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  1. thx. i emailed him and cc'd you.
  2. @cotuit; sry. have been away on vacation. any ideas on how to get in touch with Bob?
  3. I've posted an announcement for this over at the SNA blog: http://sna.providence.ri.us/blog/ I think the idea of neighborhood tags is brilliant. I also think it would be great to be able to tag with some planning-specific taxonomy but I don't know the vocabulary well enough to propose anything here. I believe the best-case scenario is to have some people who understand the issues AND know the vocabulary to seed the two tags with photos and additional tags that others can then use as models/samples. Once we get a critical mass of photos in there (and some additional tags), I'll create a "
  4. @ runawayjim: awesome! Thanks for giving it a shot. I'm still waiting for the two mail gateway accounts to go live (I needed to have at least 5 pics in each for them to get out of the pending state and i didn't realize that until tonight). Once those accounts are fully functional, I'll get the word out and I'd imagine it will be a nicely used tool.
  5. @cotuit: awesome. glad you get it. I actually had the idea when i saw the pictures you posted on your blog. it seemed to me that using flickr's annotation/note tool would just make the pictures so much more useful (and being able to actually discuss individual shots). My real hope here is that you and others who are a bit more well-versed in planning vocabulary/ideas will seed the two tags with some photos of your own and set the tone of the postings/discussion a bit. later Jim
  6. also, I hope you all will also consider using the Flickr tags (either through your own flickr accounts or through the email gateway i've written if you want to futz around with the email gateway, you can see photos that you mail to [email protected] here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ and photos that you mail to [email protected] here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ Like I said in the previous post, those pics should start showing up in the main pvd_tmrw_good/bad pages in a few hours. They are new accounts so it take
  7. [uP folks: the following is a draft of a blog entry and email that I'll be posting/sending around shortly. I'd appreciate any feedback you have. My contact info is at the end. thanks!] The city is looking for people to take pictures of things they like and don't like about Providence. This is a great idea. It is such a good idea that I'd like to help the city realize the potential of using pictures/photos as a planning tool. As such, I propose the following: Use tags on Flickr to handle submitted photographs. I'd suggest using the following tags.\: 1.) pvd_tmrw_good 2.) pvd_tmrw_bad
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