as I can tell. I mean.... Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Norfolk, Memphis, Jacksonville... but not Nashville? Bizarre.
  16. Notice that both Whataburger and In N' Out are based out of two states (Texas and California) which, justified or not, think rather highly of themselves, and also have huge and proud populations that can act as cheerleaders for their regional chains and rapidly spread the gospel far and wide. I think that's about all it boils down to in my personal opinion, because I'm with you that both of those serve just another fast food burger. I mean, obviously this is completely subjective and people can eat what they'd like... but for me, Five Guys offers the best chain fast food burger out there that I've experienced. Shake Shack is pretty good too, along with midwestern chain Culver's.
  17. Good for them, though I'm not sure "affordable" exactly goes hand in hand with "desirable." A Koenigsegg Regera is the car I most desire, but definitely not the car I'm most likely to wind up with due to the fact that I'm not a Saudi prince. lol
  18. Apologies if I wasn't clear, but I was referring specifically to Licec and, to a lesser extent, dragonfly, not making a sweeping statement about conservatives in general. I talk to conservatives all the time, and the hyperbolic word salad referenced below is not representative of your average conservative that I encounter. They might disagree with a policy, but if you can't express your disagreement without just immediately defaulting to the most extreme combative language you can conjure up, such as calling local mask mandates an example of a 'communist slave state,' then I'm sorry, but I really don't think it'd be a fruitful usage of time to try and probe that person for deeper meaning and nuance, because more than likely, if there were any, they wouldn't have used such language to begin with. Wow... dramatic much? I think you need to seriously reevaluate your definitions of the words "slave" and "communist."
  19. So... let me see if I can wrap my head around this. You're pro skyscraper development, but you're anti-density. Uh... nope, still can't wrap my head around that.
  20. I can appreciate the pro-Nashville attitude, but it's obviously not true that 'developers don't even consider Charlotte as an afterthought.' I mean, do you really have to be so abrasive with every post you make?
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