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  1. Hah, I work in that area and saw them filming that a month or two ago as I left my office. I recognized Bell, but I didn't know exactly what they were shooting. Now I know.
  2. What, the vehicles and RV with expensive custom paint jobs were free? Their $500,000 building renovation? It really does just sound like they were blowing too much money trying to be a cool place to work. Nothing wrong with that so long as you can afford it. I have no idea how busy or not they were, or what they charged clients. As I said above, they've done some nice work, and despite their owner's lack of technical experience they seemed pretty competent. But even with a good product you still have to run the business side of things.
  3. I don't think that's a fair assessment at all. It looks like their website uses a fixed width, so if your window is small of course there will be a scroll bar. As a web developer myself I can tell you their work is actually pretty good. Of course my company is better.
  4. This is a particularly interesting case though. It's mind-boggling how a company could be so mis-managed.
  5. I love the idea. It's a clever way of getting around the problems of making 28th a "downtown" street: on-street parking and walkability. Whether it will happen and be successful is another matter.
  6. This might be blatant advertising, but it pretty well sums up the nickel and diming airlines have resorted to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyEX25bJYBo
  7. Chipotle? There's nothing inherently wrong with chains. They have their place. I go to chains when I want to cheap out, local places when I want something really good. Side note: As a free-market libertarian, it bothers me when people advocate for local because it keeps money in the local economy. If that's the reason you eat and shop locally--not because it's better--then you're actually doing the economy a disservice. The reason I eat at local places that use local produce is because the food is actually much better. It's like night and day.
  8. I'm surprised they're still in business. I went there once and I wouldn't go again. It was like $100 for two people and we had to cook our own mediocre food. I don't mind spending a lot of money if it's actually worth it. Hah, yes! I like PF Chang's for americanized Chinese food, and it's a step above most of the other americanized Chinese dives, but it's certainly not fine dining or authentic Chinese in the least.
  9. That's right up there with the Supermercado! Just put some garish paint on there and you couldn't tell them apart.
  10. I believe it's because they only sell direct and therefore don't feel a need to put all their data into the same systems as the major carriers. I guess if you can cut out the middle men you can eek out a little more margin. It's also probably differentiates their brand a little bit not being seen as a cheap commodity.
  11. It looks like a mishmash of about three different styles. It sort of works, and I don't hate it, but I also don't love it. FTFY. Both Secchia and Winter Halls are really cheap, shoddy construction. DeVos Center is quite nice, however.
  12. The ironic thing is that it's for the business school. The first thing you learn is to "buy high, sell low," right?
  13. I flew GRR to BWI and back for $162. Talk about dirt cheap.
  14. I thought there was something like an 18% vacancy rate? I still think the market for condos could be good if there were more affordable options. Perhaps developers just can't make a profit at lower price points? If that's true, then maybe the land is overpriced. For the odd-shaped lot in question, I think it's precisely the odd shape that makes redevelopment interesting. A drive-through is not appropriate not because of it causing traffic back-ups, but because it's downtown where that sort of suburban style development ruins the place. (See: parking lots) It's also an important lot as a connecting piece between from Ionia south of Fulton, which is nicely developed, to Monroe Center north of Fulton. I agree that the police station is a horrific waste space. The new GRAM as well. (I think the GRAM looks great, but it has problems fitting into the urban environment.)
  15. While that's true, and there certainly isn't sufficient demand downtown for much new construction right now, the pro-development view is that more density is required to make downtown a vibrant area. Monroe Center and a couple blocks in either direction from it are exactly where the densest development should go. Not that parks detract from the neighborhood, but there probably more appropriate areas for parks. That said, the biggest challenge to density downtown is not having too many parks, it's having too many parking lots.
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