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  1. I don't know about all that, a while back I walked into TJMaxx in the University area and bought 5 pair of Nautica jeans (all for $29 a pop, compared to the Dillards price of ~$59) All of the jeans were in my size (36X32), which was easy to find by the way (mostly all in the same place), tried on all 5 pair, purchased them, and the whole event took about 30-40 minutes. I don't know what size you wear, but they have all of the common sizes in majority of their clothes. By the way, sale day at Dillards is a joke. When I was working there they had about two racks full of Polo shirts all for 25% o
  2. No, I only acutually worked there for about a month last year around the holidays so I can't really shed any light on how the store is doing. I worked there on Black Friday last year and it was even dead then. The store didn't have any significant door busters at all. IMO price point may be keeping some away, I don't know what the other factors may be.
  3. I love Dillards clothes, but their prices are absolutely ridiculous. I would never buy anything from there as you can pretty much get the same brand names at stores like TJ Max, Marshalls, Burlington, etc. I actually worked at Dillards at Northlake at one point and I really thought it was funny how people would pay $65 for a regular pair of dress pants that you can get at TJ Max for $29.
  4. I absolutely didn't get that from Aussie Luke's statement and I don't know how you related what he was saying to race. He's saying that not that many people care about the small divisions. People are interested in watching Division I football and it's not going to happen at a school as small as JCSU. Conversly, I believe that UNCC now has around 20,000 students, which could possilby support a Division I program. This is the same reason a lot of people would rather hold out for Major League baseball than to build the minor league park built for the Knights. Small division football is just like
  5. We should form a march. We should get the word out and one weekend all organize on campus with our pro-49er football signs and set up shop in front of the Chancellor's house (maybe not, probably somewhere else on campus). We could also make this a fund raising event. If this got big enough maybe one of the local news stations would cover it, get some recognition from viewers and they could make a contribution. I'm just kinda talkin' out of the side of my neck but I would be down to contribute somehow to make a football team a reality.
  6. Maybe your right that Judy Rose has declined the idea of a football team since I see that she is the Director of Athletics for UNCC.
  7. You might mean Bonnie Cone (Cone Center). From what I have gathered on campus she would always shoot down the idea of a football team because her son was paralyzed playing football (Never checked the story for accuracy). However, I believe it was last year that she passed away.
  8. I guess the main point of calling themselves high-tech is the fact that the entire building will be "hotspot" enabling all users to access the internet via laptop from anywhere in the building. Also, that the Internet speeds will be 30 times faster than typical residential speeds which does hint to fiber optics. But obviously digital cable and digital phones are not really what we consider high-tech these days.
  9. I see, you just thougt you would offer further confirmation. Gotcha!
  10. Yeah, I think actually last week the Observer announced that they had met thier pre-sale requirements. As matter of fact a member of UP stated the same thing a day before the Observer did. I think its a done deal, but then again I have not been following sky scraper development that long.
  11. Well, I'm not sure of where Bill Jones' district is but if we're talking about Charlotte as a whole then the fact is that Charlotte is 60% white, (http://charlotte.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm) this is hardly a "majority-minority". But obviously we are talking about the national audience that the city is going to attract and I think Charlotte is more appealing to Nascar fans than Atlanta and would attract more fans to a HOF.
  12. I don't think Atlanta will get the HOF based on demographics. Atlanta's population is dominatly African American and doesn't have that large of a fan base within the city. NASCAR is really pushing diversity right now and my personal opinion is that Atlanta is still in the race only as diversity vehicle. I think when its over Charlotte will have the HOF. As for Daytona, they already have a NASCAR Museum and I that could be taken into consideration, It makes sense to spread things out. I don't know just my opinion on the matter.
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